Klaviyo Reviews, Pricing, and Features

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Klaviyo Reviews

Last Updated: April 2024

In your quest for reliable email marketing solutions, delving into Klaviyo reviews emerges as a prudent strategy. Immerse yourself in the insights shared by users to garner a firsthand grasp of its capabilities. 

Thoroughly understanding Klaviyo’s pricing is also essential to ensure you are well informed about the financial investment associated with its services. 

Whether you are an experienced marketer or a novice, comprehending how Klaviyo can elevate your email campaigns holds significant weight. 

Let’s explore its merits, limitations, and nuanced aspects in a comprehensive way, equipping you to make informed choices in your email marketing pursuits.

Klaviyo Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
1. Powerful Segmentation: Klaviyo offers robust segmentation capabilities, enabling you to target specific customer groups based on behaviors, demographics, and more. This leads to highly personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience. 1. Learning Curve: While powerful, Klaviyo’s features can take some time to fully grasp, especially for beginners. Navigating the platform and setting up advanced campaigns might require a learning curve.
2. Seamless Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with various e-commerce platforms, making it easy to sync customer data, purchase history, and more. This integration simplifies your workflow and ensures accurate targeting. 2. Pricing Complexity: Klaviyo’s pricing structure can be complex, often tied to the number of contacts you have. As your subscriber list grows, costs can escalate, potentially making it less budget-friendly for rapidly expanding businesses.
3. Insights Driven by Data: Klaviyo offers comprehensive analytics and reports that deliver valuable understandings about campaign performance, customer engagement, and generated revenue. 3. Limited Customer Support: Some users have reported challenges with Klaviyo’s customer support, citing delayed responses and limited avenues for assistance. This can hinder timely issue resolution and troubleshooting.
4. Automated Flows: With Klaviyo’s automation flows, you can set up tailored customer journeys triggered by specific actions or events. This enhances the customer experience and reduces manual effort while nurturing leads and driving conversions. 4. Template Customization: While Klaviyo offers template customization, some users find the options to be limited compared to other email marketing platforms. Achieving highly specific design elements might require external resources.

Klaviyo Pricing


Klaviyo’s pricing is based on the number of contacts and the number of SMS messages sent. This means that the cost of using Klaviyo will vary depending on how many contacts you have in your email list and how many SMS messages you send.

Email and SMS Plan:

  • Starting at $35/month.
  • Includes 1,250 monthly SMS/MMS credits and 5,000 monthly email sends.
  • For 251-500 contacts.
  • Includes mobile push notifications (free beta) and applicable SMS carrier fees.
  • Comes with email and chat support.

Email Only Plan:

  • Starting at $20/month.
  • Includes 5,000 monthly email sends and 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits.
  • For 251-500 contacts.
  • Includes mobile push notifications (free beta) and applicable SMS carrier fees.
  • Comes with email and chat support.

Free Plan:

  • Starting at $0/month.
  • Includes 500 monthly email sends and 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits.
  • Contact limit exceeded.
  • Includes mobile push notifications (free beta) and applicable SMS carrier fees.
  • Comes with email support for the first 60 days.

User Review:

Klaviyo has an easy-to-use interface and is a very cost-effective ESP compared to other pricing solutions.

⭐5/5, Taylor W.

“Best of all, it’s simple month-to-month pricing!”

⭐5/5, Jaylon M.

Klaviyo Features and Reviews

Email and SMS marketing components

Klaviyo stands as a versatile platform catering to email, SMS messages, social advertising, on-site pop-ups, and in-app store notifications for executing comprehensive marketing strategies.

  • Simplified Email Creation: Utilize Klaviyo’s user-friendly interface to effortlessly build emails, incorporating your brand’s fonts and colors with automatic integration into workflows and templates.
  • Customizable Templates: Adapt pre-built templates to suit your preferences or upload your designs to align with your branding requirements.
  • Enhanced A/B Testing: Klaviyo prioritizes A/B testing within its one-off emails and workflow tools, allowing for the formulation of new insights and best practices.
  • Empowering SMS Integrations: Klaviyo’s SMS integrations empower personalized experiences through segmented text messaging, coupled with meticulous management of messaging consent for optimal targeting.

User Reviews:

“KLAVIYO! Killing the e-mail / SMS game.”

