Klear Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: July 2024

Planning to onboard Klear to streamline your influencer marketing campaigns? Before you jump in, read this entire article, where we discuss Klear pricing and features scrupulously.

Read below to learn what we will be focusing on today.

What is Klear?

Find relevant influencers on the Klear Influencer marketing platform for your business irrespective of your company size. It lets you analyze, filter, scrutinize authenticity, and pick the right collaborators for your marketing campaigns.

Klear pricing
Source: klear.com

There are various tools on this platform to measure and manage your influencer campaign performances. Using these reports, you can estimate the ROI of your campaigns and meticulously plan future ones.

You can avail of user support from Klear through the chat widget and email.

Klear’s client base includes some leading brands like HUAWEI, OMD, Adidas, Weber Shandwick, IMG, Estee Lauder, Microsoft, and more.

Let us now dive in to check the Klear Pricing information in depth.

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Overview of Klear Pricing

Clearly, there is not much information to give you on Klear pricing plans. Because the company did not publicly disclose the pricing structure on its official website.

Also, Klear does not provide any free trial period. So, it is not possible for you to try the software with your business model.

Klear pricing
Source: klear.com

In spite of that, we researched and found some user reviews about Klear pricing on various review portals. Sharing some of them here. Please read them all to understand what the Klear users feel about the charges.

Furthermore, we are adding the users’ business size and industry information for you to relate and check whether Klear works for you.

You’ll have to be willing to invest in a proper tool for accurate influencer marketing. So the pricing is something to consider.” – a verified user in Leisure, Travel & Tourism industry, small business.

Price is high, but it is a very good piece of software.” – a verified user in Marketing & Advertising, small business.

The pricing is right for the features, but is high.” – Matteo P, Digital Strategist, Marketing & Advertising, small business.

From a price standpoint, Klear was more reasonable than competitors.” – a verified user in Marketing & Advertising, medium size business.

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Key Features of Klear

Up until now, you read about Klear and the overview of its pricing. Since there are no open figures, we are bringing you a clear dissection of the features it offers.

Find Influencers (Rating – 4.3/5⭐)

Search and find relevant influencers based on topics, locations, followers, and other parameters. Furthermore, you use the Klear discovery tool to find segmented creators by language, #hashtag, past collaborations, and price range.

Klear helps me easily find and track influencers and their metrics in a nice and organized way.” – Meredith B, Digital Content Specialist, Mid-market.

it’s a great tool to research and discover influenceurs based on several criterias like the location, interests, and followers interests. You can also search by keywords.” – Joannie C, Marketing & Advertising, small business.

Before we started using Klear our team was doing all of our influencer identification manually (searching on Instagram, reading articles about the best “lifestyle” bloggers, etc.) so we really wanted a platform to help us streamline that process.” – a verified user in Marketing & Advertising, medium size business.

Some profiles doesn´t have all the stats, sometimes that can be an issue when we present the profiles for a campaing to our clients. The filters on the search can be better too.” – Maria Josefina S, Director, small business.

Influencer Analysis (Rating – 4.3/5⭐)

It is important to know about the influencers thoroughly before taking them on board your campaigns. Klear offers some identifier tools to completely analyze their profiles by yourself. And, they are

  1. Klear Influencer Score: This tool shows you the list of influencers with the highest level of influence.
  2. Authenticity: Its AI tools filter and deliver to you only the true reach profiles that do not have any fake followers. Plus, perform a safety audit to check whether the influencer’s past content supports your brand values.
  3. Demographics: Get a 360-degree view of the influencer’s audience to check whether that profile aligns with your brand’s goals. Get comprehensive audience demographics segregated by age, gender, location, and interest.
  4. Social monitoring: From Instagram to TikTok, Klear monitors social trends and reviews the influencers’ performances accordingly. This will enable you to identify influencer profiles that stay on trend.

Helps us to be able to find specific types of influencers in certain markets, can be difficult to search and find them just on social media platforms.I also enjoy the analytics features when searching for new influencers to make sure we are targeting the correct demographics.” – Kaleigh T, Marketing Manager, enterprise size business.

I really enjoy using Klear for social monitoring, I think this is one of the best tools that Klear offers. It allows us to keep tabs on what’s happening in our area and within our network. Klear is helping us stay on top of industry updates and news without having to do the manual work ourselves, which is very helpful.” – a verified user in Non-Profit Organization Management, mid-market.

I can get insights and know if an influencer has real influence. You can detect if a user is buying followers easily because you get to see their true reach and engagement rate. There’s also a Klear score associated to each profile.” – Joannie C, Marketing & Advertising, small business.

Influencer CRM (Rating – 3/5⭐)

Klear Connect is an integrated CRM tool offered within the Klear platform. This is where you connect with your influencers and communicate with them constantly. You can share the campaign particulars in easy conversations just like a messaging app.

Apart from influencer messaging, you will also get the following benefits with this functionality.

  1. History: All these conversations are saved for any time reference.
  2. Tracking campaign updates: Get all the relevant data about your running influencer campaigns. Based on it, you can identify the roadblocks and convey the same to the collaborator instantaneously.
  3. Project insights: The software automatically designs your collaboration strategy and project management plan. So you can simply execute or modify it to fit your further course of action.
  4. Share coupon codes: Generates customizable coupon codes and tracking links automatically. And, you can share them with your influencers directly from here.
  5. Aggregated reports: It automatically tracks all the conversions and clicks and adds them to the campaign reports.

