Linkpop, Shopify’s Link-In-Bio Tool, For E-Commerce Businesses

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Last Updated: April 2024

Step into the future of e-commerce with Linkpop Shopify’s link-in-bio tool. Designed to empower businesses, Linkpop Shopify revolutionizes your bio link into a dynamic storefront, effortlessly guiding your audience from social platforms to your products. Maximize engagement, conversions, and revenue by harnessing the potential of Linkpop Shopify.

Elevate your online business game and explore the possibilities today. Welcome to the new era of digital retail with Linkpop Shopify.

Linkpop: Simplifying the E-commerce Experience

Linkpop takes e-commerce to the next level by optimizing Shopify bio links, creating efficient user journeys. This streamlined approach enhances online shopping, seamlessly connecting customers to your products. With Linkpop, navigating through your e-commerce platform becomes effortless, boosting user satisfaction.

Say goodbye to cluttered links and welcome a refined shopping experience, thanks to Linkpop’s innovative solutions. Elevate your e-commerce game and provide customers with a hassle-free, enjoyable path to purchase.

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Maximize your potential with Linkpop

1. Streamline your social media presence with Linkpop

A one-stop hub that centralizes all your channels for effortless navigation and simplified sharing, making it easier for your audience to connect with you.

2. Showcase your latest or popular products effortlessly

Use Linkpop to feature new and trending items, making them easily accessible to your audience and boosting engagement.

3. Boost subscription sales effortlessly

Leverage Linkpop to effectively promote your subscription products, providing a direct path for customers to explore and sign up, enhancing your revenue streams.

4. Employ Linkpop for TikTok sales attribution

Track and analyze the effectiveness of your TikTok campaigns by directing traffic through Linkpop, gaining insights into conversions and optimizing your marketing strategy.

5. Guide users to your customer service offerings seamlessly

Employ Linkpop to direct individuals to your support resources, enhancing the user experience and providing quick assistance with their inquiries.

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Create a free link with Linkpop

1. Sign Up or Log In

    • Visit the Shopify website and sign up for an account or log in if you already have one. Linkpop doesn’t require payment; it’s free for anyone to utilize. 
    • The first task is to create a username that will serve as the basis for your distinct Linkpop URL.

2. Add links

    • Commence link integration by selecting the “Add Link” button. You can add links to your social media profiles, websites, products, blog posts, and more.
Linkpop Shopify
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3. Add your Shopify products

    • When you try to add a Shoppable link for the first time, Linkpop will guide you to the “Add Sales Channel” page of your Shopify store.
linkpop shopify
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    • By selecting the “Add sales channel” button, your store will establish a connection with Linkpop and then return you to the Linkpop links page.
    • You’ll find a new “Browse Products” button on Shoppable links.
linkpop shopify
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    • Selecting the “Browse Products” button triggers the display of your store’s products.
linkpop shopify
Image Source -
    • By clicking on a product, you can seamlessly incorporate it into the page. Once you’ve added all the desired products and links, you’re able to rearrange them through easy click-and-drag actions.

4. Personalized style

    • After clicking on the style, you can change the background color or background image.
    •  Card color, link color, its shape along with font and text color are also modified here.
linkpop shopify
Image Source -

5. Edit the bio details

    • Navigate to the “Bio” tab. Within this section, you have the ability to upload a logo, input a name, provide a description, add your social media handles, and include your profile page URL.
linkpop shopify
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    • Once you’ve entered these details, remember to save the changes.

6. Using a custom domain with Linkpop

    • Custom domains are not supported by Linkpop. However, you can establish a redirect by utilizing Cloudflare. 
    • This will cause your custom domain to redirect to your Linkpop URL.
linkpop shopify

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In conclusion, Linkpop, Shopify’s link-in-bio tool, offers valuable benefits for e-commerce businesses looking to enhance their online presence and drive sales. This tool provides a streamlined way to connect your audience with your products, effectively bridging the gap between your social media content and your online store. By utilizing Linkpop, businesses can create a seamless user experience, allowing followers to explore and purchase products directly from their social media profiles.

Linkpop’s integration with Shopify offers an innovative solution for e-commerce businesses aiming to leverage their social media presence for increased sales and brand engagement. It’s recommended for businesses to thoroughly assess their needs and goals, weigh the benefits against potential drawbacks, and determine if Linkpop aligns with their overall marketing and e-commerce strategy.

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