Insense Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]


Last Updated: February 2024

Insense is a creator platform where you can get user-generated content for your business and scale your campaigns with organic posting and social ads.

So if you looking forward to using Insense to leverage UGC, know about the various pricing plans it offers to decide which plan is the best for you.

But it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to study all the pricing plans and features in detail. That is why we have explained all the Insense pricing plans in detail in this post.

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What is Insense?

Insense is a marketing platform that streamlines the production of UGC by creators for business growth. Insense claims to have over 35000 creators in its global creator community that can generate a variety of UGC content along with organic posting and running social ads.

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Unlike many influencer marketing platforms, Insense seems to focus on effective communication by creators, providing a good value proportion to its clients. Maybe, that is the reason for the 1400+ clients Insense has served as of now.

If you have got an idea about what Insense is, let’s have an overview of Insense pricing plans.


An Overview of Insense Pricing

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Like many influencer marketing platforms, Insense also works on a subscription model. It sells access to the platform through quarterly and annual subscriptions, there are no monthly plans.

However, there is a trial plan that is not free and costs $500 per month, allowing you to test the platform. After one month, you can cancel it or renew with the paid plans available – UGC and UGC+Creator Ads.

Let’s have a look at the detailed breakdown of the pricing plans so you can choose the best one for you.


A Detailed Breakdown of Insense Pricing Plans

Insense offers three pricing plans as follows:



$500 per month

As the name suggests, you can subscribe to this plan to test the features and functionalities of Insenses for one month. While many platforms and software offer a free trial initially, Insense charges $500 per month if you wish to try it. It automatically upgrades to a quarterly plan after the trial period.


  • The number of brands: Add up to 1 brand per account.
  • Campaigns: You can create one active campaign at one time.
  • Content: Get creators to make raw user-generated content for you.
  • Influencer partnerships: Partner with up to 10 creators to post content on their social media page.
  • Creator Ads: Get one creator handle to run whitelisted ads for up to 15 days.
  • TikTok Ads: TikTok Spark Ads are available.
  • Marketplace: Get access to the creators’ marketplace.
  • The fee of the marketplace: 20% (includes a 10% payment facilitation fee and 10% service fee).

Trial Plan is Good For

Businesses that want to try Insense or are new to user-generated content marketing. Though this trial plan has limited features and costs more on a monthly basis, it would be best to try Insense before subscribing to quarterly or annual plans.



$1200 per quarter or $3600 annually 

If you just want content for your marketing and advertising needs and do not want creators to post it on their social handles, Insense UGC plan is for you.

UGC plan allows you to scale the production of content for your paid social channels with raw creator content or ready-to-publish content.


  • Brands: 3 brands per account.
  • The number of campaigns: Create and manage an unlimited number of campaigns.
  • Hire creators: Hire an unlimited number of creators.
  • Marketplace: Access the creator marketplace to discover the right creators for your brand.
  • The fee of the marketplace: 10% (includes a 5% payment facilitation fee and a 5% service fee).
  • Manager: Get support from the customer success manager.

Insense UGC Plan is Good For

Businesses with a good social media following already and looking to source user-generated content for their organic and paid social campaigns. If you don’t have a strong social media presence, then you should check out the UGC+Creator Ads plan.

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UGC+Creator Ads

$1350 per quarter or $4200 per year

This is a complete plan from Insense where you not only get raw content generated by creators but also get them to post edited content on their social handles. Furthermore, Insense also provides creator licenses you can use to run social ads on creator accounts.


  • UGC: Everything in the UGC plan.
  • Partnerships: Partner with influencers to post organic content on their social media.
  • Creator Ads: Run sponsored ads from creator handles, you get 5 creator licenses for up to 60 days.
  • TikTok Ads: TikTok Spark Ads are available.
  • Audience Insights: Track creators’ reach, location, audience demographics, audience interests, engagement rates, % real followers, views/video, the average cost per engagement, and more before hiring them.

UGC+Creator Ads Plan is good for

Businesses that do not have a strong social media presence should go with this plan because it includes influencer partnerships and Social Ads along with UGC. It will help your business reach a larger audience and grow your social following.



While other influencer marketing platforms focus on influencer discovery, low-cost influencer partnerships, and running marketing campaigns, Insense has done things differently by leveraging UGC along with influencer partnerships.

The platform’s focus on delivering high-quality user-generated content and social engagement has enabled them to acquire 1400+ clients despite expensive pricing.

One thing we do not like about Insense is the paid trial (worth $500/month), making it not an affordable option for small businesses.

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