Setting up Intercom Jira Integration: A Comprehensive Guide

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Unlock the full potential of streamlined communication and project management with Intercom Jira Integration

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the seamless convergence of Intercom and Jira, offering a step-by-step roadmap to set up this integration effortlessly. 

Elevate your team’s collaboration and efficiency as we navigate through the key features and best practices to ensure flawless implementation. 

Let’s embark on a journey to revolutionize your workflow and amplify productivity.

Install the app

Step 1: Locate the Jira for Tickets App.

    1. Go to the Intercom App Store.
    2. Navigate to the Issue Tracking & Ticketing category.
    3. Find the Jira for Tickets App.
intercom jira integration

Step 2: Install the Jira for Tickets App.

    1. Click on the Jira for Tickets app.
    2. Install the app by clicking “Install” now.
intercom jira integration

Note: If the Jira for Tickets app is already installed, uninstall and reinstall it.

Step 3: Authorize Access.

    1. Click “Authorize access” to grant Jira for Tickets the necessary permissions within your Intercom Workspace.

Step 4: Ensure Atlassian Account Login.

    1. Confirm that you are logged into the correct Atlassian account.

Step 5: Review and Accept Permissions.

    1. Review the access permissions requested by Jira for Intercom Tickets.
    2. Press “Accept” to proceed with the integration.

Setting up the app

Step 1: Teammate Sharing

    1. Go to the Getting Started tab.
    2. Select any teammates you want to share the Jira for Tickets app with.
intercom jira integration

Step 2: Enable Automatic Jira Issue Creation

    1. On the Settings tab, turn on “Enable this to create Jira issues from tickets in Intercom automatically.

Step 3: Add Jira Project

    1. Click “Add Jira project.”
    2. Select the Jira project where you want issues to be created from the dropdown.

Step 4: Map Ticket Types

    1. Click on the Settings tab.
    2. Choose “Map a ticket type” to associate Intercom Ticket types with Jira issue types.
      intercom jira integration

Note: You can map multiple Intercom Ticket types to Jira issue types, and you can add multiple Jira projects.

Optional: Sync Tickets Data:

Under Sync tickets data on the Settings tab, enable “Enable this to sync Intercom ticket notes and Jira issue comments in real-time” if you want Intercom ticket notes and Jira issue comments to sync.

intercom jira integration

Congratulations! The setup is now complete. When you create an Intercom Ticket of the mapped type, a Jira issue of the same type will be automatically generated in your chosen Jira Project.

Additional Information:

    1. Custom Ticket attributes are not currently synchronized, but this is a known feature request.
    2. Changes in the Intercom ticket State trigger a comment on the associated Jira issue.
    3. Changes in Jira issue status result in a note on the corresponding Intercom ticket.
    4. Bidirectional synchronization ensures seamless syncing of Intercom ticket notes and Jira comments.

Use the app in the Inbox

Utilize the Jira for Tickets app within your Inbox sidebar to manually generate Jira issues from Intercom Tickets or establish links between your Intercom Tickets and existing Jira issues (support for linking to multiple issues).

To activate these functionalities in your Inbox, navigate to Edit apps, locate the Jira for Tickets app, and click the pin icon to affix it alongside other apps in your Inbox sidebar.

Create Jira issues from Intercom Tickets manually

Step 1: Open Jira for Tickets Sidebar App

    1. Click on the “Create a new issue” button in your Jira for Tickets sidebar app associated with the Intercom ticket.
intercom jira integration

Step 2: Choose a Jira Project

    1. Select a Jira project either from the recently viewed projects or by using the search field.
intercom jira integration

Step 3: Select Issue Type and Fill in Fields

    1. Choose the appropriate issue type for your Jira project.
    2. Fill in the required fields with relevant information.

Step 4: Create the Jira Issue

    1. Click on the “Create issue” button to generate the new Jira issue.
intercom jira integration

Your Jira issue is now created and seamlessly linked to your Intercom ticket.

