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Last Updated: February 2024

Refunds are expensive, but the real cost is the end of the relationship and losing the value of a potential lifelong customer. Hence, you should be focussing on your returns policy and process now more than ever.

Loop Returns and Happy Returns are two companies that aim at helping merchants with a seamless returns process. But which one is the best for your business?

We will find out in this article here.

Loop Returns vs Happy Returns: Returns (Final Winner: Happy Returns) Rating ⭐5/5


Returns portal helps your customers to initiate a return request on your portal for the items they wish to return due to any reason like incorrect size, fit, color, etc.

  • With Loop Returns software, your customers can request returns or exchanges by themselves like a self-help service. They need not contact your customer support or wait for any of your agent’s help.
  • Happy Returns also excels with self-return/exchange and stands out by providing standardized international returns, benefitting worldwide customers. All your US-based customers can return using the sustainable box-free drop-off method or in person through Return to your store feature allowing you to save up to 40% on returns.

Winner: Happy Returns

Automation in Returns

Automatically approve, reject, or flag returns and exchanges. Both the softwares allow automation using set conditions.

  • If you need to manually review the return requests, Loop Returns lets you set the conditions accordingly to decide which returns to be automatically executed or manually inspected. Also, a ‘block and allow list’ in Loop Returns prevents shady shoppers, safeguarding your store from abuse and potential threats.
  • Whereas Happy Returns offers a fully automated returns portal to leverage returns and exchanges on auto-pilot mode. You will be providing options to your customers to write down their exact return reasons in their own words in the custom return reasons box or to choose from the given reasons.

Winner: Both

Loop Returns vs Happy Returns: Exchanges (Final Winner: Happy Returns Rating ⭐5/5)

Automated Exchanges

Allowing your customers to initiate the exchange process by themselves through your returns/exchange portal, without requiring them to contact your support center.

  • Turn refunds into exchanges using the “Shop Now” option with Loop Returns, where you can encourage customers to exchange for any item in your catalog to retain the revenue. Additionally, you can offer an instant exchange that initiates immediate shipping of the selected exchange product even before the customer sends you the returned product.
  • Happy Returns gives one-click exchanges for products that customers want to return. The system automatically questions your customer about the reason to return and offers the required product on checking the stock availability in the inventory.

Winner: Happy Returns

Branded Portals

A branded returns portal is necessary to convince your customer that they are rightly communicating with you regarding their returns/exchange requests. If you are going to redirect them to a third-party website, then chances are there that they may lose their trust in your brand.

  • The greatest disadvantage of Loop Returns Exchanges is that it takes your customers to a version of your website to complete their return/exchange process leading to a bad user experience.
  • On the other hand, Happy Returns’ fully customizable branded returns/exchange portal lets you set a favicon, images, and buttons to match your brand identity. You can even personalize the page with your welcome message, item list, confirmation messages, etc.

Winner: Happy Returns

Loop Returns vs Happy Returns: Logistics (Final Winner: Happy Returns) Rating ⭐5/5

Logistics Options

Giving your customers a convenient return experience takes utmost priority to earn those brownie points. Loop Returns and Happy Returns, both aim at giving comfortable return options to your customers even if they cannot afford time for printing labels or proper packaging.

  • Loop Logistics takes care of all the physical processes involved in returns starting from the shipping label. Furthermore, it gives customers convenience, allowing easy returns at any post office by displaying the label on their mobile. Create custom return policies like return window lengths, return request approvals, etc using the Destinations feature.
  • Happy Returns too provides print-free labels and shipping solutions. It also has developed a distinct returns method called Return Bars, a complete customer-centric concept. This allows them to easily return items without worrying about packaging or printing labels through the box-free drop-off services and get an immediate refund. This saves you up to 40% on your return shipping costs.

Winner: Happy Returns

Shipping Options

Shipping integrations facilitate automatic label generation and move your return from point A to point B.

  • Loop Returns also facilitates multiple shipping providers like EasyPost, which offers the lowest possible shipping cost. If you are currently collaborating with any shipping provider, they can also be easily integrated with Loop without any hassle.
  • The Happy Returns team understands it better to provide flexible shipping options to your customers by letting them select their preferred carrier based on their location or settle with the auto-optimized carrier service. You also get to partner with world-class carriers like DHL, FedEx, Australia Post, UPS, and USPS with just a click.

Winner: Happy Returns

Loop Returns vs Happy Returns: Third-party integrations (Final Winner: Happy Returns) Rating ⭐5/5

Being an eCommerce business, you require multiple channels to be integrated with your store. This means integrations with eCommerce portals, customer support tools, marketing tools, social media platforms, fulfillment services, etc are very much required to provide a unified end-to-end solution.

Loop Returns integrates with many tools/software easily using plug-and-play technology and is pretty easy to use.

Happy Returns enables flexible connection options through standard APIs and custom integrations.

Logistics integrations

  • Logistics integrations with Loop Returns are designed to give visibility to your warehouses, 3PLs, and ERPs. You can easily integrate with companies like ShipBob, ShipHero, Netsuite, etc.
  • Through Happy Returns, partner for seamless global fulfillment with Deliverr, Geodis, Inmar, ShipBob, providing affordable international logistics solutions.

Winner: Both

E-commerce Integration

  • Shopify+Loop integration connects your Shopify store and Loop Returns and displays the returns orders within your Shopify admin. This also enables refunds via Shopify gift cards, providing a credit for their next purchase instead of a refund amount.
  • Whereas, Happy Returns offers absolutely easy eCommerce platform integrations with Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, and Solidus. This gives you a diversified multitude of exchanges and upsell opportunities across all your stores.

Winner: Happy Returns

Customer Experience Solutions Integration

These are integrations that help you in providing the best returns experience possible for your customers. Let us now see what they are.

  • Loop Returns Integration available with Gorgias, Klaviyo, Rise.ai, etc enhancing customer support, email, shipping updates, and store credits seamlessly. Loop can also integrate effortlessly with your existing tech stack.
  • Along with a smooth returns experience, Happy Returns solutions integrations help you provide a wholesome eCommerce experience to your customers. For example, integrations like Alloy, Bolt, Celigo, Channel Ape, etc.

Winner: Happy Returns

Loop Returns vs Happy Returns: Analytics and Reports (Final Winner: Loop Returns) Rating ⭐5/5


Analytics and reports are the backbones of any business growth. These reports provide us with insights into your company’s performance and areas that need to be improved.

  • Loop Intelligence delivers customer return insights and maximizes upsell revenue through seamless exchanges, enhancing your business perspective and profitability. Moreover, this data helps you greatly in making the necessary improvements in the actual product itself, product description, sizing guide, and other quality measures.
  • The tracking and reporting dashboard of Happy Returns provides total insight into returns information, the status of the returns, shipping updates, etc for your convenient optimization of the returns process.

Winner: Loop Returns

Finally, Loop Returns vs Happy Returns, which is the best?

Thus, we have dug deep into both the softwares and compared their features, pricing, and customers’ user experiences. Now we have a clear winner – Happy Returns, with sustainable return methods boosting footfall traffic and sales, securing success.

Yet, if you want to test Loop Returns, they provide a full software demo. Evaluate and make decisions based on results.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a simple and straightforward helpdesk tool to provide automated self-returns/exchanges service along with automated timely notifications, then check out Saufter. With this helpdesk integrated into your Shopify store, you can further provide an enhanced omnichannel customer support experience at half (ie: 50%) of your manual time.

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