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marketo engage pricing

Last Updated: April 2024

Looking to supercharge your marketing efforts?

Dive into the world of Marketo Engage – where innovation meets results!

Unveil the power of personalized customer experiences and data-driven strategies with our complete breakdown of Marketo Engage pricing, features, and reviews. Discover how this game-changing platform can elevate your business.

Did you know that companies using marketing automation can see a 75% higher conversion rate?

Now, let’s delve into what Marketo Engage has in store for you!

What is Marketo Engage?

Curious about Marketo Engage?

marketo engage pricing

Founded in 2006, it swiftly grew by serving budding businesses. In 2012, it ranked 78th in Inc. magazine’s fast-growing list.

Lately, Marketo turned toward larger enterprises. Now, the platform offers specialized solutions for big organizations, going beyond generic options.

It’s the tool to level up your marketing game!

Marketo’s applications include:

  • Marketing automation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Digital ads
  • Web
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Predictive content

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Overview of Marketo Engage Pricing Plans

Get ready for a quick rundown on Marketo Engage Pricing Plans! They offer straightforward yet powerful packages, perfect for boosting customer experience and creating demand.

There are four plans to choose from: Growth, Select, Prime, and Ultimate.

marketo engage pricing plans

The best part? Each plan comes with personalized pricing, so you get exactly what you need! Time to explore your options and take your marketing to the next level.

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A Detailed Breakdown of Marketo Engage Pricing Plans

  1. Growth
  2. Select
  3. Prime
  4. Ultimate

1. Growth

Pricing: Personalized

This package is all about the essentials: core marketing email, easy segmentation, smooth automation, and effective measurement. With room for up to 10 users, it’s perfect for small teams aiming to elevate their marketing game.


    • API Calls: With a whopping 20,000 API calls per day, you’ve got the connectivity you need.
    • Lead & Account Database: Manage your leads and accounts seamlessly with a robust database.
    • Native CRM Integration: Effortlessly integrate with major CRMs like SFDC, MSD, and Veeva.
    • Audience Segmentation & Targeting: Nail audience segmentation and targeting for laser-focused campaigns.
    • Advanced Dynamic Content & Personalization: Take personalization to the next level with advanced dynamic content.
    • Custom User Roles & Permissions: Customize user roles and permissions to match your team’s needs.
    • Email & Social Marketing: Dive into email and social marketing to reach your audience and boost your brand’s online presence.
    • Landing Pages & Forms: Design captivating landing pages and forms to drive engagement.
    • Search Engine Optimization: Master SEO tactics to ensure your campaigns stand out.
    • Campaign Reporting & Insights: Stay in the loop with detailed campaign reporting and insights.


    • Custom Data Objects & Fields: For custom data management, you might need to opt for Custom Data Objects & Fields.
    • Event & Webinar Marketing: If event and webinar marketing is in your plan, it could come as an extra expense.
    • Marketing Calendar: Unlock the potential of a Marketing Calendar with an additional investment.
    • Predictive Content & Audiences: Predictive Content & Audiences might require an extra budget for implementation.
    • Advanced Journey Analytics: For advanced journey insights, consider opting for Advanced Journey Analytics.
    • Marketo Measure: Marketo Measure could be a valuable addition, but it’s a separate cost.

User Reviews

it is so easy to create a program, asset (email, landing page, form, etc).” – Joy M, mid-market.

Long time Adobe Marketo user – not great for beginners or SMB, but the best tool for Enterprise.” – Marshall S, mid-market.

This Plan is Best for:

Small to mid-sized teams seeking essential marketing tools and a user-friendly experience to drive growth.

2. Select

Pricing: Personalized

Introducing the “Select” plan – your gateway to essential marketing automation and precise measurement. With room for up to 25 users, this plan comes packed with all the features from the Growth plan and more, giving you a robust toolkit to supercharge your marketing efforts.


    • API Calls (Daily): Supercharge your connectivity with a whopping 50,000 API calls per day.
    • Custom Data Objects & Fields: Dive into data customization with up to 10 custom objects and 2 million records.
    • Event & Webinar Marketing: Shine with up to 12 interactive webinar sessions to engage your audience.
    • Marketing Calendar: Stay on top of your campaigns with a comprehensive marketing calendar.
    • Predictive Content: Elevate your content game with a generous pool of 50 assets.
    • Dynamic Chat: Foster real-time engagement with dynamic chat functionality.


Explore the “Select” plan’s optional upgrades that are available for extra charges:

    • Target Account Management: Optimize your targeting strategy with this additional feature.
    • Predictive Audiences: Enhance your audience insights by adding predictive audiences.
    • Advanced Journey Analytics: Unlock deeper journey insights with advanced analytics.
    • Sandbox: Create a testing environment with the Sandbox feature.
    • Workspaces & Partitions: Expand your collaboration options with workspaces and partitions.
    • Marketo Measure: Gain more in-depth insights with the Marketo Measure add-on.

