LiveChat Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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LiveChat Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best - [Complete Breakdown]

LiveChat Pricing

Last Updated: May 2024

Are you thinking of employing LiveChat software for your business, but confused about which LiveChat pricing plan to pick? Well, you can clear your doubts here.

Choosing the right plan can help your business to grow in an efficient way. While picking a plan that is too expensive or doesn’t include all the needed features can lead to a loss. That is why we are providing you with the complete details of Live Chat prices.

So, without waiting, dive in to find out all the following details about Live Chat.

What is LiveChat?

LiveChat is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) helpdesk and online chat software that is designed for lead generation, eCommerce sales, and of course, customer support. It offers tools for customer engagement and team management.

Also, it has a ticketing system that enables you to convert user requests into tickets. Compare to other software, LiveChat incorporates many security features.

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Overview of LiveChat Pricing

LiveChat contains four pricing plans, namely Starter, Team, Business, and Enterprise. While you will find that some of the tools are common, the overall set of features offered is different in all these plans.

Note that there is no free version of the software. But LiveChat provides a free trial for all the mentioned 4 plans. The time period for the trial is 14 days

Now that you have the overview of its prices, let’s get into the detailed breakdown of Live Chat costs.

LiveChat Pricing Plans
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Detailed View of Live Chat Prices 

  1. Starter
  2. Team
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise

#1 Starter

When billed annually, the Starter plan costs $20/month per agent. If you are paying monthly, you are charged $24 per agent.

Features Included

  • Channels –  Add a chat widget on multiple websites and even on your mobile app. Plus, direct your customers to your chat page by sending them a direct chat link. Also, LiveChat provides Facebook Messenger and Email integration.
  • Customer details – View customer information such as their name, location, email, currently viewed page, etc.
  • Agent ratings – Gather agent ratings after live support ends.
  • Traffic tracking – Refers to the number of users you can monitor on live chat at any given time.
  • Smart chat routing – Intelligently distributes chats to available agents.
  • Manual chat routing – All the customers using your chat feature will enter a queue. Then, your agents get to manually pick the chats that are available in the queue.
  • Ticketing system – Generate tickets, assign them, and keep track of them. Further, you can automatically follow up while dealing with pending tickets. Additionally, LiveChat converts received messages into tickets when you are offline.
  • Automated greetings – Here, your visitors will receive an automatic chat greeting.
  • Proactive chats – Allows you to initiate a chat with your visitor.
  • Daily summary – Gives you the summary of your agent’s activity.
  • Trusted domains – Protects your LiveChat tracking code from being added to unauthorized sites.
  • Banned visitors list – View and edit visitors’ blocked list by adding or removing IP addresses. Also, decide how long you want to ban a visitor.
  • Right-to-left languages – LiveChat supports languages that are written from right to left. For example, Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Chat window translations – Choose custom phrases (available in 48 languages) for your chat window.
  • Supervision – Supervise ongoing chats to ensure chat quality and train your new agents.
  • Agent roles – You may assign administrative privileges to certain users. But rest assured as the license owner alone has the authority to change the billing settings.
  • Pre and post chat surveys – Gather user feedback before and after their chatting experience.
  • Chat transcripts – If they wish, your visitors can receive the email of their chat transcripts.
  • LiveChat support – To understand the implementation, clear doubts, and resolve any issues related to the LiveChat software, you get access to the knowledge base, 24/7/365 chat, email, and phone support.


  • Traffic tracking – It is available for up to 100 customers.
  • Greeting – Allows only 1 automated greeting.
  • Tagging – This plan doesn’t include the ticket tagging feature.
  • Chat history  Limited to 60 days only.
  • Translation – In chat window translation, you can only select the default phrases.
  • SMS – Further, there is no SMS support.

Starter Plan is Good for:

If you are running a small business or startup, then you should go for the Starter plan.

