Loop Returns Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: July 2024

As the customer experience statistic shows, “77% of businesses say customer experience (CX) is the key differentiator among the competitors.”

And one of the key reasons people shop online is easy returns as accepted by 30.1% of US shoppers.

So, are you planning to take in Loop returns software to provide positive post-purchase experiences to your customers? Then, halt a little to read about Loop returns pricing with a complete breakdown of its features, comparison table, and reviews, here.

Table of contents:

What is Loop Returns?

Loop returns
Source: loopreturns.com

Loop is a returns management application that provides adequate returns solutions for Shopify stores of all sizes, small to enterprise. With Loop, you can find intelligent automation tools to cut down on manual time and the cost of returns. It also helps increase customer lifetime value by providing them with satisfying returns experiences.

Shopify merchants who use Loop had mentioned that they could reduce their store returns by 30% while retaining 50% of the business.

You can host a branded Returns portal to raise returns, offer instant and any product exchanges, collect return reasons, and give store credits. Allow your customers to drop the returned product at the post office by showing the digital label. No need to print it out on paper.

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Overview of Loop Returns Pricing

The company offers a pricing structure that befits your business transaction size. There are three plans available in two types of pricing. One is flat-fee and the other is usage-based. Follow monthly or annual billing cycles as per your convenience.

  • Flat-fee: Under the flat fee pricing plan, you will pay a flat rate every month. You can also avail of additional features by paying extra charges.
  • Usage-based: On the other hand, choose usage-based and pay per returns on top of a low base fee.
loop returns
Source: loopreturns.com

Click on the button below to book a demo of the loop returns app.

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Complete Breakdown of Loop Returns Plans

Here we will discuss on what all features you will get with the plan you choose and those you will miss. Additionally, attaching the direct links to the corresponding pricing page for your easy reference.

Listing down the three plans followed by a complete breakdown of all to learn the pricing features.

  1. Starter
  2. Essential
  3. Advanced
  4. Usage-based Plan

1. Starter

Flat-fee pricing – Pay $59/month and automate up to 1000 returns per year.

What Do You Get?

  1. Destination – Define the warehouse location to receive your returns.
  2. Auto-returns – Set automatic returns approval workflow depending on your policy rules.
  3. Return policy – Custom create returns policy that is suitable for your business model.
  4. Store credit – Issue return credits in the form of gift cards.
  5. Refunds – Process refunds back to the original payment method.
  6. Gift returns – Allow your shoppers to exchange gift purchases also.
  7. Variant exchanges – Offer exchange for a different size or color.
  8. Carrier Rate negotiation – With the help of Loop returns, get discounts on USPS and FedEx prices.
  9. Outcomes fee – Configure flat fees on return outcomes.
  10. Analytics – Access in-depth reports on returns metrics to perform better.


  • Add-ons: Enrolled in this plan, you cannot avail of any of the additional features.
  • Destination: You can set up only one destination in this Starter plan.
  • Returns portal: It is not possible to customize the returns portal to match your brand identity.

This Plan is Good For:

If you are an emerging Shopify merchant having a requirement to manage up to 1000 returns per year, then opt for this plan.

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2. Essential (The most popular plan)

Flat-fee pricing – Charges are $165/month to manage more than a thousand returns in a year, by using all the Starter plan’s plus more features.

What Do You Get?

  1. Destinations – Just like in the Starter plan, here too you can set the warehouse address to collect returns.
  2. Return policy – Create as many custom rules beyond your general policy settings.
  3. Outcomes fee – Earlier with the Starter plan, you set a flat fee on return outcomes. But here you can set dynamic fees.
  4. Returns portal – Embed custom returns portal URL to match your brand.
  5. Test environment – Connect Loop with your development store for testing.
  6. Packageless returns – Allow your customers to drop off packageless returns at Return Bars.
  7. At-home pickup – Now with the Loop and Veho collaboration, you can enable pick-up of returns from your customer’s doorstep.

Optional Add-ons (Valid only for Essential and Advanced plans)

  1. Advanced exchanges – As an Essential plan subscriber, you can enable 1:1 exchange across variants and instant exchange option through which your customer will receive the new item faster. Additionally, grant individual/partial exchange within the bundle.
  2. Workflows – Configure advanced conditions and actions to further customize your return policies. To learn about the available set of conditions and actions, click here.
  3. Printerless returns – Accept paperless returns where your customers can drop their returns simply by showing the shipping label QR code at USPS and FedEx outlets.
  4. Advanced analytics – Gain access to advanced reports showing customer behavior, order, and operational insights. 


  • Destinations – Even though this Essential plan is more advanced than the Starter plan, you can still define only 2 warehouse locations.

This Plan is Good For:

In case you require to design customized returns at reduced costs for more than 1K returns, then go for this plan.

You can also write to the company if you have any questions regarding the plans and features or would wish to upgrade any time, at support@loopreturns.com.

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3. Advanced

Flat-fee pricing – Pay $375/month for unlimited and superior returns tools on top of all the Starter plus Essential plans’ features including optional add-ons.

What Do You Get?

  1. Destinations – Unlike previous plans, when you avail Advanced plan, you can set any number of warehouse locations without any limitation.
  2. Store credit incentive – Encourage your customers to choose a gift card instead of a refund by offering attractive incentives.
  3. Shop Now – This feature lets your shoppers choose any item from your whole store for an exchange.
  4. Bonus credit – Give your customers some bonus credits when they choose to exchange over a refund.


