JivoChat Vs Tidio – Which One Is Right For Your Business?

JivoChat Vs Tidio

Last Updated: February 2024

JivoChat Vs Tidio

JivoChat and Tidio offer messenger services that you can use for your business to deliver omnichannel support to your customers. However, you cannot subscribe to both software. So, the question remains – JivoChat or Tidio, which one is a better fit for your business?

To help you, we are going to review the features of both software. You just have to go through this article to understand them and pick the one that suits your needs.

Tidio Vs JivoChat Comparison of Features

Chat Tools (Final Winner: Tidio) Rating ⭐5/5


  • TidioOffer support services through live chat and customize it to match your brand’s looks. Also, monitor results and automate certain chats with AI.
  • Through the JivoChat widget, you may deliver live chat services. Customize it and view performance reports. Plus, it works on modern OS, mobile devices, and browsers.

Winner: Both


A chatbot allows you to assist customers by simply answering their questions. You can also improve your sales by conversing with the visitors.

  • Tidio lets you build your own chatbot with 35+ pre-built templates. Set up personalized messages for visitors. Plus, it enables your buyers to place orders directly from the chat widget. And also, configure auto-replies.
  • With JivoChat, create a chatbot and connect with WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Optimize the bot for sales, set it to answer repetitive questions, and fully customize it.

Winner: Both

Canned Responses

Canned responses are pre-defined replies that your support team can use to deliver quick responses to your customers.

  • Tidio – Prepare responses in advance for all the frequently asked questions.
  • JivoChat – Configure canned responses on your dashboard and use them while sending replies.

Winner: Both

Live Typing

Live typing shows your visitors’ responses as they type them in real-time.

  • Tidio supports the live typing feature.
  • In JivoChat, through message sneak peek, you can view the visitor replies as they are typing in real-time. 

Winner: Both

Multilingual Support

Here, we will see if the software allows you to use multiple languages.

  • Tidio – This allows you to build a multilanguage bot and add multiple languages to the chat widget.
  • JivoChat – You may customize your chat widget and translate it into different languages.

Winner: Tidio

Offline Messages

The offline messages feature collects messages from your visitors when your support team is not available. So, your agents can check it when they come online and resolve the issue.

  • Tidio informs your client that you are not available and collects their email.
  • JivoChat allows your visitors to send messages in the chat and saves them for your agents.

Winner: Both

Visitor Monitoring

With visitor monitoring, you may see what visitors are doing on your website and offer proactive support if it seems necessary.

  • Tidio Learn what visitors are looking for, and see their contact details such as name, location, browser, OS, and visited page information. Also, attaches tags to their names and lets you filter the new or returning visitors.
  • JivoChatView visitor’s list containing each user’s location, time spent on the website,  number of visits, previous chats, number of page views, and so on. You may directly start to chat with any of the visitors.

Winner: Tidio

Supported Systems (Final Winner: JivoChat) Rating ⭐5/5


  • Both Tidio and JivoChat can run on a desktop or personal computer. That means, they support Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Winner: Both


  • Both Tidio and JivoChat are compatible with Android and iOS. So, they can run on mobile devices as well.

Winner: Both


  • Tidio – You can install Tidio directly on your website but not on the browser.
  • JivoChat has a browser interface so you don’t have to install the app. Further, it works well on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Winner: JivoChat

Customer Support Features (Final Winner: Tidio) Rating ⭐5/5

Ticketing System

Refers to the tools that will assist you in handling customer support tickets.

  • TidioAssign, prioritize, and monitor support tickets in one place. Allow your team members to organize and respond to your customers.
  • JivoChatManage all tickets from different channels in one place. It enables you to assign chats, fix comments, mark the stage of work, and so on.

Winner: Tidio

Order Management

Here, we will see if the software provides eCommerce-specific features that will let you handle orders. 

  • Tidio integrates with Shopify and displays the whole order history. You can see what your customers have in their cart and recommend products, send discounts, etc. Even allows buyers to check product availability, order status, and so on.
  • JivoChat connects with eCommerce platforms and receives orders from your website.

