LiveChat Inc Reviews, Pricing, and Features

LiveChat Inc Reviews, Pricing, and Features

Last Updated: February 2024

Hey there! Looking for an amazing live chat solution to level up your customer support game? Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to dive into the world of LiveChat Inc, a powerful platform that’s been making waves in the industry. 

According to recent surveys, a whopping 79% of consumers prefer live chat for their customer service needs. With such a staggering statistic, it’s clear that LiveChat Inc has something special to offer.

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into LiveChat reviews, pricing, and features, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your business. So, let’s buckle up and explore the exciting world of LiveChat Inc together!

Table of Contents:

Pros and Cons of LiveChat Inc



1. Instant Interaction: Engage with your website visitors in real-time, providing immediate assistance and resolving queries on the spot.

2. Multichannel Support: Connect with customers across multiple channels, including chat, social media, and messaging apps.

3. Advanced Features: Offers a range of advanced features like chat transcripts, file sharing, and chat tagging, making it easy to track conversations and provide personalized support. 

4. Customization Options: Customize the chat widget to match your brand’s look and feel. You can also add chatbots and canned responses to streamline support processes.

1. Pricing: Relatively expensive compared to other live chat solutions, especially for small businesses or startups with limited budgets. 

2. Learning Curve: While LiveChat is user-friendly, it still requires some time to understand and fully utilize its features. Training and familiarization may be necessary for new users. 

3. Limited Free Trial: Offers a 14-day free trial, which might not be sufficient for businesses looking for an extended trial period to thoroughly evaluate the software. 

4. Mobile App Limitations: The mobile app version of LiveChat lacks certain functionalities available on the desktop version, which may limit your ability to provide seamless support on the go.

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LiveChat Pricing & Reviews (Rating ⭐4.5/5, 1500 Reviews)

LiveChat Pricing Plans
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LiveChat has four pricing plans, namely, Starter, Team, Business, and Enterprise. Each of these plans comes with a 14-day free trial.

  1. Starter: Includes essential features like chat widget customization, Facebook Messenger and email integration, a ticketing system, chat transcripts, and more. With a monthly cost of $24 per agent, or $20 per agent if billed annually, it’s a budget-friendly option to get started with live chat.
  2. Team: In addition to the features offered in the Starter plan, it includes SMS support, file sharing, advanced reporting and analytics, custom logo display, and group organization. Priced at $49 per agent per month (or $41 per agent billed annually), it provides more customization and team management capabilities.
  3. Business: Along with all the Team plan features, it offers geolocation-based routing, staffing prediction, on-demand reporting, and SSO integration. The price is $69 per agent per month for monthly billing or $59 per agent per month if billed annually.
  4. Enterprise: It includes all the features from the Business plan, along with add-ons like audit logs, security assistance, white labeling, and a dedicated account manager. To know the pricing details for the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the LiveChat team.

For a complete breakdown and comparison of LiveChat pricing plans, click here!

User Reviews

While the price is a little higher than other live chat clients, this one is worth the price because of the use by multiple agents on a single license.” – ⭐4.5/5, James D.

the pricing can be quite expensive, especially for small businesses or startups that may not have the budget to invest in a high-priced solution.” – ⭐5/5, Swati S.

Its price tag is higher than those of its rivals.” – ⭐4/5, Laura H.

LiveChat Review on Features

LiveChat comes packed with a variety of features designed to enhance your customer support experience. 

Real-Time Chat (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 1196 Reviews)

LiveChat enables you to have live conversations with your website visitors at the moment they need assistance. You can engage with customers in a friendly and conversational manner, providing immediate support and addressing their questions or concerns promptly.

Plus, it allows you to customize the chat window to match your brand’s visual identity. You can personalize the colors, and fonts, and even add your company logo.

User Reviews

It allows companies to communicate with customers in real-time via chat, increasing responsiveness and efficiency” – ⭐5/5, Ansh R.

Sometime their is lag in receiving chat” – ⭐5/5, Aashish J.

Chat Routing (Rating ⭐4.2/5, 7 Reviews)

With LiveChat’s chat routing feature, incoming chats can be intelligently directed to the appropriate department or agent based on predefined rules or customer preferences. This ensures that customers are connected to the right person who can assist them best, resulting in a smoother support experience.

