How Does Automation for Jira From Email Work?

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Last Updated: February 2024

Do you know, there are 4,258 million active email users worldwide? That’s why you must automate your email and provide customer 

If you use Jira and want to automate your email campaigns, then we have listed some easy steps with which you can easily automate your emails.

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Benefits Of Email Automation

Here are the top 4 benefits of email automation. 

Nurture Leads

Email automation does not let any potential leads turn cold. It follows up with your new clients by rolling out promotional emails as soon as they register with your business. This creates a personalized experience and can help you get a new lead. 

Better Targeting and Segmentation

Email automation comes with metrics that provide you with a list of all customers who have opened your email and those who have deleted it or moved it to spam. The ones who have opened can be your potential clients and you can target them easily by rolling out more promotional emails.

Increases Revenue

You can easily promote your products/services with email automation by sending out a product description and a price tag. Adding CTA buttons will ensure a high conversation rate. 

Easy Steps to Automate Emails on Jira

Here are 2 easy steps that will help you work with Jira email automation.

Step 1: Create an Incoming Email Server

  1. Log in to your Jira account and navigate to Settings>System>Incoming Mail.
  2. Click on  Add POP/IMAP email server.
  3. Give the email server a name as per your choice. 
  4. Now add a description to the server for future reference.
  5. After that set protocol as SECURE_IMAP.
  6. Add your company’s own hostname and set POP/IMAP Port to 995.
  7. Once you have added a hostname set the Timeout to 1000. 
  8. At last, use your email address as a Username and Save it.

Step 2: Create an Email Handler

  1. Log in to your Jira account and navigate to Settings>System>Incoming Mail.
  2. Click on Add Incoming Mail Handler. 
  3. Now you need to fill in the following details:
  4. Name: Name this to link with the mail server you set up above.
  5. Server: Select the server you created from Step 1.
  6. Delay: You could set this to whatever you want, but we set it as 1.
  7. Handler: Choose the first option, “Create new issue or add a comment to the existing issue”. This will allow you to create a ticket when you send an email to the pre-select email account.
  8. Leave the folder name empty and click Next.
  9. Now select Jira Project you want to create a ticket to and select the issue type which will rise the ticket by default. 
  10. Once you have selected the issue type leave the following sections empty: Catch email address, Bulk, Forward Email Address, Create User. 
  11. You need to check all of these default reports: Notify User, CC Assignee, and CC Watchers. 
  12. At the end click on Save and you are ready to go. 

Drawbacks of Jira

Let’s look at some of the problems faced by Jira users.

Does Not Provides Advance Automation

Jira does not have advanced automation such as automatic ticket tagging, adding tickets to fields, and many more that can hamper your business operations. 

Complicated Automation Setup

The automation configuration of Jira is a bit hard to understand. Due to not so friendly interface, there are chances that you might miss out on some critical automation.

Glitch in Automation 

Sometimes the automation automatically gets turned off creating confusion between your agents. This can even lead to unsolved tickets.

User Reviews

“Automation capabilities are limited”- Manish K. Customer Engineer

“Projects are not automatically assigned”- kaeli G

“Setting up automation is a long process”- Will H.Teacher

Meet Saufter, The Best Jira Alternative. 

  • Saufter has a user-friendly interface that easily automates your email ticketing system. You can even automate your ticket tagging which reduces the burden off your agents’ shoulders.
  • Saufter can also automate your customer support with the help of its AI chatbot. The bot attends to your customers in real time and solves their queries using canned responses or your knowledge base. 
  • It can even automate your social media handles by collecting reviews from platforms like Facebook, Google reviews, Yelp!, etc and posting them on your account. With the help of this automation, you can easily advertise your product/service to a wider audience. 
  • If you are looking for a new customer support agent, then too Saufter can help you. We hire experienced staff and train them as per your business need. 



Now, in the end, we hope that you were able to collaborate email automation and the ticketing system of Jira. Though we know that it’s a bit long process and can consume a majority of your time. 

However, switching to new software that allows you to easily integrate email automation and the ticketing system can help. Software like Saufter has a friendly user interface that allows a wide range of email automation. Other than email automation it can also automate your customer support and social media with the help of its AI bot.

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