Do you want to use KnowledgeOwl for your business but can’t choose a pricing plan? Then read this article that provides a complete breakdown of all its pricing plans.

However, if you don’t have time, glance at the KnowledgeOwl pricing plans comparison table. Additionally, we have added user reviews to help you better understand its features.

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What is KnowledgeOwl?


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KnowledgeOwl is a knowledge management software that helps you to develop and manage your external knowledge base. Similarly, internal knowledge management enables you to create a reliable and secure knowledge resource that permits numerous agents to access it concurrently.

Consequently, KnowledgeOwl procedures and policy features break down complex knowledge silos to reduce your employee’s workload. The software documentation feature helps your customer agents onboard new customers and reduce support requests through simple technical documentation.

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Overview of KnowlegeOwl Pricing Plans


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KnowledgeOwl has three plans– Flex, Business, and Enterprise. It offers a free trial for 30 days that provides access to all features and KnowledgeOwl’s support team. Each of the three plans has a set price, and the features differ depending on the plan.


A Detailed Breakdown of KnowledgeOwl Pricing Plans


1. Flex

This plan charges you $79/month, and you get access to all the basic features of KnowledgeOwl at a nominal price. If you bill annually, it’s $853 with a 10% discount and $711 with a higher 25% discount for nonprofits.


  • API features: API includes sub-features such as webhooks and integrations. Webhooks provides you with automated push updates in a Slack channel if the knowledge base is changed. Similarly, integrations allow your customer agents to develop workflows with other apps.
  • Articles: Status sub-feature allows you to control workflow and visibility by changing article publishing statuses. Additionally, use the restrict group feature to choose which group of readers can view your articles.
  • Reordering using drop and drag:  Now, organize your articles quickly using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Author: Allows you to manage authors.
  • Knowledge base: Use this feature to create your own knowledge base.
  • User access management: Control content, allow request access, and perform other user management actions using this feature.
  • Unlimited customer support: Receive support from KnowledgeOwl without restrictions on the number of meetings or emails.



  • Single author management: The plan restricts you to one author. Additionally, it costs $20/author/month.
  • Knowledge base limit: You can build one knowledge base only. If you want to increase the knowledge base size, it costs $40/kb/month.
  • No priority support: This plan does not have priority support.
  • No certification support: You cannot upload your own SSL certifications.


This Plan is Best For:

If you lead a small team and want unlimited reader and customer support for the lowest price, go for this plan. 

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2. Business

This plan charges you $299/month. Business contains all features of the Flex plan plus some additional features. If you bill annually, it’s $3229 with a 10% discount and $2691 with a higher 25% discount for nonprofits



  • SLA uptime: KnowledgeOwl guarantees an SLA uptime of 99.5%. That means, KnowledgeOwl ensures you fulfill your business promises to your customers 99.5% of the time. 
  • Priority support:  You get more priority over customers who opt for the Flex plan.
  • Certification upload: Upload your organization’s SSL digital certificate to allow customer support agents to use encrypted connections.
  • SSO verification: Verify readers using different SSO identification services like Okta, Google apps, or ADFS.



  • Single author management: The plan restricts you to one author. Additionally, it costs $20/author/month.
  • Knowledge base limit: You can build one knowledge base only. If you want to increase the knowledge base size, it costs $40/kb/month.
  • Lesser SLA uptime: The Business plan does not offer 99.9% SLA uptime as KnowledgOwl’s higher-priced Enterprise plan.
  • No security forms: You cannot access vendor security forms.
  • Lack of customization: KnowledgeOwl does not allow you the freedom to customize conditions and terms.


This Plan is Best For:

If you lead a mid-sized team and require SLA, uptime, priority support, enhanced security, and remote verification, go for this plan.

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3. Enterprise

This plan charges you $999/month or $11,000/year. This plan provides you with all Business plan features and additional ones like customizations and account management. We have provided a detailed breakdown of the features and limitations of this plan below:



  • Highest uptime SLA: If you opt for the Enterprise plan, KnowledOwl ensures the highest SLA uptime of 99.9%.
  • Vendor assessment form: KnowledgeOwl allows you to perform a vendor security assessment to understand the risks you may face while using it.
  • Customizations: You can set your own custom terms of service, SLA, and HIPAA compliance.
  • Personalized account management: An expert from KnowledgeOwl provides dedicated account management.



  • Single author management:  The plan restricts you to one author. Additionally, it costs $20/author/month.
  • Knowledge base limit: You can build one knowledge base only. If you want to increase the knowledge base size, it costs $40/kb/month.
  • Limitations on customizations: KnowledgeOwl allows customizations only if you subscribe to yearly billing. 


This Plan is Best For:

You should select the Enterprise plan if you lead a large team and want all features plus full customizations, personalized account management, the highest uptime, and SLA. However, if you opt for this plan, select yearly billing instead of a monthly subscription. 

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KnowledgeOwl Pricing Plans Comparison

Features Flex Business Enterprise
Pricing $79/month $299/month $999/month or $11,000/year
API Yes Yes Yes
Articles Yes Yes Yes
Reordering using drag and drop Yes Yes Yes
Number of authors   1 1 1
Number of knowledge bases 1 1 1
Reader limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User access management Yes Yes Yes
Awesome KnowledOwl support without limits Yes Yes Yes
SLA uptime  No 99.5% 99.9%
Priority support No Yes Yes
SSL certification upload No Yes Yes
Remote verification No  Yes Yes
Vendor assessment form No  No Yes
Customizations No No  Yes
Personalized account management No  No  Yes

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Features Missing in KnowledgeOwl


1. No Centralized Dashboard

 A centralized dashboard gives you information about any action performed in knowledge management software in a single window. With this feature, you can check activities like creating reader accounts, modifications of articles, or a knowledge base in a single place. Unfortunately, KnowledgeOwl does not have a centralized dashboard.


2. No Integration With Other Word Processors

A word processor allows you to modify and edit the contents of text documents. Some famous examples are Microsoft Word and Google docs. By default, the WYSIWYG editor allows you to edit content like a word processor. However, KnowledgeOwl does not integrate with other word processors meaning you cannot use text file formats from other word processors.


3. No Email Management Process

Your organization can systematically control the quality and quantity of electronic messages written, modified, sent, and received by using this feature. Unfortunately, KnowledgeOwl does not have this feature.


4. No Offline Access

This feature allows you to create, modify and edit documents and content in your own knowledge base without an internet connection. However, you require a constant internet connection to manage your documents and knowledge base in KnowledgeOwl.


User Reviews


Positive Reviews

KnowledgeOwl includes a great range of functionality, enabling the creation of everything from very simple ‘PDF’ style guides to complex resources integrated into other systems.” –Rob G.

Our customers love KnowledgeOwl because it is so easy to find what they need in our knowledgebase, and it integrates seemlessly with our Zendesk ticketing system.”-Dan M.


Negative Reviews

Setting up private domain for my first knowledge base url was hectic although technical team offered relevant tutorials.“-Jason V.



We feel that the detailed breakdown of all KnowledgeOwl pricing plans will help you decide which plan is best for your organization. Otherwise, you can choose the most affordable and best KnowledgeOwl alternative- Helplama Helpdesk.

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