ManyChat vs Chatfuel: Which has the Best Chatbot?

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Last Updated: February 2024

Do you know, 68% of users enjoy the speed at which the chatbot attends them? These chatbots help you to answer more straightforward queries with the help of canned responses or knowledge base articles.

Entrepreneurs usually need clarification on ManyChat and Chatfuel, the best chatbot-providing software. Thus, we have curated a comprehensive comparison between the two apps to help you choose the best. 

So let’s dive in and have a look at the article. 

Platform Integration(Final Winner: ManyChat)Rating 5/5⭐

Website Integration

Chatbots on a website usually attend to new customers or solve queries of your clients. They even help you to turn a potential customer into a certified lead.

  • Both ManyChat and Chatfuel allow you to add a chatbot to your website. 

Winner: Both

Email Integration

There are more than 4 billion users that use emails on daily basis. Thus, having a chatbot allows you to attend to your customers via email quickly.

  • ManyChat provides a chatbot for email support whereas Chatfuel does not. 

Winner: Manychat

SMS Integration

This integration allows you to attend to your customers’ queries on SMSs. 

  • ManyChat can automate your customer support on the SMS platform whereas Chatfuel does not provide any support on SMS. 

Winner: Manychat

Social Media

Social media integration helps you solve the query of a broader range of audiences. 

  • ManyChat allows you to integrate with social media apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook. However, they have recently launched a beta for Telegram, which means you can even integrate the app with Telegram in the coming time. 
  • Chatfuel also provides social media integration on platforms similar to Manychat, but they don’t have any future plans of integrating with Telegram. 

Winner: Manychat

Analytics(Final Winner: Chatfuel) Rating 4/5⭐

User Input Analytics

User input analytics provides you with information on how customers interact with your product/services.

  • ManyChat at the moment does not provide any such metrics at the moment. 
  • Chatfuel provides user input analytics which can be used to understand how your customers are reacting toward your product/service. 

Winner: Chatfuel

User Retention Analytics

User retention analytics shows you the capability of your product/service to retain old customers. With these analytics, you can easily create a customer retention strategy. 

  • ManyChat does not provide user retention metrics, but Chatfuel does in the form of a cohort graph. 

Winner: Chatfuel

Conversion Rate Analytics

The average of users who visited and users that bought something from your store is known as conversion rate analytics. 

  • ManyChat provides you with conversion rate analytics which helps you to understand your product/service better. 
  • Chatfuel on the other hand does not provide any conversion rate metrics.

Winner: Manychat

User Segmentation(Final Winner: ManyChat)Rating 5/5⭐

User Custom Fields

With custom fields, you can add whatever information you want to add related to a customer. Some of the information that you can add in a custom field is the customer’s name, age, birth date, etc. to provide more personalized service. 

  • ManyChat and Chatfuel both allow you to create a custom field. Although, Manychat uses a drag-and-drop option whereas in Chatfuel you need to follow some steps to add a field. 

Winner: ManyChat

User Tags

With the user tagging option, you can tag users as per their preference and engagement towards your products. You can use tags to record more technical and useful data whereas custom fields can store personalized data. 

  • Manychat allows you to tag your customers and Chatfuel does not provide any such service. 

Winner: ManyChat

Chatbot Components(Final Winner: ManyChat)Rating 4.5/5⭐

Location Sharing

This feature allows you to provide the geographical location of your store to the customers. 

  • ManyChat allows you to share your store location whereas Chatfuel does not.

Winner: Manychat

Attachment Sharing

With the help of this feature, you can share more pieces of information like pdfs, images, videos, and more instead of just sharing knowledge-base articles. 

  • ManyChat allows you to attach files. Chatfuel on the other hand does not provide any such feature. 

Winner: ManyChat

Notifications(Final Winner: ManyChat)

Abandoned Cart Notification

This notification reminds your customers about the product that they have added to their cart and has not made the final purchase. 

  • ManyChat can send abandoned cart notifications to your customers. You can integrate it with any store like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and more to roll out these notifications. 
  • Chatfuel also allows you to send abandoned cart notifications but only through the Shopify store. 

Winner: ManyChat

Shipment Notifications

These notifications provide customers with information regarding their product shipment status.

  • ManyChat provides shipment and order updates to your customers which creates engagement on your site. 
  • Chatfuel does not provide any order and shipment updates to your customers. 

Winner: ManyChat

Review/Feedback Notification

Feedback notifications allow you to collect more reviews which helps you analyze your product/service from your customer’s point of view. 

  • ManyChat can send feedback notifications to your customers once they have received your product. 
  • Chatfuel at the moment does not provide any feedback notifications. 

Winner: ManyChat

Re-engagement Notifications

Re-engagement notifications allow you to generate more sales as it helps in upselling and cross-selling your products. 

  • ManyChat allows you to send re-engagement notifications and assists you in generating repeated purchases. 
  • Chatfuel on the other hand does not provide any such notifications.

Winner: ManyChat


Now, in the end, we can clearly declare ManyChat as the Winner. Both apps provide a similar bit of services but apart from analytics Manychat has better features like notifications, platform integration, and user segmentation. 

We hope that through this article you will be able to choose a better chatbot solution for our store. 

However, if you are still not satisfied or want to try a new chatbot, then you should have a look at Saufter. Its AI chatbot can automate your customer support with the help of canned responses or knowledge-base articles. 

The chatbot provides notifications like abandoned carts, return product notifications, cross-selling notifications, and many more. It can even automate your social media handle. So, what are you waiting for?

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