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moosend pricing

Last Updated: May 2024

If you’re looking for the ideal email marketing solution for your business, this comprehensive guide of Moosend pricing, features, and reviews will give you a thorough insight into this powerful email marketing platform.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, finding the right email marketing tool is essential for success in today’s digital landscape.

According to a recent survey, 81% of businesses rely on email marketing as their primary customer acquisition channel.

Let’s delve into Moosend’s pricing, standout features, and user feedback to help you make an informed decision and boost your email marketing efforts.

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What is Moosend?

moosend pricing

You’ll find Moosend to be a versatile email marketing platform with a user-friendly interface. It has earned recognition through awards like the “Best Email Marketing Software” and the “Leader” distinction on G2 Crowd, showcasing its exceptional performance in the industry.

As a business, you’ll see it as essential due to its capacity to simplify email campaigns and elevate customer engagement.

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a moment to get an overview of Moosend’s pricing plans.

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Overview of Moosend Pricing Plans

In terms of Moosend pricing plans, you have three options, including a generous 30-day free trial. This free trial grants you access to all the platform’s features.

  1. Pro Plan: Opting for the Pro plan gives you the choice of either a $9 monthly payment or an annual payment of $7 per month. The price varies depending on the number of subscribers you have.
  2. Enterprise Plan: For businesses with more extensive needs, Moosend offers custom pricing, granting you full access and unlimited features tailored to your specific requirements.
moosend pricing

With these pricing options, Moosend ensures that you can find a plan that suits your budget and email marketing needs, whether you’re just starting or running a large-scale operation.

Now, let’s delve into the details of the three primary pricing plans and explore their respective offerings.

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A Detailed Breakdown of Moosend Pricing Plans

  1. Free Trial
  2. Pro
  3. Enterprise

1. Free Trial

Pricing: $0

With the “Free Trial” plan, you can explore all the features without any cost. There’s no need for a credit card, and you’ll have access for one team member.


    • Unlimited Emails: Send as many emails as you need without any limits.
    • Landing Page/Form: Create captivating landing pages and forms to engage your audience effectively.
    • Marketing Channels: Explore a variety of marketing channels to reach your target audience seamlessly.
    • Branding & Design Experience: Customize and enhance your brand’s presence with a user-friendly design experience.
    • Automation: Streamline your tasks with automated processes to save time and boost efficiency.
    • Tracking: Monitor your campaigns in real-time to assess their performance.
    • Reporting Insights: Gain valuable insights through comprehensive reports to refine your marketing strategy.
    • Support: Access a knowledge base, reach out via email, or use chat for prompt assistance.
    • 100+ Integrations and API Access: Seamlessly integrate with over 100 platforms and enjoy API access for extended functionality.


    • No Transactional Emails: This plan does not support transactional email sending.
    • 1x Landing Page/1x Form: You can create one landing page and one form.
    • Only 1x Automation: Limited to set up one automation sequence.
    • Reporting & Insights: You’ll have access to a single reporting dashboard with up to 10 widgets.
    • Integrations & Connectivity: This plan does not include access to an SMTP server, SSO/SAML, or SLA features.

User Reviews

One of the biggest benefits of Moosend is its affordability. It offers a free plan, which is great for small businesses or those just getting started with email marketing.” – Maria P, enterprise.

Moosend was sold, and they changed the free plan to a 30 days trial plan. A 30 day trial period is not enough to try this type of service, especially if you want to weigh your options and make an informed comparison for this marketing tool.” – Elba Maria M, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

This plan is best for individuals or small businesses with basic email marketing needs and a limited budget.

2. Pro

Pricing: $9/mo (monthly plan), $7/mo (annually)

In the “Pro” plan, you get all the features at an affordable price suitable for up to 500 subscribers. However, please note that the price will increase as your subscriber count goes up. Additionally, you can have up to 5 team members on board and the following upgraded features.


    • Transactional Emails: Easily send transactional emails to your customers.
    • Automated Workflows: Streamline your tasks with automated workflows for increased efficiency.
    • Landing Pages/Forms: Create captivating landing pages and forms to engage your audience effectively.
    • SMTP Server: Utilize your SMTP server for reliable email delivery.


    • Marketing Automation: This plan does not offer triggers for “When someone browses any page” or “When someone views any product.”
    • No Custom Reporting: You won’t have access to custom reporting features.
    • Support: The support options remain the same as the Free Trial plan.
    • No SSO/SAML/SLA: This plan does not include SSO (Single Sign-On), SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), or SLA (Service Level Agreement) features.

