Knowledge Base: Key to Customer Delight and Better Customer Support

Last Updated: December 2023

A study by Harvard Business Review found that 65% of customers expect a resolution to their issue at the first contact. Why? Because in an increasingly busy world, your customers don’t wish to wait for a day or two for you to either pick up their phone call or reply to their email.

ZendeskIt is why a solid self-service base is critical for every business. Zendesk estimates 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. Again, why? Because a well-structured self-serving knowledge base can help customers get their queries answered faster and sometimes, better.

With this in mind, let’s understand what a knowledge base is and why it matters for customer delight.

What Is A Knowledge Base?

When people think of a knowledge base, they assume a library of how-to articles. A good customer service knowledge base or a self-service solution is more than that.

It is a centralized repository of the most frequently asked questions, step-by-step tutorials, product information, videos and onboarding, technical guides that reduce the workload of your live customer service agents.

In short, it gives your customers the freedom to find answers to their queries without the need to speak to an actual support person.

Why A Good Customer Knowledge Base Matters?

91%-of-customers91% of customers accept that they would use a knowledge base if it answered their needs because people are used to looking for solutions when they have a problem passively, i.e., on Google. So, even if you have an excellent support service in the form of live chats or calls, the customer might not feel comfortable using it.

A knowledge base is a remedy to this conundrum. It ensures easy access to information to not just your customers but also your employees!

Here are some more reasons why a self-service solution is the key to customer delight and better customer support.

It is Timesaving And Offers a Better Experience.

As per HBR, most customers resent contacting a company or switching to another communication channel to get an issue solved. It not only takes time but also offers a poor customer experience. A better path to generate loyal customers is to provide a support service that helps answer problems quickly and easily.

In other words, a well written, maintained, and accessible knowledge base is the swiftest and easiest way for customers to resolve their problems.

The information to common queries and frequently asked questions is already locked away in databases, files, and the minds of people working in your firm. All it takes is organizing that knowledge, and you can fundamentally change customer service interactions for the better.

It is An Internal Guide For The Employees.

Microsoft-ReportAn HBR survey found that 62% of customers think that knowledgeable employees are the third most important aspect to provide good customer service. A Microsoft report says that 33% of customers believe that speaking to an agent, who knows the subject matter, is the most important aspect of customer service.

An internal knowledge base serves as a font of information for your employees. The more information they have about your service/product, the better they can serve a customer.

Let’s say a customer calls to know about a product feature, of which only one employee has detailed knowledge. What happens when that employee is on sick leave? How do you answer the customer’s question then?

If you have an internal knowledge base, such a scenario will never occur. Any employee who answers the call will handily find a solution to the customer’s problem in the knowledge base, offering satisfying customer experience.

It Saves Customer Support Expenses

A knowledge base is called a self-service solution for a valid reason. It allows customers to find answers without depending upon support agents. It means the volume of tickets raised plunges down. So does your need to funnel funds into customer service.

Moreover, a strong knowledge base reduces the investment required to train new hires. Any information or guidance necessary to bring new employees or agents up to speed is already present in the self-serving base. Therefore, the cost to you decreases.

A knowledge base also helps save expenses as your customer base increases. Instead of hiring more support personnel to keep up with a bigger customer pool, you can redirect common questions to the knowledge base. Doing this will free up your support staff to answer more complex and demanding problems.

It is Proactive

Live chats, email, and calls are reactive customer support solutions. While they are indispensable to businesses, they don’t anticipate customer needs. This is where a good knowledge base saves the day.

A knowledge base is built with in-depth content, such as instructional videos and tutorials, predicting customer issues, and addressing them. It demonstrates to customers your proactiveness for tackling the problems faced by them.

It Protects Customer Privacy

Self-service ensures the privacy of the customers. When a current or even a prospective customer calls or emails for support, they are asked for specific personal details.

An extensive knowledge base bypasses this need as the customers won’t have to connect to a company executive for help. Thus, avoiding the necessity of sharing personal information.

It is Available Round-The-Clock

Practical-Knowledge-BaseOutsourcing phone calls can be instrumental in filling the gaping holes in customer support due to different time zones and geographical locations of your customers, but a practical knowledge base takes it up a notch.

They are available 24×7 and don’t experience any downtime. As a result, your customers get a quick resolution to their problems irrespective of what side of the world they are and what time of the day it is!

Last Words:

No customer enjoys waiting minutes, forget hours, to get their concerns addressed, and not even the most efficient customer support team can cater to everyone timely.

The reality is, the more extensive your customer base, the longer the wait time. Here, a knowledge base swoops in with a cape on – it allows customers to get an answer to their doubts without waiting.

Lastly, besides building an external knowledge base (one that serves customers), you should also create an internal one. It can aid customer support reps to collaborate better and be more productive.

To provide the best customer experience, though, your business needs an in-depth knowledge base and a reliable, experienced customer support team. To know more, get in touch with us at Helplama.


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