#2 Team

Live Chat cost for the Team plan is $41/month per agent if billed annually. For month-to-month, it is $49/month per agent. This plan incorporates all the Starter plan features along with SMS support and all the following tools.

Features Included

  • Custom customer segments – Save a combination of filters as segments to pick out leads quickly.
  • Chat & ticket tagging – Assign specific tags to easily find chats in archives and manage tickets.
  • File sharing – Send and receive files from your visitors.
  • Routing rules based on URL – Route chats generated from specific URLs to associated agents.
  • Stats and reports – Get basic statistics related to your live chat and tickets. Additionally, filter them by agent groups and tags.
  • LiveChat dashboard – Displays metrics related to your LiveChat.
  • Interactive reports – To bring up relevant tickets or chat, click on data points in the reports.
  • Access reports via API – Use LiveChat API to get your live chat data.
  • Goals – Set up the business goals that you hope to reach over chat and see how many conversations achieve them.
  • Sales tracker – It will add order information and value to a chat whenever it results in a sale. So, by going through chat archives or sales tracker reports, you can know whether LiveChat is improving your sales or not.
  • Announcements – Make multiple announcements during a customer’s sessions. Here each announcement shows up only once for every user.
  • Efficiency data – Gives you information on the effectiveness of your live chat in terms of sales goals and conversations.
  • Custom Logo – Display your brand’s or company’s logo on your chat window. 
  • Multi-brand customization – In case you are using live chat for multiple brands, you can customize it differently to match the associated brand.
  • Group organization – This lets you divide your agents into multiple teams or branches.
  • Inactivity timeout configuration – When your agent is not responding to a chat, then this feature automatically transfers it to another staff. Here you may set the amount of wait time for the transfer to take place.


  • Performance metrics – First & average response time and agent activity metrics are not delivered.
  • Traffic tracking – Only allowed for 400 customers.
  • Integration – It doesn’t provide Apple Messages for Business integration.

Team Plan is Good for:

Are you a medium business owner and need a fair amount of chat, customization, or team features? Then go ahead with the Team plan.

#3 Business

Compare to other plans, Business is the most popular one. It costs $59/month per agent when billed annually. For monthly billing, its price is $69/month per agent. The Business plan supports Apple Messages for Business and has all Team plan features accompanied by the following ones.

Features Included

  • Chat takeover – You may take over your agent’s or bot’s conversation.
  • Routing rules based on geolocation – Filter chats by country, offer multilingual support and automatically route users to agents who know their language.
  • Work scheduler – Set your agents’ work hours to make sure there is a smooth transition between shifts.
  • Stats and reports – First & average response time and agent activity metric reports are provided.
  • Staffing prediction – Based on past data, this feature estimates the number of agents you need to handle your chat support.
  • On-demand reporting – Receive scheduled reports of your chosen aspect in CSV, XLS, TSV, or any other format.
  • Access restriction – Limit the number of IPs that can access your LiveChat.
  • SSO ready – Integrate LiveChat with cloud or enterprise-grade Single Sign On (SSO) solutions (based on SAML 2.0).
  • Private mode – Allows your support staff to communicate with their supervisor.


  • SSO ready – Feature charges $20 per agent.
  • LiveChat Branding – Even in the Business plan, you cannot remove the “Powered by LiveChat” branding.
  • Compliance – In this plan, the software is not HIPAA Compliant.

Business Plan is Good for:

Organizations with international customers that have to maintain a separate customer support department should subscribe to the Business plan.

#4 Enterprise

To know the Enterprise plan pricing details, you need to contact the LiveChat team. If you are satisfied with the discussion, you will proceed to create an individual contract

When it comes to tools, the Enterprise plan is HIPAA compliant and contains all the Business plan features and the following add-ons.

