Klaviyo Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]

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klaviyo pricing

Last Updated: April 2024

Discover the ultimate marketing powerhouse: Klaviyo.

Unveil the secrets behind Klaviyo pricing, features, and real-world reviews in this comprehensive breakdown.

Whether you’re an e-commerce enthusiast or a marketing maven, we’ve got you covered.

Dive in to learn how businesses boost conversion rates by a staggering 58.6% with Klaviyo’s personalized strategies.

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What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is your ultimate marketing ally, empowering you to supercharge customer engagement effortlessly. Seamlessly gather, analyze, and act on customer data to deliver personalized experiences that skyrocket conversions. Experience the future of marketing with Klaviyo’s intuitive platform tailored to your success.

Klaviyo Pricing
Source: klaviyo.com

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Overview of Klaviyo pricing plans

Starting in 2022, Klaviyo’s recent price changes might not suit bigger brands anymore. The highest tier doesn’t offer unlimited emails, and SMS/MMS sends work on credits, not opt-ins.

Klaviyo’s Free plan remains at $0 per month. For lists with 251-500 profiles, Email is now $20/month, while Email & SMS is $35/month. Further, the pricing changes depending on the profile count you choose.

klaviyo pricing
Source: klaviyo.com

Keep reading below for a detailed exploration.

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A detailed breakdown of Klaviyo pricing plans

  1. Free
  2. Email
  3. Email & SMS

1. Free

Kickstart your journey with the “Free” plan, perfect for 0-250 contacts. It’s all yours at a remarkable cost of $0 per month.


    1. Email Sends: 500 monthly email sends to engage your audience.
    2. Mobile Push Notifications: Free beta access to reach users through mobile push notifications.
    3. SMS/MMS Credits: 150 monthly SMS/MMS credits for seamless messaging. Applicable SMS carrier fees are included.
    4. Initial Email Support: Email support is available for your first 60 days.


    1. Chat Support: No chat support is available.
    2. Email Limit and Restraints: Exceeding the 500 limit leads to email sending restrictions for the rest of the month.
    3. SMS & MMS Credits Usage: The 150 SMS credits may deplete quickly. Some countries don’t support MMS.

User Reviews

Also allowing you to use the service for free until you get a certain amount of subscribers is a plus and a big help.” – Sharon P, small business.

Free plan is very limited. When you use the free plan, you are limited to sending a maximum of 500 emails per month.” – verified user, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

This plan is best for those starting out with a smaller contact list and limited email needs.

2. Email

Pricing starts at $20 per month for 251 – 500 contacts and changes with the increase in number of contacts. You’ll enjoy all the free features plus the below ones.


    1. Generous Email Quota: Send up to 5,000 emails per month, ensuring effective communication.
    2. SMS/MMS Credits: Enjoy 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits (up to 500 contacts) for versatile messaging.
    3. Live Support Channels: Access live email and chat support for immediate assistance.
    4. Insightful Benchmarks: Gain access to company benchmarks and campaign results, aiding in informed decision-making.


    1. Additional SMS Add-On: For extra SMS usage, an add-on is necessary.
    2. Limited SMS Coverage: While 150 free credits are a good beginning, they might fall short for bigger contact lists.
    3. No Customer Success Manager (CSM): You might not have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) with this plan.

User Reviews

the $20 a month plan is too costly for most startups that aren’t emailing their list very much.” – verified user, small business.

SMS pricing looks great however their plan structure inherently limits your segmenting abilities with the active profile limit leading us not to send as many SMS campaigns per month.” – verified user, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

If you seek a straightforward email marketing solution, Klaviyo’s Email plan is a solid starting point.

3. Email & SMS

Unlock the pinnacle of Klaviyo’s offerings with the comprehensive “Email & SMS” plan for $35 onwards. Embrace the full spectrum of features, propelling your marketing efforts to new heights by seamlessly connecting with customers through the combined power of email and SMS.


