Influencity Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Influencity Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best [Complete Breakdown]

Last Updated: June 2024

Are you looking for the right influencer marketing platform to help your business grow? One such platform is Influencity. It offers a range of pricing plans to fit different organizations with various needs and budgets.

However, with multiple choices, it can be challenging to determine which plan is the best fit for you. That is why we put together this complete breakdown of Influencity pricing plans, including the basic introduction of the software. In fact, you will find all the following details in this article.


What is Influencity?

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Influencity is an influencer marketing platform that helps you to find and collaborate with influencers. For that, it gives you access to 170 million+ influencer profiles.

It has a range of tools and features to manage influencer campaigns from start to finish. This includes audience insights, influencer relationship management, campaign management, and reporting.

With Influencity, you can streamline your influencer marketing efforts and connect with influencers who align with your brand values and target audience.

Some of the companies that are using Influencity are

  • Samsung
  • Havas Group
  • Air France
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Kellogg’s
  • Dentsu

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Influencity.

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Pros and Cons of Influencity

1. Access to over 170 million influencer profiles.1. Only supports 3 social platforms.
2. Displays data about the overlap of followers among your influencers’ audiences.2. Features like search results, lists, and monthly analyses have limitations.
3. Option to create a plan containing only the features you need.3. Cancelling and resuming your subscription means losing all your influencer and campaign data.
4. Dedicated customer success manager for personalized support related to software usage.4. Influencity’s customer support doesn’t help you in hiring or managing influencers, campaign strategy, etc.


Overview of Influencity Prices

Influencity pricing
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Influencity comes with 4 pricing plans where one is a customizable plan and the remaining 3 are standard paid plans. You can pay for these plans either monthly or yearly. Though, in yearly billing, you get a 20% discount.

Also, Influencity allows you to test out all of its plans’ functionality (including Custom) with a 7-day free trial. Moreover, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. It’s worth noting that any payment already made is credited toward the cost of the new subscription. 

Note that account permanence is not mandatory in Influencity. That means, you are free to cancel your account subscription at any time.

However, when you cancel your subscription, your billing period ends and you cannot access your influencer archives or campaign data anymore. Even if you wish to resume the Influencity services after cancellation, you cannot retrieve the previously collected/ stored data.

Let’s get into details about each Influencity pricing plan.

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Complete Breakdown of Influencity Pricing Plans

  1. Basic
  2. Professional
  3. Business
  4. Custom


1) Basic

Basic plan costs $168/month for monthly billing and $134/month ($1,613/year) for annual billing.

Features Included

You will get all the following features in this plan.

Social Networks

Refers to the social network channels in which you can work. Influencity supports Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube


  • Access to influencers – You will get access to over 7M influencers on YouTube, 75M on TikTok, and 95M on Instagram. Overall, it is more than 170M influencers.
  • Searches – Perform unlimited searches until you find the right influencer. Also, Influencity allows you to save your favorite searches.
  • Monthly results – However, the Basic plan restricts search results to 5,000 per month. In case you exhaust your monthly search results and require more for a particular month, you can easily do so by talking with Influencity’s support team.

IRM & Data

  • Influencer storage – In this plan, you can save up to 100 influencers to your account. When you reach the limit, you may delete older ones to save new ones.
  • Monthly analyses – You can perform 30 analyses per month. Note that an analysis is counted each time you add or update a profile or analyze the follower overlap among profiles.
  • Advanced data – It displays the main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as interactions, engagement, and Earned Media Value (EMV) for each influencer profile. Also, you can view their mentions, hashtags, audience demographics, influencer, and follower brand affinity, and other relevant details. If an influencer made their contact email public, you can access it as well.
  • Audience quality – Influencity’s system detects fake, inactive, or doubtful followers to help you determine the quality of each influencer’s audience.
  • Lists – With lists, you can group influencers and see their aggregated data to analyze how they work together. The Basic plan allows you to create only 1 list.
  • Follower overlap – The Follower overlap feature is only available for Instagram. It shows the percentage of followers who also follow two or more influencers. This provides insight into how much overlap there is between your chosen influencers’ audiences.


  • Users – Only 4 users can access your account.
  • Support – Influencity’s support team is available in both English and Spanish. However, in this plan, you can only contact them through email.

Basic Plan is Good For:

If you are running a small business and only need influence discovery features, then you should go for the Basic plan. Because it has enough features to search and analyze influencers.

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2) Professional

The most popular plan on Influencity is the Professional plan. It charges $348/month if billing is monthly and $278/month when billed annually, i.e. $3,340/year.

Features Included

Here all the Basic plan features along with the following add-ons are available.


  • Monthly results – View a maximum of 10,000 search results.
  • Export results – Download your search results in XLSX format and work with them in your Google Sheets or Excel.