⭐5/5, Alex P.

“Easy to set up static and dynamic lists of subscribers/customers to communicate with via email and SMS.”

⭐5/5, Jason L.

Valuable integrations

Klaviyo seamlessly offers the quintessential features tailored for e-commerce businesses. Among these, a vast array of pre-built integrations and an open API stand out as indispensable components.

  • Shopify and WooCommerce Integration: Klaviyo’s integration prowess extends to notable platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, facilitating streamlined operations.
  • Diverse Integrations: Beyond e-commerce platforms, Klaviyo extends its reach to order fulfillment, dropshipping, and beyond, ensuring holistic connectivity.
  • Extensive Integration Ecosystem: Boasting over 100 direct integrations and an open API, Klaviyo comprehensively caters to a wide spectrum of integration needs.

User Reviews:

“Its integration with Shopify, Meta, and Google Ads is good.”

⭐4.5/5, Gaurav A.

“It integrates with all of the major platforms and even provides a solid API for custom integrations.”

⭐5/5, Kyle M.

Marketing Automation

Klaviyo revolutionizes marketing automation through seamless integration, requiring just a few lines of code embedded into your online store. This tool monitors user behavior, analyzing data to trigger targeted campaigns and one-off interactions across designated marketing channels.

  • Intuitive Workflow Creation: Klaviyo offers a user-friendly workflow builder to establish triggers, messages, and engagement paths.
  • Adaptive Branching: Easily segment journeys and develop diverse branches based on user actions, messages, and interactions.
  • Iterative Customization: Klaviyo’s marketing automation thrives on its iterative nature. You can continuously build, test, edit, and duplicate journeys, catering to the unique requirements of each customer segment.

User Reviews:

“As I mentioned before, Klaviyo is great for automation, data ingestion/management/segmentation, and relative ease of use. ”

⭐5/5, Paul H.

“The versatility! We’ve been enjoying the data rich analytics and easy email builder for automations and scheduled campaigns.”

⭐5/5, Brady H.

Segmentation and personalization

Klaviyo’s segmentation and personalization tools form a crucial part of its dynamic marketing automation suite. Seamlessly intertwined, they craft engaging, personalized messages that resonate on a one-on-one level while ensuring scalability to reach a wider audience.

  • Tailored Contact Gathering: Klaviyo integrates a comprehensive form builder within its platform, aiding in capturing valuable contact information and refining lead segmentation.
  • Individualized Personalization: Leveraging the same mechanisms as marketing automation, Klaviyo’s personalization techniques create custom messages based on known contact data and behaviors.
  • Strategic Segmentation: Klaviyo’s segmentation prowess goes beyond personalization, allowing targeted outreach to specific contact groups based on diverse factors such as purchase history, interactions, and geographical locations.

User Review:

“I absolutely love Klaviyo for its sophisticated targeting and segmentation capabilities.”

⭐ 4.5/5, Matilda S.

“The segmentation and filter options you have for email marketing campaigns are best-in-class and the UX of the platform is superb.”

⭐ 4.5/5, Luke V.

Reporting and dashboards

Klaviyo’s wide-ranging feature set culminates in a potent reporting, dashboard, and analytics module. This component encompasses an overarching business growth assessment and granular campaign-specific analysis.

  • Customizable Dashboards: Tailor Klaviyo’s reporting into pre-built or personalized dashboards, offering rapid overviews of campaign performance, segment status, and attributed growth trends.
  • Centralized Visitor Insights: Access comprehensive visitor and customer profiles, spanning past actions, preferences, and purchase histories.
  • Predictive Analytics Precision: Klaviyo introduces predictive analytics, forecasting customer churn risk, potential lifetime value, and optimal message send times for strategic decision-making.

User Reviews:

“The reporting and analytics tools are also incredibly valuable as they give me insights into my campaign performance.”

⭐ 4.5/5, Manoj M. 

“In depth-analytics make this platform top-tier.”

⭐5/5 Katherine D.

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Final Words

In summary, Klaviyo reviews, pricing, and features illuminate a potent e-commerce ally. 

By weighing its pros and cons against business needs, a well-informed decision can be made. Klaviyo’s dynamic capabilities stand ready to propel e-commerce strategies into the future.

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