Livechat vs Tidio

“It is important to offer live chat on their websites” – says 42% of US online customers. Also, experts project that the live chat market will skyrocket to $839.2 Million by 2026.

Today’s digital customers expect instant answers and fast resolutions from companies. So, it is high time for eCommerce business owners like you to incorporate super-efficient live chat software into your business model.

Worried about finding one? Please don’t. We are happy to do our bit of research to help you with that. Read further to learn in detail the requisite features comparison of Livechat and Tidio.


  • Livechat and Tidio are live chat support softwares that also provide customer support solutions across channels from a unified platform. But, Tidio is a cloud-based live chat software.
  • Both Livechat and Tidio are compatible with all devices – mobile, iPhone, and laptop.
  • These two softwares cater customer support services to all sizes of businesses ranging from small to enterprise.
  • There is a free trial available on both software platforms letting the user try their features and tools.

User Interface (Final Winner: Both)

Livechat – Rating ⭐4.7/5, Tidio – Rating ⭐4.7/5


For any software, the user interface should be user-friendly providing its users the ease of navigation within the software. How about Livechat and Tidio? Here it is.

  • Livechat – Easy to set up and easy to use. The dashboard provides all the required information in a seamless manner. Simple and easy-to-use tools make the user experience comfortable.
  • Tidio – Again, easy to install and the navigation within the interface is also user-friendly. The technical support team makes onboarding an easy process. Users find the interface very impressive.

Winner: Both

Chat Tools (Final Winner: Tidio) Rating ⭐ 4.8/5

Canned Responses

These are pre-recorded answers to the most commonly asked questions by the customers. Such canned responses can be inserted into FAQs, help articles, and other support widgets. Using these in your support system helps you provide customer self-help service and achieve a fast resolution rate.

  • Livechat – Creating canned responses is easy with Livechat tools. All you need to do is just start typing followed by a hash. Save and use them across your support widgets with just a few clicks.
  • Tidio – Tidio’s AI response bots automate up to 47% of your customer conversations and auto categorizes them into topics for you to use. The workflow includes auto-routing to agents for complex questions.

Winner: Tidio

Chat Transfer

An able Live chat software should host the necessary tools to assign or transfer the chats to the respective departments or agents to provide prompt resolution. Let’s see what Livechat and Tidio have to offer.

  • Livechat – with Livechat, your teammates will be able to transfer the customer chat to the respective agent internally.
  • Tidio – chat transfer workflow of Tidio lets you group your agents into departments. You can assign chats to the agents or departments either manually or automatically. Users also can choose the departments using bots. The pre-chat survey helps align all the pre-recorded answers for your agents’ use.

Winner: Tidio

Chatbots Automation

Automating the chatbots and building chatbots are additional advantageous tools that help elevate your customer conversation experience. Time to find out what all are possible with Livechat and Tidio.

  • Livechat – create automated chatbots effortlessly with existing templates on Livechat. Does not require any coding knowledge. In-built AI algorithms help you improve your chatbot to provide automated responses, self-help answers, lead generation, and chat support ticket creation.
  • Tidio – provides intuitive building tools to build attractive graphical chatbots without any coding skills. 35+ eCommerce templates are available to help you kickstart your chat conversations right out of the box. You will be excited to find that apart from regular chatbots response building, you can also create live bot during your customer conversation.

Winner: Tidio

Customization (Final Winner: Tidio) Rating ⭐ 4.7/5

Chat widget Customization

The flexibility of personalizing the look and feel of the chat widget is very essential to match your brand identity. Do Livechat and Tidio offer enough? We will know it here.

  • Livechat – set the theme, color, and chat widget position using the Live Editor tools. Customize the chat widget display according to mobile and desktop specifications. Make your chat conversations look more personal by adding your profile picture, name, and title to give a human touch. Choose from 45+ global languages for conversation localization.
  • Tidio – Along with regular templates, color, display, position, and profile pictures, you can also remove the Tidio logo from the chat widget to represent only your brand identity. Personalize by adding a welcome message. Customize the button sizes and languages to your preference. Use the existing customizable script templates or custom-create and integrate them with Tidio using API.