User Reviews

The chat routing functions allowed me to segment traffic on particular pages to relevant parts of the sales team.” – ⭐4/5, Laurie G.

The routing capabilities to search for available agents and to forward automatically the chats when there is no available agents” – ⭐5/5, Luis U.

Chat Transcripts (Rating ⭐4.5/5, 21 Reviews)

LiveChat chat transcripts
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LiveChat automatically saves chat transcripts, allowing you to refer back to previous conversations easily. As a result, you can provide more personalized and consistent support by recalling past interactions and making customers feel valued and understood.

User Reviews

The chat transcripts and customer information storage features have also been helpful for keeping track of previous interactions” – ⭐5/5, Nathan D.

No send chat transcript by group, it’s all or nothing”- ⭐5/5, Eric M.

Canned Responses (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 42 Reviews)

You can create pre-written responses to frequently asked questions with LiveChat’s canned responses feature. It allows agents to quickly address common queries with ready-made replies.

User Reviews

My favorite part is the canned responses or snippets.”- ⭐5/5, Shannon K.

With features like automated messages, canned responses and proactive invitations to chat, LiveChat empowers businesses to offer superior service that leaves customers feeling heard and valued.” – ⭐5/5, Ansh R.

File Sharing (Rating ⭐4.5/5, 20 Reviews)

During chat sessions, LiveChat allows you to effortlessly share files, documents, or screenshots with customers and vice versa. This feature comes in handy when troubleshooting issues or providing detailed instructions, as you can quickly exchange relevant information in a conversational manner.

User Reviews

the file sharing feature has made it easy for customers to send screenshots or other relevant information” – ⭐5/5, Swati S.

Document sharing and screen-share is also possible for trobleshooting and fixing issues.” – ⭐4/5, Verified Reviewer.

Chat Monitoring (Rating ⭐4.4/5, 10 Reviews)

LiveChat’s chat monitoring feature enables supervisors or managers to keep an eye on ongoing chats. They can silently observe conversations to ensure quality control and step in when needed to provide guidance or support to agents, all while maintaining a conversational atmosphere that encourages learning and improvement.

User Reviews

stats covers performance and makes monitoring staff easier” – ⭐5/5, Aleksandra.

When monitoring a chat that someone else is taking occasionally there is a delay.” – ⭐5/5, Shannon K.

Chat Analytics (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 28 Reviews)

LiveChat reporting & analytics
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Here, you can gain valuable insights into your customer support operations. Track metrics such as response times, customer satisfaction ratings, and chat volume to identify trends, measure agent performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall customer experience.

User Reviews

LiveChat offers in-depth reporting and analytics features that help businesses to track important metrics, such as customer satisfaction and agent performance.” – ⭐5/5, Sharmin A.

Best for customer service via live chat and for advanced analytics to improve performance” – ⭐5/5, Carrie M.

Integrations (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 117 Reviews)

LiveChat offers integrations with various tools and platforms, allowing you to connect seamlessly with your existing systems. This integration ensures a smooth workflow, centralizes customer data, and enables agents to access relevant information during chats.

User Reviews

The software has availability for multiple users, and 3rd party app integration enabling us to take our prospective client from start to closing in our sales process” – ⭐5/5, Verified Reviewer.

While LiveChat integrates with some popular platforms, it does not have integrations with all platforms” – ⭐5/5, Sharmin A.

Multi-Channel Support (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 45 Reviews)

LiveChat extends its reach beyond your website by integrating with popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. This enables you to engage with customers on their preferred channels, providing a seamless and conversational support experience, no matter where your customers are.

User Reviews

The software’s customer’s features and multi-channel support have customers to create a seamless customer experience” – ⭐5/5, Shree Chandra Y.

The ability to connect Livechat with a variety of social media platforms and apps ensures that my organizations our chat support, is always a click away from our customers” – ⭐5/5, Sandra A.


In conclusion, LiveChat Inc proves to be a robust live chat solution, offering instant and personalized support, an easy-to-use interface, and a range of features that enhance the customer support experience. However, it may come with a higher price point for small businesses and limited customization options.

Thus, if you’re seeking the best LiveChat alternative, we recommend giving Saufter a try. It comes with automated live chat and omnichannel support. With its automated workflow and the ability to hire professional support agents from their marketplace, Saufter offers a comprehensive solution for businesses.

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