15+ Key Live Chat Statistics For Customer Service Teams

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Live Chat Statistics

Last Updated: June 2024

In the realm of modern customer service, staying ahead of the curve is paramount, and live chat statistics are the compass that guides the way. 

As businesses navigate the digital landscape, live chat has become a central tool for connecting with customers in real time. To shed light on the significance of this communication channel, we’ve curated 15+ key live chat statistics that illuminate its impact on customer service teams. 

These insights offer valuable benchmarks and actionable takeaways from response times to customer preferences. Join us as we delve into the world of live chat statistics, providing essential knowledge for businesses striving to excel in customer support.

Table of Contents:

Live Chat Statistics: How Live Chat Enhances Customer Satisfaction

1. Meet Modern Customer Preferences:

Live chat has emerged as the preferred digital contact channel for modern customers due to its ability to provide faster responses. 

Additionally, the strategic use of live chat allows for improved first contact resolution (FCR) rates, as chats can be routed to the right agents who can provide effective solutions promptly. 

2. Proactive Support

It offers proactive assistance by enabling real-time support, personalized interactions, and quick responses, meeting customers’ preferences for prompt and engaging customer service. 

3. Reduce cart abandonment rate

Cart abandonment rate can be reduced with the help of live chat. It addresses customer queries during checkout, initiates proactive conversations with interested visitors. Live chat also gives you valuable insights into the customer journey, ultimately reducing the abandonment rate.

4. Provide contextual support

With built-in tools, agents can gather context and thoroughly understand customer issues, allowing them to provide personalized solutions that enhance the overall customer experience.

Features like co-browsing enable real-time collaboration, allowing agents to guide customers through their web browsers, increasing sales conversions. 

Similarly, video chat enables personalized customer service by diagnosing and addressing specific client issues, leading to effective solutions and reduced touchpoints.

5. 24/7 support

Companies are increasingly adopting chatbots to engage customers around the clock and provide quick responses to common sales or support inquiries.

Automating live chat interactions using AI chatbots can enhance operational efficiency, cut costs, and ultimately lead to an improved customer experience.

Similarly, your business can leverage automation by deploying chatbots to achieve several benefits:

    • Continuous Customer Engagement: Chatbots can engage customers round-the-clock, addressing common support or sales queries when your team is busy or unavailable.
    • Reduced Support Tickets: By promptly answering general customer queries, chatbots can help decrease the number of help desk tickets.
    • Lead Qualification Automation: They can qualify leads effectively using sales questionnaires and direct potential leads to your sales team or schedule appointments.
    • Hybrid Support Approach: Companies can employ chatbots to manage common questions, and when questions get tricky and the chatbot can’t help, they can bring in human support.

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Live Chat Statistics: Satisfaction Rates

Support Channel

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Phone Support


Live Chat Support


Help Center Articles


Email Support


Twitter Support


Facebook Support 


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Live Chat Statistics

Live Chat Statistics By Industry

Live Chat Statistics: Customer Preferences

  • Preference for Support Channels: 41% of consumers prefer live chat support, compared to 32% who prefer phone support, 23% who favor email support. Meanwhile, just 3% opt for support via social media (Source).
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Live chat boasts a customer satisfaction rating of 85%, ranking second to phone support, which holds a 91% satisfaction rating (Source).
  • Global Customer Satisfaction Average: The average customer satisfaction rating for live chat globally is 83.1% (Source).
  • Impact on Customer Loyalty: 51% of consumers are more likely to remain with or make repeat purchases from a company if they offer live chat support (Source).
  • Retailer Communication Preference: Among the shopping population, 20% prefer using live chat as their primary means of contacting a retailer (Source).

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Live Chat Statistics: Resolution Time

Live chat provides you with the chance to engage in a real-time conversation that could typically require days via email, all within a span of 10 or 15 minutes.