Winner: Tidio

Messaging Channels (Final Winner: Livechat) Rating ⭐4.7/5

Channel Integration

These days every business is available on multiple channels. Hence, the chat software which you adopt should extend support on multiple channels. Here we will check out how far Livechat and Tidio are spread.

  • Livechat – gives you more power as you pay for a single license, yet, use it on any number of websites or applications on Apple, Android, iMac, and desktops. Connect and communicate with your customers on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, SMS, and email. Share voice, audio, or video files of your products to provide exciting virtual shopping experience within the chat.
  • Tidio – connect all your messaging channels like live chat, messenger, and Instagram with Tidio chat and manage your conversations from one place. Manage all your email conversations from within. Tidio software is also compatible with android, iOS, windows, and iMac.

Winner: Livechat

Integrations (Final Winner: Livechat) Rating ⭐4.7/5

Native and third-party integrations

Any helpdesk software should be able to seamlessly integrate with various other support tech stacks to provide a flawless eCommerce and customer support experience across channels. Livechat receives a big shout-out here. Let’s find out why.

  • Livechat – by providing a whopping number of 203 integrations, Livechat steals the show. Integrates with all major messaging apps, eCommerce platforms, helpdesk softwares, CRM tools, email marketing softwares, payment providers, and analytics apps.
  • Tidio – on the other hand, Tidio integrates with 37 software and apps for messaging, eCommerce, helpdesks, customer support, CRM tools, email marketing, and analytics.

Winner: Livechat

Analytics (Final Winner: Both)

Livechat – Rating ⭐4.7/5, Tidio – Rating ⭐4.7/5


Reports and Analytics

The very essential tool to measure your company’s customer support success with an in-depth analysis of key parameters. Measuring the analytics efficiency of Livechat and Tidio, here.

  • Livechat – Livechat’s Analytics report gives you detailed breakdown data on every single agent and chats performance. The perfectly streamlined report enlightens you on the total number of chats, greeting conversions, chat engagement, chat satisfaction, chat surveys, missed chats, and chat availability.
  • Tidio – chat Analytics of Tidio also gives you a thorough report on key metrics – the number of chats, chat conversions, first response time, time to resolution, missed conversations, channel performance, comparison chart, and satisfaction rates.

Winner: Both

Customer support (Final Winner: Both)

Livechat – Rating ⭐4.7/5, Tidio – Rating ⭐4.7/5

Customer support service

Any service provider should be available to its users round the clock to resolve their queries and issues. Here we will compare the support service of Livechat and Tidio.

  • Livechat – the users of Livechat can get customer service support through phone, chat, email, knowledge base, video tutorials, webinars, and community forums.
  • Tidio – whereas Tidio users can avail of 24/7 support over live chat, email, phone, dedicated customer service manager, and training, along with the already available knowledge base.

Winner: Both

Security (Final Winner: Livechat) Rating ⭐ 4.5/5

Security Features

When dealing with customer data which also includes sensitive information like their card info and payments, you need to assure your customers with high levels of security features. Let’s compare Livechat’s and Tidio’s security features to find out which is safer.

  • Livechat – secured data encryption with 256-bit SSL protocol, credit card info mask, IP-specific agent login, spam banning, and 2-step verification enabled Google login features. GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Privacy Shield and CSA star certified. Choose your data center from the US and Europe that are protected by the Data Protection Directive and e-Privacy Directive.
  • Tidio – Paypal saves and secures your credit card information during your tenure of subscription with Tidio. GDPR compliant. Allows you to ban spam chatters. All other common – data security, cloud security, and end-point encryption features are in place.

Winner: Livechat

Which one is the best one for you?

That was all about Livechat vs Tidio. We have done our bit in comparing the prominent features of both the chat softwares and presented them to you here. Now, it is up to you to choose the right one that would meet your business requirements.

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