Winner: Tidio


Triggers perform certain actions based on the conditions set by you.

  • With Tidio, you may only generate triggers for the chatbot. In fact, the chatbot starts with the trigger only.
  • In JivoChat, you can perform any number of actions on your website by defining trigger conditions.

Winner: JivoChat


Routing directs customers to the right agents who will help them resolve their issues.

  • Tidio categorizes operators into departments. Based on the collected information through the pre-chat survey, it notifies the relevant agent. Plus, it allows users to pick a department and reassigns chats to another department, if necessary.
  • JivoChat routes the chat based on given conditions which can be based on the communication channels, resources, time of the day, etc.

Winner: Tidio

Multichannel Support

  • Tidio integrates with phone, email, live chat, Instagram, and Messenger so you can provide services on all those channels.
  • JivoChat offers all the PBX features virtually. Just connect your number and you can deliver voice and text communication services. Overall, it supports live chat, email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, and so on.

Winner: JivoChat

Team Chat

Your support team also needs a workspace through which they can communicate with each other. Let’s see if both software offers a platform for business conversations.

  • Tidio has a shared inbox through which your team can communicate and collaborate with each other.
  • JivoChat – Jivo Team Chat allows you to create groups, share files, chat one-on-one and manage your business conversations. For safety, it stores all the conversations in a secure server.

Winner: Tidio

Integrations (Final Winner: JivoChat) Rating ⭐5/5


Let’s see what customer relationship management (CRM) applications are available for integration.

  • Tidio integrates with Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Agile CRM.
  • JivoChat Pipedrive and Zoho CRM integrations are available.

Winner: Tidio


  • Tidio only connects with Google Analytics.
  • While JivoChat integrates with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Winner: JivoChat


  • Tidio allows you to add Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, Shopware, BigCommerce, WordPress, and so on.
  • With JivoChat, you can integrate with all the above applications and more.

Winner: Both


  • Integrate Tidio with email, sales & marketing, and other apps such as Klavyio, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Zapier, Drupal, Jimbo, Joomla, etc.
  • JivoChat connects with the chatbot, CMS, and other platforms like UChat, MindBehind, Dahi.ai, Drupal, Joomla, Webhooks, Zapier, Make (Integromat), and so on.

Winner: JivoChat

Reports & Analytics (Final Winner: Both) Tidio Rating ⭐5/5, JivoChat Rating ⭐5/5

Conversation Reports

  • Tidio lets you receive reports daily, 3 days, weekly, or monthly. The report contains conversation metrics such as total volume, frequency of incoming conversations, number of handled ones, and so on.
  • JivoChat provides chat logs and reports between customers and agents. It also displays the quality of your chat service and gives suggestions for improvement.

Winner: Both

Customer Support Performance

These reports help you to understand the overall performance of your customer support services. 

  • Tidio – Measure sales, collected leads, and the performance of each channel with Tidio reports.
  • JivoChat – Through aggregated report by sites, get general statistics of all the channels including chats and calls. 

Winner: Tidio

Agent Performance

Agent performance reports give you insights into each individual agent’s performance. So you can take necessary actions to improve their productivity.

  • TidioFilter the report by operators to review metrics like the number of conversations handled, response time, percentage of handled conversations, and satisfaction rate in relevance to each operator.
  • JivoChat – By downloading aggregated chat report by agent, you can see all the general statistics of each agent. You can also view it on your dashboard.

Winner: Both

Customer Satisfaction

By evaluating these reports, you can understand where to make improvements to increase your customer support services.

  • Tidio – Displays the number of satisfaction ratings (positive and negative) your operators received from visitors. 
  • JivoChat Monitor your customer flow and their satisfaction ratings. You can filter it by different ratings (such as positive, negative, etc.) for easy viewing. 

Winner: JivoChat

Bottom Line

Even though JivoChat and Tidio offer messaging services, both of them are different. For example, Along with chatting tools, Tidio offers more eCommerce services whereas JivoChat only concentrates on chat features.

Therefore, learn more differences from this article and then pick the one that best fits your needs. 

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