User Reviews

Marketo includes everything you need to operate a successful marketing organization out-of-the-box, from nurturing campaigns to event registration to personalization, with the option to upgrade and purchase additional apps.” – user, Enterprise.

Product Pricing could be done better for SMBs” – user, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

Growing teams and businesses aiming to elevate their marketing efforts with essential automation tools and enhanced customization options.

3. Prime

Pricing: Personalized

The “Prime” plan merges lead- and account-based marketing excellence with advanced journey analytics and AI-driven personalization. Accommodating up to 25 users, it builds upon the features of the Select plan, empowering you with an all-encompassing toolbox to redefine your marketing prowess.


    • Interactive Webinars: Immerse your audience with unlimited interactive webinar sessions.
    • Target Account Management: Fine-tune your targeting strategy with precision.
    • Predictive Audiences: Uncover deeper insights by harnessing predictive audience capabilities.
    • Advanced Journey Analytics: Dive into comprehensive journey insights for informed decisions.
    • Sandbox: Create a dedicated testing environment for refining your strategies.
    • Workspaces & Partitions: Boost collaboration with enhanced workspace and partition options.


    • Marketo Measure: Gain comprehensive insights with the Marketo Measure feature for an additional cost.

User Reviews

Adobe Marketo enables you to centrally manage your lead base and track your leads as they move through the conversion tunnel.” – user, Enterprise.

Marketo is great for connecting all of our data and lead sources and tracking the progress through the buyer or customer journey.” – Marshall S, mid-market.

This Plan is Best for:

Established teams and businesses aiming to take their marketing strategies to the next level with lead-focused tactics, predictive insights, and advanced analytics offered by the “Prime” plan.

4. Ultimate

The Ultimate plan can be your gateway to the pinnacle of marketing automation with premium attribution capabilities. Similar to Select and Prime, designed for up to 25 users. Comprises all features from the Prime plan, giving you an unparalleled toolkit to revolutionize your marketing strategies.


    • Interactive Webinars: Dive into unlimited interactive webinars with concurrent sessions.
    • Marketo Measure: Unlock deep insights at a discounted rate with Marketo Measure.


    • Marketo Measure: Available at discounted rates only.

User Reviews

Manage all your company’s marketing on a single intelligent platform.” – Issa K, small business.

The personalization within the Marketo platform is very sophisticated, offering excellent synchronization with dynamic CRM, the content within the software is predictive and intuitive with options to manage emails, segmentation and reporting. It is a solid tool, marketing automation is another highlight of the program with proper handling of the flow and management.” – Nicolas C, mid-market.

This Plan is Best for:

Well-established businesses and marketing teams aiming to harness the utmost potential of marketing automation, premium attribution, and advanced analytics with the “Ultimate” plan.

Marketo Engage Pricing Plans Comparison Table

Here’s a quick Marketo Engage pricing plans comparison table for your easy reference.

FeaturesGrowth PlanSelect PlanPrime PlanUltimate Plan
UsersUp to 10Up to 25Up to 25Up to 25
Core Marketing Email
API Calls (Daily)20K50K50K100K
Custom Data Objects & Fields
Event & Webinar Marketing
Marketing Calendar
Predictive Content
Dynamic Chat
Marketo MeasureAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional CostDiscounted

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Key Features Missing in Marketo Engage

Discover the key features missing in Marketo Engage:

  1. Social Media Integration: Marketo Engage lacks built-in integration for seamless social media management.
  2. Content Collaboration: Collaborative content creation and editing functionalities are not part of the core features.
  3. AI-Powered Recommendations: While Marketo has AI capabilities, personalized content recommendations are limited.
  4. Account-Based Marketing (ABM): ABM tools aren’t native to the platform; you might need additional tools for comprehensive ABM strategies.

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If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for streamlining your customer support, you must pay attention to the next section.

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Welcome to Saufter – your ultimate solution for seamless customer support! Say goodbye to support headaches as Saufter empowers you with AI-powered tools to streamline ticket management, enhance communication, provide exceptional omnichannel support service, and more.

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Not just that, Saufter also helps you in marketing your brand on social platforms. It increases your leads and sales by showcasing social proof notifications.

Plus, enjoy the benefit of the right custom pricing that suits your needs. Elevate your customer support game with Saufter today! 

Key Features

    • One View Customer Context: Quickly access customer history with a simple scroll, enhancing interactions.
    • Automate E-commerce Workflows: Seamlessly manage returns, exchanges, order changes, and spot delivery issues automatically.
    • Custom SaaS Automation: Tailor automation for login problems, plan changes, bug reporting, and more.
    • Wide Integrations: Connect with email, live chat, social media, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and beyond.
    • Performance Tracking 24/7: Monitor support service performance around the clock.

In conclusion,

Marketo Engage offers diverse pricing plans and robust features. For seamless customer support, consider Saufter, with features like automation, integrations, and a 15-day risk-free trial.

Elevate your marketing and support game today!

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