User Reviews

And once you think moosend is good to go you can always free to go to their pro plan once you cross 1000 subscriber numbers.” – verified user, small business.

Email marketing with Automation, Segmentation, A/B split testing, reporting and analytics, transactional emails all included in even the lowest paid membership.” – Dave P, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

You’ll find this option suitable if you have basic email marketing needs and a limited budget, and you don’t require advanced automation or custom reporting.

3. Enterprise

Pricing: Personalized

Under the “Enterprise” plan, you’ll benefit from full features and can have 10 or more team members.


    • Marketing Automation: Enjoy comprehensive marketing automation capabilities, including all triggers, pre-built templates, and workflows.
    • Reporting & Insights: Access both full and custom reporting options to gain valuable insights into your campaigns.
    • Support: Benefit from priority support, premium campaign performance, Deliverability & Strategy optimization, and have an assigned account manager for personalized assistance.
    • Integrations & Connectivity: Choose to opt for a dedicated IP address to enhance your connectivity options.

User Review

We are able to create and customize templates and set them with automation triggers. Scheduling of emails is quite easy and it offers us an option to personalize them . Moosend is aslo quite affordable when sending bulk emails.” – Maybelle G, mid-market.

This Plan is Best for:

Larger businesses and organizations with extensive email marketing needs and a focus on premium support and customization options will find this plan ideal.

Moosend Pricing Plans Comparison Table


Free Trial

Pro Plan

Enterprise Plan



Starts at $9/month

Custom Pricing

Subscriber Limit

Up to 1,000

Up to 500


Team Members


Up to 5


Transactional Emails

Not Supported



Marketing Automation




Custom Reporting

Not Supported

Not Supported


Priority Support

Not Included

Not Included


Deliverability & Strategy Optimization

Not Included

Not Included


Dedicated IP (Optional)

Not Available

Not Available

Available (Optional)

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Key Features Missing in Moosend

  • SMS Marketing: Moosend lacks integrated SMS marketing capabilities.
  • A/B Testing for Landing Pages: There’s no built-in A/B testing feature specifically for landing pages.
  • Advanced Lead Scoring: The platform doesn’t offer advanced lead scoring options.
  • Sales CRM: Moosend does not provide a dedicated Sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature.
  • Built-in Social Media Management: Social media management features are not included within the platform.
  • Advanced Web Tracking: Advanced web tracking and analytics capabilities are limited.
  • Advanced Personalization: Moosend offers basic personalization but lacks advanced personalization features.
  • Multilingual Support: There’s limited support for multiple languages within the platform.
  • Direct Mail Integration: Integration with direct mail marketing is not available.

Having thoroughly examined both the pricing plans and the missing features of Moosend in detail, let’s now shift our focus to Saufter, a comprehensive helpdesk software solution.

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Saufter – Comprehensive Helpdesk Software Solution

Saufter is an omnichannel helpdesk software that allows you to seamlessly integrate your email support and e-commerce platforms. It efficiently organizes all your support tickets and orders in one central hub.

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With powerful automation features and self-service options, it simplifies your customer support operations. Plus, you can enjoy the benefit of receiving 6 months of free credits to get started.

Key Features

    1. One View: Say goodbye to jumping around previous tickets; now you can simply scroll through them all in one view.
    2. Customer-Centric View: It intelligently declutters multiple tickets created by the same customer for a smoother support experience.
    3. Automated Follow-Ups: Saufter automates follow-up actions to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
    4. E-commerce Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
    5. Trouble Alerts: Keep a watchful eye on your orders 24/7 to prevent any delays in fulfillment or transit.
    6. Self-Service: Set up automation for repetitive tasks and let the system handle them efficiently.
    7. Order Management: Enjoy full control with the ability to create custom discounts, edit, cancel, refund orders, and more.
    8. Channels: Reach customers through multiple channels, including email, live chat, social media, phone, and self-service options.

Moosend Pricing Unveiled

In the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing, understanding Moosend pricing, features, and user reviews has been crucial.

It’s worth noting that email marketing has an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent.

Now, why not take your email marketing to the next level?

Consider trying Saufter with its 15-day free trial to streamline your customer support and e-commerce operations. It could be the game-changer for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your customer interactions and boost efficiency today.

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