5 Best Methods To Get Shopify Support For Your Shopify Store

Shopify Support

Last Updated: December 2023

According to research around 8 different eCommerce platforms, Shopify got 3.5/5 on ease of use. With its vast features like design templates, third-party apps, or boosting your SEO you might at some point in time need the help of customer support. 

To make your life much easier we have done the hard work and listed 5 methods on how to get Shopify support for your Shopify store. 

Shopify Help Center

The Shopify help center is a self-service knowledge base. With the help of the help center, you can resolve your queries on your own without having to interact with any of the agents.

They have published articles, answers to frequently asked questions, how-to-do videos, and many more for quick resolution of your problems.

Shopify help center has a search box wherein you can type your question or keywords and you will find relevant answers to it.

Shopify Support

 For example, we have searched “How to manage inventory” in the search box.

Shopify Support

After clicking on the right options through the dropdown list you can read the most relevant article or frequently asked questions to resolve your query.

Shopify Support Live: Live Chat, Callback, Email

Shopify support live is a personalized form of customer support. This is also the easiest but not the quickest way to resolve your query. The chat option is the quickest option available among all the three options

If you are facing some difficulties then you can follow the below steps and resolve your query.

Step 1: Log in with your Shopify account details

Step 2: Select the store for which you need help.

Step 3: Enter your query on the search box and press Enter. 

Step 4: Now you will see articles related to your problem. To get personalized help scroll down and click on “Get support”After clicking on it you will get all three options live chat, Callback, and email support. 

Step 5: Click on any of the following options you wish to get help from.

If you want to call the customer support executive directly then you can call on the following numbers:

United Kingdom: 0800-808-5233

Australia: 03-8400-4750

India: 000-800-100-5786

New Zealand: 07-788-6026 

Shopify Community

If talking to customer support or reading long-page articles is not a cup of your tea, then you can try the Shopify community support option. 

The Shopify community consists of nearly 900k members and more than 1 Billion Posts. Here you will find recent discussions on the ongoing glitches of Shopify, important links, and even the list of top contributors who help the merchants regularly.

You can even search your question on the search box and can go through the most relevant discussions.

 If you are unable to find any relevant discussion then you can create your question and let other merchants answer it.

Video Tutorials 

Shopify store provides visual tutorials wherein there is in-depth research and steps you should follow to solve your problems. These videos are helpful for visual learners and it’s easier to remember as well. To enable video tutorials follow the steps:

Step 1: Open the Shopify website and click on “Learn” and then on “Help center”.

Shopify Support

Step 2: Next click on “Support” and then the 2nd option “video tutorials”. After clicking on tutorials you will be re-directed to Shopify’s youtube page where you can search and find the right video to solve your problem.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Shopify has maintained an impressive image all over social media platforms. They have 397.4 k followers on Twitter, more than 38m likes on Facebook, and, 3000+ Instagram posts.

Let us start with their Facebook page. 

If you want to get support through Facebook then you can click on the Message button( right bottom) and state your query over there. Commenting on recent posts will also help you to get feedback from them. 

Shopify’s Twitter support can be a bit slow as you can not personally message them. You can only tweet them by tagging @shopify. Though this will make your problem public and thus the chances are that Shopify will take more steps to resolve your query.

Shopify’s Instagram has more goofy content available as compared to the other two social media handles. Just like Twitter, you can not directly message Shopify. However, you can tag them on posts or stories with your problem and they will respond to it. You can even comment on their recent posts with your question or problem. 



With a score of 3.8/5, Shopify offers great customer support on diverse platforms. The quickest of all the supports is their Knowledge base. If you are interested in getting personal customer support then you can use Live chat, which is also one of the quickest support options available.

Shopify’s Community also offers an excellent support service. It has merchants all over the globe connected to it. They do discussions and solve problems according to their experience. 

Ultimately, Shopify may not be that easy to use but when it comes to solving customers’ queries then they are on top of it. 

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