How to Set Up a Jira Integration with Slack in 2023: Plugins & Notifications

Jira integration with Slack enables the automation of functions and streamlines your collaborative workflows.

This in-depth guide takes you through the smooth fusion of Slack and Jira, providing a step-by-step roadmap for effortlessly establishing this integration. 

Enhance your team’s collaboration and productivity as we explore essential features and best practices, ensuring a seamless implementation. 

Join us on a journey to revolutionize your workflow and amplify overall productivity.

Jira Integration with Slack: Step-by-Step Guide

Establishing the Jira integration with Slack is a straightforward process, and we’ll walk you through it in just a few simple steps. 

Ensure that you’re logged in to both your Jira and Slack accounts and have them open. 

It’s important to note that we’ll be initiating the setup from Slack since configuring the integration directly from Jira requires a third-party plug-in, typically incurring additional costs.

Setting up a Slack Integration With Jira

Step 1: Navigate to Slack’s App Menu

    1. To initiate the process, head to Slack’s app menu, typically located in the upper section of the left sidebar. 
    2. If you have trouble locating it, check under the “more” tab.
jira integration with slack

Step 2: Locate and Choose the Jira Integration

    1. Open Slack’s App Menu: Look for it on the left sidebar at the top or under the “more” tab.
    2. Find Jira: In the “apps” menu, type “Jira” in the search bar.
    3. Choose Jira Cloud or Jira Server: Pick the one that matches your Jira version. If you’re not sure, go with Jira Cloud. Check the difference in the Jira pricing article for more details.
jira integration with slack

Step 3: Jira Integration with Slack

    1. Check Integration Overview: Look at what the Jira integration can do on the next screen.
    2. Add to Slack: When you’re good to go, hit the “add to Slack” button under the Jira logo.
jira integration with slack

Step 4: Grant Permission for Jira to Connect with Slack

    1. Grant Access: After adding Jira to Slack, you’ll see a screen. Read through it.
    2. Allow or Cancel: If you’re okay with it, click “allow.” If not, click “cancel.”
jira integration with slack

Step 5: Sign in to Jira

    1. Now, you’ll be prompted to access your Atlassian account. Simply click the green “login” button to proceed.
jira integration with slack

Step 6: Input Your Atlassian Account Information

    1. On this page, type in your username (usually your email address) and password, then click “login.”
jira integration with slack

Step 7: Complete the Process and Return to Slack

    1. Atlassian will sign you in, ensure everything is in order, and then direct you to a success screen.
    2. If not, double-check your username and password. 
    3. Otherwise, click the green “go to Slack” button.

Familiarize Yourself with Jira Commands in Slack

After returning to Slack, you’ll notice a new section in your right-hand sidebar under the “apps” tab for Jira. 

Now, click on it to access a channel where you can chat with the Jira bot. The initial message you receive will highlight basic commands. 

Lastly, for the complete list, simply type “/jira help” in the Jira channel.

Generate a Jira Issue in Slack

    1. Create a Jira Issue in Slack: Type “/jira create” in the Slack channel.
    2. Navigate the Menu: You’ll be directed to a small menu.
    3. Specify Issue Details: Choose the issue type, provide a name, and assign it to the relevant person.

Activate Jira Notifications in Slack

Beneficially, you’ll receive notifications in Slack whenever there’s a change in Jira. 

    1. Find Notifications: Look below the command overview in your Slack channel.
    2. Turn On Notifications: Click “Turn on personal notifications.” 
    3. Customize Alerts: Choose which actions trigger notifications based on your preference.

Benefits of Jira Integration with Slack

  1. Never miss important updates: Instant Slack notifications keep you in the loop on critical Jira changes.
  2. Stop manual copy-paste: Streamline communication by seamlessly integrating Jira updates into your Slack discussions.
  3. Get issue context in Slack discussions: Enhance collaboration by having Jira issue details right where your team is chatting.
  4. Swarm on issues for faster resolution: Promptly address and resolve Jira issues with swift collaboration in Slack channels.
  5. Save time for team members: Eliminate the need for constant platform switching, saving valuable time for your team.
  6. Save time for managers: Managers can quickly access and oversee Jira updates within the familiar Slack environment, boosting efficiency.
  7. Keep stakeholders on the same page: Ensure everyone, including stakeholders, is informed and aligned by centralizing Jira updates in Slack.
  8. Automate your team standups: Automatically bring Jira updates into your daily standup discussions, streamlining team communication.
  9. Facilitate guests to access Jira: Guests can easily stay updated on Jira activities without navigating complex systems, enhancing accessibility.

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That concludes our Jira integration with Slack guide, providing valuable insights to assist in your integration process.

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To sum up, the Jira integration with Slack is a straightforward process, as evident. 

The effort invested is highly rewarding, considering the substantial time saved and the convenience of avoiding screen-switching hassles.

Remember, the key to unlocking their full potential lies in understanding the intricacies of this integration. 

Make the most of the plugins, embrace notifications, and revolutionize your collaborative approach. 

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