    1. Flexible SMS Scaling: Enjoy monthly SMS credits that grow in tandem with your brand, reaching up to 450,000 per month.
    2. Expert Support and Guidance: Access Onboarding Specialists and Customer Success Managers for dedicated assistance.
    3. Vast Contact Capacity: Accommodate up to 150,000 contacts, catering to your expansive reach.
    4. Amplified Email Campaigns: Send up to 10 email campaigns per active profile, boosting your engagement strategies.
    5. Priority Support: Benefit from priority customer support, ensuring timely resolution of your queries and concerns.


    1. Email Limitation: Unlimited emails won’t be accessible with this plan.
    2. Separate SMS Costs: SMS credits are billed separately from email expenses, necessitating additional consideration.

User Reviews

I love that I can set up automations for both SMS and email marketing to recover abandoned cart sales and get new visitors to buy.” – verified user, small business.

SMS pricing looks great however their plan structure inherently limits your segmenting abilities with the active profile limit leading us not to send as many SMS campaigns per month.” – verified user, small business.

This Plan is Best for:

If your brand falls between big business and early enterprise, this plan is the right choice.

Klaviyo Pricing Plans Quick Comparison Table

Compare the key features and pricing of Klaviyo’s plans at a glance.

FeaturesFreeEmailEmail & SMS
Contacts Supported0-2501,001-1,500Up to 150,000
Email Sends500/mo15,000/mo10 Campaigns
SMS Credits150/mo (max 500 contacts)150/mo (max 500 contacts)Scalable
SupportEmail (60 days)Email & ChatOnboarding & CSM
Starting Price$0/mo$45/moCustom Pricing

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Key Features Missing in Klaviyo

  1. Landing Page Builder: Klaviyo lacks a dedicated landing page builder for creating custom landing pages.
  2. Advanced Automation: Some advanced automation capabilities found in other platforms may not be available in Klaviyo.
  3. Social Media Integration: Direct integration with social media platforms might be limited compared to specialized tools.
  4. Built-in CRM: Klaviyo may not offer a comprehensive built-in CRM system for managing customer relationships.
  5. A/B Testing for SMS: A/B testing options specifically for SMS campaigns might not be as robust as in other tools.
  6. Advanced Reporting: Certain advanced reporting and analytics features might not be as extensive as in specialized analytics platforms.

Consider exploring other tools like Saufter to fill in these missing features and enhance your marketing toolkit.

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Elevate your customer support with Saufter, seamlessly integrating email support while transforming your scenarios into self-service solutions, setting it apart from Klaviyo.

Image Source – saufter.io

Also, discover how Saufter goes beyond email support, empowering you to assist customers across various channels like social media, deliver proactive support, ensure omnichannel assistance, and offer an array of additional capabilities.

Key Features

    1. One View: Experience the convenience of scrolling up to access tickets from all channels in one comprehensive view.
    2. E-commerce Automation: Automate e-commerce processes like returns, exchanges, and order modifications to streamline customer experiences.
    3. 24×7 Order Monitoring: Monitor orders round-the-clock to identify delayed delivery issues and take proactive support measures.
    4. Custom SaaS Automation: Tailor automation for SaaS businesses, managing scenarios such as login issues, plan change requests, and bug handling.
    5. Multi-Channel Support: Engage customers seamlessly through various channels, including email, live chat, phone, SMS, social media, and self-service options.
    6. AI-Powered Smart Alerts: Rely on AI-driven triggers for smart notifications that promptly alert you about critical customer support matters.
    7. Real-Time Insights: Gain real-time insights into agent performance, customer satisfaction, self-service usage, common issues, and more for informed decision-making.

In conclusion,

This deep dive into Klaviyo’s pricing, features, and reviews has unveiled a world of marketing potential. As you embark on your journey to enhanced customer engagement, remember that timely and effective support is key.

According to a study by HubSpot, 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a customer service question.

To further elevate your customer support game, consider Saufter. With its unified ticket view, intelligent automation, multi-channel capabilities, and AI-powered alerts, it’s designed to transform your support experience.

And here’s the kicker: you can explore it risk-free with a 15-day free trial that lets you test all its features without restrictions. Unlock a new level of customer satisfaction with Saufter.

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