To be honest with you, for such a difference in amount, the Advanced plan offers only three extra features and unlimited destinations as compared to the Essential plan.

This Plan is Good For:

Are you running an enterprise-size eCommerce business? Then you can take this plan to manage a myriad of returns across multiple inventories.

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4. Usage-based Plan

This plan requires you to pay the low base fee of $29/month and anything over that based on the features you choose and the returns volume you use. Also, it is catered toward non-Shopify Plus merchants who process less than 500 returns annually.

What Do You Get?

Under this usage-based plan, you will get all the plan functionalities of which you choose. That means, if you select the Starter plan, you will get all those plan features. Similarly, with Essential and Advanced subscriptions, you can avail of those respective plan tools.

But the basic pricing structure remains the same as mentioned above, basic fee plus all you utilize. If in due course of time, you desire to shift to any flat-fee plan, you can contact the company for assistance.

Please note: The usage-based Starter plan is billed monthly whereas, for the other two usage-based plans, you need to opt for the annual contract.

This Plan is Good For:

In case you are looking for a fully customized plan where you can pay for only what you use, then consider this pricing plan.

Check out the below table to compare all the plan features side by side.

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Loop Returns Pricing Plans Feature Comparison Table Excluding Usage-based Plan

ReturnsUp to 1000 returns/yearMore than 1000 returns/yearMore than 1000 returns/year
Return policyLimited customizationsUnlimited customizationsUnlimited customizations
Store credit
Gift returns
Variant exchanges
Negotiated rate
Return outcomes feeFlat feeDynamic feeDynamic fee
Custom brand URL🗙
Test environment🗙
Drop-off at Return Bars🗙
At-home pickups🗙
Store credit incentive🗙🗙
Shop Now feature🗙🗙
Bonus credit🗙🗙
Optional add-ons (for Essential and Advanced plans only)
Advanced exchanges🗙
Instant exchange🗙
Individual/partial exchange🗙
Printerless returns🗙
Advanced analytics🗙

We are sure this table would have helped you compare all the three plans at a time to make a decision. Moving on to another important section where we share insightful user reviews, positive and negative, to learn the Loop’s real time efficiencies.

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Loop Reviews

Positive Reviews

Loop Returns. An easy to understand platform that everyone will be able to use easily and properly. It also provide easier exchange and return process for our customers. The automated instructions are very easy to comprehend. It will also process the refund for the customer immediately therefore customers are very happy and want to come back and shop again.” – Support Operations Manager, mid-market.

Loop Returns recently added options to edit returns which has reduced the time our team spends in assisting customers with changing their returns or with removing return fees. Loop Returns has also added an option for QR codes with USPS which has helped our customers greatly because the majority don’t have a printer with which to print their return label. In addition, Loop Plus has allowed our customers to exchange for a different item and to upsell on their exchange order. This option has increased our returns revenue.” – Customer Experience Manager, small business.

Best Shopify return app. We get through returns in 1/3 the time and our customers are happier with the process. Giving store credit as an option for customers to use when doing an exchange has also increased AOV.” – Co-Founder, small business.

Negative Reviews

Limited options when it comes to return, unable to view their return request at times due to bug. Has limited view on their payment options. Can’t modify return process.” – Customer Service Representative, small business.

Returns workflow options are currently too simplistic.” – Customer Experience Manager, small business.

Our orders are shipped from 2 different locations but only returned to one. Loop return inventory to where it was shipped out so we have to manually manage inventory.” – Inventory Analyst, small business.

Sometimes I get confused while viewing exchange orders with which product is being returned to us and which product the customer is exchanging FOR. My only suggestion would be to make exchanges look a bit more straightforward.” – User Experience Manager, small business.

Difficult to follow which items were returned when looking at an order in Shopify. Have to go into the Loop platform to view this information because the Shopify order still shows all the items in the order and only shows a dollar amount refunded.” – Apparel & Fashion, small business.

Sometimes the support team can be unhelpful /not answer questions but rather link out articles to read to find the answer on our own.” – Apparel & Fashion, small business.

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In The End

By now you have learned Loop Returns pricing plans, their features along with user reviews. With all this information, you can study, compare, and be aware of the pluses and minuses of this returns management software.

We would also like to nudge a few points of Loop where users were facing difficulties. Like a user reviewed, despite applying Loop they had to manually process returns and manage inventory. Another user faced problems with his Shopify orders and so on.

To eliminate such difficulties, take a look at Saufter, as it is one of the best automated eCommerce returns management tools available in the market. It seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store and other channels with a click. The eCommerce automation features streamline all the orders and support related workflows to provide a hassle-free experience to your customers.

Even more, it provides you with a fully customizable branded returns portal irrespective of the plan you choose including the trial period. Not only that, the tool automatically scans all your orders every day and alarms you instantly in case of any shipping issues. Thus, you can provide immediate necessary assistance to your customers beforehand.

In addition to all these exclusive returns management features, Saufter hosts various other intelligent eCommerce tools to help scale your customer support and revenue at the same time. Hence we say Saufter is the best and most affordable Loop Returns alternative. You need not go by our words blindly. Click on these buttons and try them for yourself.



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