Link your Intercom Tickets to existing Jira issues

Step 1: Open Jira for Tickets Sidebar

  • Click “Link an existing issue” in your Jira for Tickets sidebar.
intercom jira integration

Step 2: Find the Jira Issue

  • Locate the Jira issue in “Recently linked” or use the search field. Click on it.
    intercom jira integration

That’s it! The issue is now successfully linked and will be visible in your Inbox sidebar. You have the flexibility to unlink the issue or establish links with multiple issues for the same Intercom ticket as required.

BETA: Automate Jira Issue creation with the power of Workflows and Jira Actions

Please note: Automation with Workflows and Jira Actions is exclusive to specific Intercom plans. Check plans and pricing first.

If you have access to Intercom Workflows, you’ll discover new Jira Workflow Templates installed by the Jira app in the “New Workflow – Create new workflow” screen under “Connect to apps.”

Two preinstalled Workflow templates by the Jira app are available for customization to fit your specific needs:

  1. Create Jira Issue: Generates a Jira Issue and links it to an Intercom Ticket.
  2. Comment on Jira Issue: Adds a comment to the linked Jira Issue.

If you don’t see any Jira Workflow Templates, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the Jira for Tickets app.

You can use the default templates or leverage the power of Workflow by editing them.

To customize the information passed to the Jira issue, click the three-dots icon on the Jira Action step and choose “Edit.”

Enhance the Jira Create Issue Action by adding more attributes through the Attribute Selector in fields like Summary, Description, Assignee, Reporter, Priority, and Labels. Labels should be separated by a comma, matching those in your Jira Project.

Ensure the Jira Assignee and Reporter have valid User IDs, obtainable from the user’s Profile URL in Jira.

After making changes, click “Save” on the Jira Create Issue Action. Your added attributes will then be displayed in the action step.

When satisfied with your Jira Workflow and Action, click “Set live” to activate the Workflow. The Workflow will execute when the conditions of its Trigger are met.

Customer experience

While customers maintain their interaction with your support team via Intercom, any tickets they submit or that your teammates raise on their behalf will undergo automatic conversion into Jira issues. 

This streamlines the process, enhancing issue tracking and management for improved efficiency.

Teammate experience

Team members can seamlessly view and handle Jira issues right from the Inbox. Upon creating a new ticket type, a corresponding Jira issue is automatically generated based on the predefined mappings configured during setup. 

This streamlined process enables team members to efficiently address and resolve issues without the need to switch between Intercom and Jira.

Benefits of Intercom Jira Integration

  1. Easy Communication: Connects Intercom and Jira for smooth communication without constant tool-switching.
  2. Efficient Task Tracking: Links customer interactions in Intercom to project tasks in Jira for easy tracking.
  3. Time-saving Automation: Automates workflows and actions, reducing manual efforts and ensuring consistency.
  4. Productive Task Management: Creates Jira issues directly from Intercom tickets, making task management more efficient.
  5. Team Collaboration: Fosters collaboration by providing a shared space for customer communication and project work.
  6. Instant Updates: Reflects real-time changes in both Intercom and Jira, keeping everyone in the loop.
  7. Centralized Information: Gathers customer interactions and project tasks in one central hub for better visibility.
  8. Holistic Project View: Offers a complete view of projects by connecting customer interactions with tasks in Jira. Empowering Intelligent Automation for Your Business

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Key Features

  • Effortless Logins: Simplify account access with one-click automatic password reset emails or SMS.
  • Returns and Exchanges Automation: Streamline processes for returns and exchanges, reducing stress and saving valuable time for your team.
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In summary, setting up Intercom Jira Integration is a game-changer for your team’s collaboration and productivity.

With automated workflows and Jira actions, you’re not just connecting tools – you’re supercharging your project management. 

Take the plunge into a more connected and productive work environment with Intercom Jira Integration. 

It’s a simple solution for smoother communication and better project management.



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