Kustomer Pricing: Know Its Prices to Make a Smarter Decision

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Kustomer Pricing

Last Updated: July 2024

Kustomer is a robust, customer-centric, omnichannel CRM platform that assures customers get fast, in-depth solutions to their queries. This all-in-one solution enhances customer service efficiency, with flexible pricing options to suit your needs, allowing you to expand Kustomer functionality beyond the Web app.

Kustomer manages large support volume while optimizing customer service experiences. Kustomer’s knowledge base, agent tools, and administrative controls are powered by data and artificial intelligence (AI).  Kustomer helps brands efficiently handle conversations across all digital channels.

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Kustomer Platform Review

The Kustomer app has grown to become a well-known CRM software, with big names like Glovo, UNTUCKit, Glossier, Sweetgreen, and Rent the Runway using it.

Powerful agent dashboards

  • Customer data, interactions, and support capabilities are all consolidated into a single, customer-centric view, and agents never have to leave the actionable workspace.
  • Deliver modern experiences with continuous, truly omnichannel conversations in which customers and agents can switch channels whenever they want. Kustomer supports email, SMS, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, Voice, WhatsApp, and Twitter DM.

AI-powered customer support

  • Based on conversation classification, agent skills, and team capacity, intelligently route customers to the most suited agent.
  • Tag and respond to customers who are activated by Shopify data automatically. For teams, Kustomer performs actions and updates customer information.

Manage your team and measure success

  • With dashboards that track activity and capacity, analyze real-time performance, and predict business outcomes.
  • Identify users based on order history to focus agents on order-specific customer queues.
  • Bulk messaging via email and SMS can be used to engage customer segments in advance to share promotions, send offers, or resolve order issues.

Kustomer Pricing Plans

Kustomer currently offers two plans, i.e., Enterprise and Ultimate.

1. Enterprise Plan 

Pricing: $89/user/month

The enterprise plan includes the following features-

  • Advanced metrics and standard and custom reports
  • Advanced object attributes
  • Automatic detection of languages
  • Business regulations
  • Collaboration with team members in real-time
  • Customer chats are linked to custom items
  • Customer segments based on object values, channels, or attributes
  • Email, chat, Facebook, Twitter, audio, and text are all examples of omnichannel discussions
  • Enterprise routing and omnichannel routing
  • HIPAA compliance and high-level security
  • Knowledge base – Kustomer IQ Lite
  • Management of SLAs
  • Multi-step processes, time-based workflows, and workflow templates
  • Personal workspace configurations
  • Text, customer data, or links can be preserved as custom answers.
  • The Kustomer support staff provides email and chat support.
  • Unlimited customer conversations across all channels.
  • Webhooks, form hooks, and email hooks are all examples of work engines.

Other Features

  • 1 paid seat per collaboration user
  • 1,000 RPM API rate limit
  • 100 custom workflows
  • 2 permissions sets
  • 25 months of data retention for reporting
  • 3 handles in Twitter DMs and public remarks
  • 3 languages multilingual knowledge base
  • 3 queues per team in enterprise routing
  • Multilingual Kustomer chat: three languages
  • Three brands for the knowledge base

2. Ultimate Plan

Pricing: $139/user/month

The Ultimate plan comes with everything in the enterprise plan plus the following features-

  • 2-hour service level objective
  • Live agent auditing
  • Real-time dashboards
  • SAML single sign-on

Other Features

  • 10 different brands for the knowledge base
  • 10 permission sets
  • 150 custom workflows
  • 2,000 RPM API rate limit
  • Enterprise routing: 10 queues per team
  • Multilingual chat: Unlimited languages
  • 37 months of data retention for reporting
  • Twitter 7 handles in DMs and public mentions
  • Unlimited languages for knowledge base multilingualism
  • Unlimited collaboration

Kustomer IQ

Kustomer IQ uses advanced artificial intelligence to help agents evaluate and respond to customer needs more quickly. Machine learning models are used to improve the speed and accuracy of support interactions. Kustomer IQ uses AI throughout the platform to automate repetitive tasks, deflect simple questions, and provide customers with satisfying support experiences.

Kustomer IQ includes new features such as:

  1. Automated self-service:

Native omnichannel delivers relevant, correct content from the Knowledge Base, deflecting queries before necessitating agent engagement.

  1. Conversation classification:

Machine learning speeds up customer interactions by analyzing and categorizing inbound conversations.

  1. Agent recommendations:

Machine learning analyses messages, offering agents relevant help pages and policy content for quicker issue resolution.

  1. Global language detection:

Powered by Amazon Comprehend, language detection enables businesses to offer uniform customer experiences with natural language processing.

  1. Sentiment Analysis:

Machine learning analyses messages to determine how consumers are feeling and assigns a sentiment score to assist agents in mirroring feelings and calming frustrations.

  1. NLP (Natural Language Processing) Chatbot:

The Kustomer platform’s chatbot will be able to provide automated information collection and human-like levels of customer support to company dialogues by leveraging NLP and the advanced CRM data model.

Kustomer IQ comes in three different versions: Kustomer IQ Lite, Kustomer IQ (standard), and Kustomer IQ+ (plus).

The Lite plan is available for both Enterprise and Ultimate packages. However, it limits users to 50 basic deflections monthly across chat, email, and forms, along with sentiment analysis and global language identification. You can upgrade from Lite to Standard or Plus if you want more deflections and access to advanced features.

Standard plan includes

  • Everything in Lite
  • One prediction for intent identification
  • 100 basic deflections

Plus plan includes

  • Everything in Lite and Standard
  • 250 deflections per user per month
  • Three predictions for intent identification
  • AI chatbots for messaging
  • Custom object deflection


Kustomer offers different third-party apps and integrations:

  • AI and chatbots
  • Business intelligence and analytics (Klaviyo, Clearbit)
  • Social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Email channels (Gmail, Postmark)
  • Ecommerce (Loyaltylion, BigCommerce, Magento, ReCharge)
  • Productivity (Calendly, Gong, Zapier)
  • Voice apps (Aircall, Amazon Connect, UJET, RingCentral)
  • Reviews and surveys (Trustpilot, Yotpo, Stamped.io)

However, Kustomer charges additional fees for these features:

  • Custom configuration
  • HIPAA configuration
  • Proprietary integrations
  • Third-party integrations
  • Voice integration (Basic, advanced, and native)

Final Thoughts

Kustomer comes with a wide range of features and functions. However, as an eCommerce retailer, you may not require all of them. Often, all you need is a dedicated ticketing system that allows your support personnel to rapidly and efficiently handle tickets. So, the decision ultimately depends on your requirements.

Helplama provides dedicated customer support as a service that is outsourced. Clients receive a fully managed customer service system that includes voice, live chat, email, and other options.

Helplama provides local customer support agents from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. So they can talk in more local vernacular and better understand local customers.

The entire training, understanding of your business, and so on is on Helplama. Contact Helplama now, and everything will be taken care of, including customer support.



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