Klear allows us to optimize our time spent in other areas, like strategy or execution.” – a verified user in Marketing & Advertising, medium size business.

Klear provides a one-stop shop for influencer discovery, campaign management, and campaign tracking. The ability to directly manage a campaign from beginning to end is unmatched in the marketplace.” – Calvin P, Media Buyer, mid-market.

Klear’s campaign management and evaulation is easy, thorough and robust and provides a suite of analysis to measure the success and identify learnings from a campaign.” – Michael B, Director, small business.

Campaign messaging is easy through a simple email integration that populates within the platform for in-platform messaging. This feature is important as it allows me to keep track of conversations more seamlessly.” – Sarah M, Influencer & Social Media Manager, Individual and small business.

Activate Influencers (Rating – 4.3/5⭐)

Onboard new influencers by sending a customizable campaign brief filled with all the relevant campaign requirements. Additionally, you can also share mood boards and guidelines with them.

Let us see what else you can accomplish using this feature.

  1. Actions: Send a message to multiple influencers at a time.
  2. Transaction log: You and your influencers can view all kinds of transactions like agreements, payments, content approval, and more.
  3. Content approval tool: Review and approve all influencer content before going live. Lets you add feedback in case it requires any improvisations.
  4. Automated Agreements: Creating a contract can be a tedious job. Hence, Klear offers an agreement automation tool for you to effortlessly create and share contracts with your collaborators. Also, you can collect their e-signatures easily through the same.
  5. Multi-currency & Gateway: Through the Klear portal, you can transfer payments in 97 different currencies. It also allows you to choose the payment methods among ACH, Check, Wire, and PayPal.

It’s easy for influencers to join the program, which is a great for onboarding new people who aren’t part of the system yet.” – Brett S, Video Producer, mid-market.

Klear has streamlined our influencer management process and makes it really simple on both the influencer’s side and the brand side. Having all communication right within the platform makes it easy to transition the campaigns to others within the agency for a seamless transition.” – Danielle B, Marketing Manager, small business.

The payments integration is very in depth and complicated to set up. They use a third party integration, Tipalti, where you are required to submit very very in depth financial documentation that your company may not be able to legally provide. This happened to us and now I have to pay every influencer outside of the platform which is really inconvenient.” – Sarah M, Influencer & Social Media Manager, Individual and small business.

Measuring Campaigns (Rating – 4.3/5⭐)

Look at the measuring capabilities you get with Klear.

  1. Report generation: Firstly, with Klear, you can generate data-driven reports that are inclusive of industry-leading metrics. These reports give you all vitals of influencer marketing like the number of posts, reach, engagement rate, sales generated, etc.
  2. ROI: Secondly, you can use these reports to improve weak areas and also calculate your campaign ROI. Thus it aids you in planning the budget for future campaigns.
  3. Tracking: Additionally, Klear auto-tracks the entire influencer campaign content including Instagram stories. It automatically aggregates the campaign content based on @mentions, #hastags, and keywords. So that you will not miss any content published and other updates.
  4. Payments: Along with tracking, it also auto-calculates the campaign conversions and generates affiliate fee details. So that using this data you can directly pay the collaborators through your Klear pay account.

Klear is your real partner when it comes to measuring. No other is better. Finding the profiles we need for each campaign, making sure they’re legit, measuring every campaign post, and even sharing it with our client.” – Jenny D, Digital Marketing Director, small business.

I love that it is user-friendly, they have a lot of trainings on meltwater academy and you can easily track influencer ROI.” – Meredith B, Digital Content Specialist, Mid-market.

I like how well organized the campaigns are, super easy to keep track and monitor influencers for multiple campaigns.” – Kaleigh T, Marketing Manager, enterprise size business.

It’s easy to use UI supports recruiting the right partnerships, tracking and analytics, campaign management and payments.” – Courtney B, Brand Manager, small business.

the payment set-up has been the most frustrating part of the platform.” – Sarah M, Influencer & Social Media Manager, Individual and small business.

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Table Showing Pros and Cons of Klear

Easy to use.High-priced. No free trial.
Finding niche and micro-influencers is easy.Hard to find macro influencers and link their accounts.
AI-powered search results.Fixed search filters. Custom search filters are not available.
Well-organized campaigns with Campaign Tags. Useful campaign tracking and monitoring tools.Rounds off the figures to the nearest hundred. (For example, it shows 1.4K story views instead of the actual numbers).
Effective social-monitoring tools.Allows you to add only Creator or Business profiles.
Shows followers’ demographical info for targetting the campaigns.Customer support may respond slowly due to different time zone.
Generates monthly summaries of campaign tracking reports.Cannot generate customized reports.

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And At The End,

That was the complete breakdown of Klear pricing, its features, and user reviews. Though we are missing accurate pricing information, the Klear reviews will help you make an informed guess. Yet again, as you cannot try the Klear software, it will be a risky call.

And, that is why we recommend you check out Saufter. Whatever may be your business size, Saufter helps you meet the right influencers effortlessly.

Adding to that, it also auto-collects and organizes positive user reviews from all channels. You can showcase these reviews on all leading social platforms and build brand trust.

Moreover, it offers other interesting helpdesk support tools and automation to run your eCommerce omnichannel customer service effortlessly. As a cherry on top, you can try Saufter without any risk.

We are sure, now you understand why we suggest Saufter as a better alternative for your influencer marketing.



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