Features Included

  • Audit log – A file that shows all the changes made in application settings.
  • Security assistance – Gives access to security specialists who offer advice on LiveChat security implementations.
  • White label – Have the option to remove “Powered by LiveChat” branding.
  • LiveChat support – Delivers LiveChat software training sessions and software engineer support. Also, gives legal assistance where a legal team analyzes and crafts your company’s paperwork to get started with LiveChat. 
  • Key Account Manager – Assigns a dedicated account manager who assists you in setting up LiveChat as well as optimizing it for better results.


  • Features – Audit log and White label features don’t come by default and are provided on-demand only.
  • Billing – Only annual billing is available.

Enterprise Plan is Good for:

If you need assistance in LiveChat software implementation and want to make the best use of it, then opt for the Enterprise plan.

LiveChat Pricing Comparison At a Glance

Pricing (in USD)
Annually$20/month/agent$41/month/agent$59/month/agentContact team
Direct chat link
Website & app
Facebook Messenger
Apple Messages for Business
Customer Support Features
Ticketing system
Customer details
Custom customer segments
File sharing, announcements & efficiency data
Goals & sales tracker
Live Chat Features
Traffic trackingUpto 100 customers400 customers1000 customers1000 customers
Proactive chats & chat transcripts
Pre and post chat surveysDefault only
Agent ratings
Automated greetings1 greeting
Chat takeover
Features for Agents
Agent roles
Group organization
Inactivity timeout configuration
Work scheduler
Private mode
Right-to-left language support
Chat window translationsDefault only
Custom logo
Multibrand customization
White label
Manual & smart chat routing
Routing rules based on URL
Routing rules based on geolocation
Analytical Reports
Daily summary
LiveChat dashboard
Basic chat & ticket statistics
Access reports via API
First & average response time
Agent activity, staffing prediction, & on-demand reporting
256-bit SSL secure connection
Trusted domains, Banned visitors list and credit card masking
Login with Google
2-step verification
Access restriction
SSO ready$20/agent
Audit log and security assistance
HIPAA compliant
LiveChat marketplace
LiveChat Support
Knowledge base
24/7/365 chat, email, and phone support
Training sessions & software engineer support
Legal assistance and key account manager

Key Features Missing in LiveChat

1) Automated Workflows

As you can see, there are many routing features available, but you cannot natively create workflows to perform any repetitive tasks automatically.

2) Voice Support

Most LiveChat tools are related to chat support. It doesn’t offer any features that let you deliver phone support. Even its 3rd party integrations are inadequate to provide voice support.

3) Knowledge Base

LiveChat has a knowledge base using which you can get answers to common questions related to its implementation. However, you can’t build your own knowledge base for your products or services.

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Meet, The Best LiveChat Alternative! is an automated customer support and ticketing software that delivers all the necessary features, even the missing ones in LiveChat. You will find a brief description of its key features below. To explore more and get detailed information on its tools, click on the provided button.

Key Features

  • Customer support – Native live chat, email, SMS, phone, and social media integration are available.
  • Ticketing System – Allows you to manage unlimited tickets.
  • Self-service – Build a knowledge base and an in-built portal for your customers.
  • Automation – Automate repetitive tasks with custom pre-built workflows. 
  • Marketing – Automatically collects user reviews for social proof and sends offers and discounts to buyers.
  • eCommerce – Manage all your orders and returns easily with the associated management center.
  • Monitoring – 24/7 monitors your orders and alerts you if there is any issue.
  • Integrations – Connect with eCommerce, messaging, and collaboration platforms. For example, Shopify, WhatsApp, Slack, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Reports – Measures and delivers performance reports with key helpdesk metrics.
  • Agent training & hiring – Automatically train your agents. Additionally, hire professionals from Helplama’s marketplace.


We hope the breakdown and comparison of LiveChat prices guide you in choosing the suitable plan for your company or business. Also, one suggestion for you is to try the free trial before employing any of the LiveChat pricing plans.

In case you are looking for software that offers missing features in LiveChat such as knowledge base, voice support, etc., then go for It has many features like live chat, SMS, & email support, 3rd party integrations, real-time reports, customization, and so on.

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