IRM & Data

  • Influencer storage – Save up to 600 influencers in your account.
  • Monthly analyses – Perform 150 analyses.
  • Lists – Create 100 lists in your account.
  • Email integration – Connect your personal email (Outlook or IMAP) and send one-to-one emails directly from the Influencity’s IRM. Also, this will log all your email communications (along with the responses) within the platform.
  • Share & PDF – Share influencer profiles and lists with your team or clients by generating a public link or PDF document.
  • Export data – Download your influencer data in the format of XLSX and work with it on your preferred software, Google Sheets or Excel.


  • Campaign storage – This displays the maximum number of active campaigns you can have in your account. In this plan, it is 10.
  • Influencers in Campaign – You can add a certain number of influencers to each campaign. And, it is determined by the maximum number of influencers you can have in your IRM. As mentioned earlier, it is 600 in the Professional plan.
  • Estimated results – Plan and predict the outcome of your entire campaign even before contacting influencers.
  • Custom workflows – Gives you the flexibility to customize every step that each influencer and content piece will go through. This includes sending products, reviewing content, completing payments, and more.


  • Report storage – Generally, displays the maximum number of reports you can make in a plan. Here, it is 10.
  • Monthly posts – Analyze 200 posts every month from any influencer, whether it is from past or current campaigns. 
  • Metrics per influencer – Gain insights into the performance of your influencers by receiving detailed metrics such as engagement, interactions, and Earned Media Value (EMV).
  • Metrics per post – Access detailed metrics for each influencer’s post like engagement, interactions, EMV, and more. This way, you can determine which content performs the best for each and every influencer.
  • Share & PDF – Share the reports with your clients or team members by providing a public link or downloading the information in PDF format.
  • Export reports – Just like other data in Influencity, you can also download the reports in XLSX format. To further analyze or modify the data, you may work with them in Google Sheets or Excel.


  • Users – Enables 10 users to access your account.
  • Support – If you have any doubts, contact Influencity via email and phone.
  • Dedicated customer success – Get personalized assistance from Influencity’s dedicated customer success team available in both English and Spanish.

Professional Plan is Good For:

In case you are a business owner who has an influencer marketing campaign strategy all set, then Professional is an ideal plan for you. 

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3) Business

Business plan costs $698/month in monthly billing. In case you want to pay yearly, then it charges $558/month, which is $6,700/year.

Features Included

This plan contains every feature in the Professional plan. However, the feature limitations vary. Let’s take a look at them.


  • Monthly results – Access up to 25,000 search results.

IRM & Data

  • Influencer storage – Allows you to save 2,000 influencers in your account.
  • Monthly analyses – Do up to 500 analyses.
  • Lists – Generate 100 lists.


  • Campaign storage – You can manage up to 50 active campaigns.
  • Influencers in Campaign – In this plan, you may add up to 2,000 influencers per campaign.


  • Report storage – Create 50 reports.
  • Monthly posts – Evaluate 600 posts from any of your influencers.


  • Users – No restriction to how many users can connect to your account. In other words, unlimited users can access your account.

Business Plan is Good For:

When your brand or organization invests a lot of resources into influencer marketing, then you should subscribe to the Business plan. Here, you can run multiple campaigns simultaneously and easily share reports and analyses with your team or clients. Plus, you will have access to a dedicated customer success team to help you make the most of the platform.

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4) Custom

Unlike many influencer marketing software out in the market, Influencity allows you to create your own custom plan with a bundle of features you choose. It is a cost-effective solution that helps you save money on features that you don’t use.

Just click on the “Create your own Bundle” option on its pricing page to start with the process. 

Now, let’s get into the features available in this plan.

Features Included

Here you have access to all the features in the Business plan. That means you have the freedom to select tools from Discover, IRM & Data, Campaigns, and Reports.

Custom Plan is Good For:

The Custom plan is perfect if you don’t need all the features included in the standard plans, or if you want to tailor the tools to your specific needs.

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Influencity Pricing Plans Comparison At a Glance

Monthly$168/month$348/month$698/monthDepends on the selected features
Yearly$134/month, or $1,613/year$278/month or $3,340/year$558/month or $6,700/yearNot applicable
Unlimited searches
Monthly results5,00010,00025,000
Access to 170M+ influencers
Export results
Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) & Data
Influencer storage1006002,000
Monthly analyses30150500
Audience quality
Advanced data
Follower overlap
Email integration
Share & PDF
Export data
Campaign Storage1050
No. of influencers in campaigns6002,000
Estimated results
Custom workflows
Report storage1050
Monthly posts200600
Metrics per influencer
Metrics per post
Share & PDF
Export reports
SupportEmailEmail & phoneEmail & phone
Dedicated customer success

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Which Pricing Plan is Best For You?

Influencity offers a wide range of features and tools to help businesses and organizations streamline their influencer marketing campaigns. The list of features you get depends on your pricing plan.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, we hope this guide helps you choose the right Influencity pricing plan for your goals and budget. 

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