  • Importance of Quality Support: 95% of customers prioritize comprehensive, top-quality support over speedy assistance (Source).
  • Live Chat Duration and Satisfaction: Companies that achieve satisfaction ratings exceeding 90% tend to have lengthier live chat sessions, averaging approximately 11 minutes and 47 seconds. In contrast, those with ratings below 90%. have conversation length of 8 minutes and 42 seconds.
  • Preference for Quality Support: 95% of individuals express a preference for slower support if it guarantees a higher level of assistance quality (Source).

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Live Chat Statistics: Support Responsiveness

When it comes to live chat support, being prompt and attentive is essential, but delivering an immediate response is not the sole factor for crafting exceptional support experiences. 

Customers are generally patient when waiting a bit longer if it means receiving top-notch support.

  • Customer Time Valuation: 73% of customers consider the most crucial aspect of good customer service to be when companies value their time (Source).
  • Average Live Chat Support Wait Time: The typical waiting period for live chat support stands at 46 seconds (Source).
  • Correlation Between Wait Time and Customer Satisfaction: Companies with longer waiting periods usually attain better customer satisfaction scores (Source).

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Live Chat Statistics: AI and Chatbots

  • Chatbot Satisfaction: Live chats solely handled by chatbots receive slightly better satisfaction ratings, reaching 87.58%. On the other hand, those that need to be passed to a live support agent stand at 85.8% (Source).
  • Frustration with Impersonal Responses: 29% of customers express frustration when encountering scripted and impersonal responses in live chat interactions (Source).

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Live Chat Statistics: E-Commerce Sales

Having the opportunity to converse with someone precisely when they are about to make a decision can significantly assist customers in accomplishing a task or completing a transaction.

  • Purchase Abandonment Risk: 53% of customers are inclined to abandon their online shopping carts if they cannot promptly find answers to their inquiries (Source).
  • Impact of Consistent Customer Service: 69% of U.S. online adults tend to shop more with retailers that consistently provide customer service across both online and offline channels.
  • Live Chat and Purchase Behavior: About 40% of buyers who utilize live chat are more likely to complete online purchases, contrasting with 22% of buyers who have never engaged in live chat (Source)
  • Importance of Live Support: 44% of online consumers emphasize the significance of having their questions answered by a live person while in the midst of an online purchase (Source).
  • Positive Impact on Businesses: An impressive 79% of businesses report that the inclusion of live chat has yielded positive effects on their sales, revenue, and customer loyalty (Source).

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Live Chat Statistics: Demographics

According to a survey conducted by Software Advice, the utilization of live chat is prevalent across various age groups. 

Although individuals in the 18-34 age bracket were more inclined to have frequently used live chat, a substantial number of people aged 35 and above also indicated occasional usage for support purposes.

  • Age-Related Live Chat Usage: Although individuals aged 18-34 are the most likely to report frequent use of live chat, 32.9% of those aged 35-54 and 22.3% of individuals aged 55 and above have also utilized live chat for support on a few occasions (Source).
  • Enhanced Customer Understanding: According to a Zoho study, 43% of companies indicated that they gained a deeper understanding of their customers within one year of implementing live chat (Source).
  • B2B and B2C Adoption: Live chat is notably popular among B2B businesses, with 61% of them offering this channel, while B2C businesses trail behind, with only 33% providing live chat support (Source).

That concludes our summary of all the important live chat statistics. If you need a great Live Chat solution with useful insights, check out Saufter.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the 15 key live chat statistics presented here underscore the growing importance of live chat as a vital tool for customer service teams. 

The data also highlights the significance of providing high-quality, responsive assistance over instant answers. Moreover, businesses can benefit from extended chat durations, and many customers are willing to trade speed for exceptional support.

Additionally, live chat’s impact on customer satisfaction, cart abandonment rates, and loyalty cannot be overstated. A substantial percentage of customers value thorough support and express preferences for companies that offer live chat. 

If you have an E-commerce or SaaS business and wish to employ a live chat for your business, consider Saufter

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