A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Chatbots

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Guide on Instagram chatbots

Last Updated: May 2024

Do you know, there are 2 billion active users on Instagram? The sole reason why you should have your business account on Instagram. 

Additionally, 90% of the customers report an immediate response essential while conversing with the customer support executive. Thus, integrating your Instagram with a chatbot will allow you to attend to customers in real time and provide a swift response. 

If you are in the market, and looking for a guide on Instagram chatbots, then you are at the right place. Here, we have curated some new information to help you. 

Let’s dive in and have a look at the content in this article:

Benefits of Instagram Chatbots

24×7 Customer support

Instagram is an application that is used worldwide, thus there are chances that your global customers can reach you on Instagram outside your business hours. That’s when a chatbot can be helpful. 

It will attend to your customer and either solve their query using a knowledge base or inform them that your team will reach the client at a particular time. This ensures that your customers feel valued and no request is left unattended. 

Provides Reports and Analytics

Instagram chatbots provide you with user insights and their pain points. With this help, you can have a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviors and recommend products accordingly. 

Increase Sales 

44% of customers use Instagram to shop weekly. Instagram chatbots collect user insights and recommend products as per their preference. 

Other than the product recommendation, chatbots can also capture abandoned carts and remind your customers about them which helps you increase sales and earn more profit. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Chatbots

You should keep some things in mind while implementing chatbots on your Instagram. 

Do Assign a Customer Support Agent with the Chatbot

The chatbots can solve more straightforward queries that are listed in your knowledge base. Thus, if a customer comes up with a complex problem, the agent can resolve it. 

This practice will ensure that all customer queries get resolved with insightful resolution. Though you can reduce the number of agents here, the chatbot will most likely be solving the questions. 

Don’t Spam your Customers

A chatbot can send numerous messages to customers on any particular day. But, you should make sure that you don’t assign too many messages to your customers. Spamming messages will lead to frustration among clients and can cause client loss. 

Do Enable Multilanguage Support 

Almost all chatbots provide multilingual support that you should enable. This will allow you to interact with customers all over the globe and provide them with resolution in their languages, ensuring personalized support which increases customer experiences. 

Different Types of Instagram Chatbots

There are 3 different types of Instagram chatbots that you can apply.

  • Instagram Story Reply Bots –These chatbots are specifically designed to reply to your story mention/reply. 
  • Instagram DM reply chatbots- When a customer reaches out to you through Instagram DM the chatbots get triggered and send replies. These chatbots provide support only through DM. 
  • Order placements bots- These bots place orders on your behalf through Instagram DM and send notifications to your customers like orders placed, order in transit, and more.  

Best Instagram Chatbots Providers

Let’s look at 3 of the best Instagram chatbot providers which you can consider and implement to increase your customer experience. 



Saufter’s AI chatbot can attend to your customers in real-time and solve their queries using knowledge base articles. The bot can also send notifications to your customers as order placed, order in transit, return request accepted, and many more. 


  • Provides 24X7 order management.
  • Assist you in product return management and can reduce return abuse in your store. 
  • Provides omnichannel integration on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. 


  • Free- 15 Days
  • Standard- $99/Month
  • Pro- $199/Month
  • Enterprise- $399/Month




Chatfuel provides automated customer support on platforms like Facebook Messenger and Instagram. It has a user-friendly interface that does not require any previous coding knowledge. 


  • Provides reports and analytics.
  • You can segment the audience with the help of Chatfuel. 
  • Allows you to integrate your website as well. 


  • Free- 30 days/50 Conversation
  • Entrepreneur- $14.99/Month/500 Conversations
  • Startup- $24.99/Month/1000 Conversations
  • Small Business- $59.99/Month/3000 Conversations



Aivo’s AI bot provides multi-language support so that you can assist your global customers and provide a personalized experience. It also offers a unified experience through which you can answer questions from a single platform. 


  • Provides predictive analytics.
  • You can get recurring reports to speed up optimization.
  • It can be integrated into various industries like fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, and many more. 


  • Free- 30 Days
  • Starter- $150/Month
  • Advanced- $639/Month


In the end, we hope that through this article we were able to guide you well on Instagram chatbots and helped you gain some fresh knowledge. In this article, we have also listed some of the best Instagram chatbot providers which you can surely implement on your Instagram Business ID. 

However, if you are looking for software that provides complete e-commerce solutions on Instagram, then you should try Saufter. Its AI chatbot can automate your customer support, and provide 24X7 order management, return management, and many more. 

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