How To Write Awesome Customer Service Email: Best Practices & Templates

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Last Updated: July 2024

Welcome to the world of customer service, where every customer service email you craft has the power to make or break a relationship.

Did you know that a whopping 98% of customers prefer using email as their primary communication channel?

That’s right, your inbox is a battlefield, and the way you wield words can make all the difference. Hence, in this article, we’re diving deep into the art of crafting awesome customer service emails, armed with best practices and ready-to-use templates.

Benefits of Great Customer Service Email

  1. Enhances Customer Loyalty

Building trust through well-crafted customer service emails keeps clients coming back. Also, personalized responses make customers feel valued, fostering long-term relationships.

  1. Resolves Issues Efficiently

Swift and accurate email responses help address concerns promptly and avoid unnecessary follow-ups, saving both time and resources.

  1. Boosts Brand Reputation

Positive email interactions can lead to word-of-mouth referrals. As a result, satisfied customers may leave positive reviews, elevating your online presence.

  1. Increases Sales Opportunities

Well-timed product or service recommendations in emails can drive upsells. Thus, nurturing leads through email can convert prospects into paying customers.

  1. Provides Data for Analysis

Email interactions offer a wealth of data for customer behavior analysis as well as optimizing services.

  1. Reduces Support Costs

Efficiently resolving issues via email reduces the need for costly phone support. Additionally, automated responses can handle routine queries, freeing up your support agents’ time.

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10 Easy Steps to Write Effective Customer Service Email?

Now, discover some best practices and customer service email templates, in this section, that will assist you in mastering the skill of crafting improved customer emails.

I. Show Your Humanity

When writing an effective customer service email, it’s crucial to be more than just a faceless entity. Your customers want to connect with a real person, so let your humanity shine through in your emails. 

Here’s how:

    1. Use a Personal Tone: Address the customer by their name, and write in a friendly, conversational tone.
    2. Empathize: Show empathy towards the customer’s situation. Acknowledge their concerns or frustrations, and assure them that you understand.
    3. Be Transparent: If there are delays or issues, be upfront about it. Customers appreciate honesty.
    4. Offer Assistance: Always offer your assistance and let them know you’re there to help.


Imagine a customer named John contacts your company with a problem. Instead of sending a cold, robotic email, you reply with a personal touch:

customer service email

By infusing your emails with humanity, you build trust and a stronger connection with your customers, making them feel valued and heard.

II. Prioritize Solutions Over Resources

The key is to focus on delivering solutions rather than inundating customers with resources or information. To do that,

    1. Directly Address the Issue: Begin your email by addressing the customer’s concern.
    2. Offer a Solution: After acknowledging the issue, provide a clear and actionable solution. Be specific and concise.
    3. Explain the Benefits: Briefly explain how the suggested solution will benefit the customer. This helps them understand why they should follow your advice.
    4. Provide Resources Sparingly: While resources like links, guides, or FAQs can be helpful, avoid overwhelming the customer with too much information at once. Offer these resources after you’ve presented the solution.

solutions - customer service email

Therefore, by prioritizing solutions over resources, you streamline the support process and empower customers to take action, leading to more effective customer service emails.

III. Embrace Positivity in Your Writing, Avoiding Imperatives

It is also crucial to maintain a positive tone without resorting to imperative language. Such emails foster a more enjoyable and engaging interaction with your customers.

customer service email

    1. Use Encouraging Language: Instead of saying, “You must do this,” say, “You can consider doing this.” This approach offers options rather than instructions.
    2. Highlight Benefits: Focus on the positive outcomes of the customer’s actions. For example, “Following these steps will result in smoother transactions.”
    3. Be Polite and Grateful: Always express appreciation for the customer’s inquiry or feedback. Begin with a courteous greeting and thank them for their contact.
    4. Offer Solutions, Not Commands: Present solutions as recommendations. For example, “You might find it helpful to review our troubleshooting guide” instead of “Review our troubleshooting guide.”

IV. Simplicity is Key

simplicity - customer service email

Look at the above example. Here, you have kept the email simple, yet informative and easy for the customer to absorb. This results in a more effective and satisfying customer service email experience.

Know how:

    1. Clarity Matters: Use straightforward language to ensure your message is crystal clear. Avoid jargon or complex terms that might confuse the customer.
    2. Short and Sweet: Be concise in your explanations. Customers appreciate emails that get to the point without unnecessary verbosity.
    3. Bulleted Lists: Convey information or steps using bulleted lists for easy readability. It breaks down content into digestible chunks.
    4. One Topic per Email: Stick to one issue or topic per email. This prevents overwhelming the customer and makes it easier for them to respond or take action.

V. Eliminate Confusion Completely

Clarity is paramount in customer service emails because customers seek swift resolutions. Using phrases like “as soon as we can,” can leave the reader wondering about the actual timeframe and solution.

To avoid this and ensure effective communication:

    1. Specify Timeframes: Instead of vague expressions, provide a specific timeframe for actions. For example, “We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a resolution.”
    2. Highlight Action Steps: Clearly outline the steps you’ll take to address the issue.
    3. Offer Contact Information: Encourage customers to reach out if they have further questions or need immediate assistance.

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VI. Simplify the Reading Experience

You might have observed that many customer emails pose multiple questions. Yet, replying with a lengthy paragraph becomes less reader-friendly.

This can potentially overwhelm your customers, leading them to skip parts of your response. The most effective approach is to break down your reply into distinct sections. Utilize formatting options like bold, italics, bullet points, etc., following the template below.

customer service email

VII. Determine the Right Moments for Upselling

By identifying the right moments for upselling and presenting it in a customer-focused manner, you can enhance the customer’s experience while also increasing sales opportunities.

    1. Recognize Customer Needs: Pay attention to your customer’s inquiries or purchase history to gauge their needs and preferences.
    2. Provide Relevant Suggestions: Offer additional products or services that complement what the customer is already interested in.
    3. Highlight Benefits: Emphasize the value and benefits of the upsell. Explain how it can enhance the customer’s experience or solve a specific problem they’re facing.
    4. Create a Sense of Urgency: Use language that gently encourages action, such as limited-time offers or promotions. Phrases like “Act now for a special discount” can be effective.

VIII. Address Every Customer Inquiry

Remember to be considerate of your customers’ needs. Value their time by offering clear solutions and, last but not least, ensure you answer all of their questions in one go.

IX. Take the Initiative with Follow-ups

Following up with your customers proactively can make a significant difference in their satisfaction. It exhibits that you not only address customer issues effectively but also demonstrate your dedication to their needs and concerns.

    1. Acknowledge Their Concern: Start by acknowledging the customer’s initial inquiry or issue, showing that you’ve been attentive to their needs.
    2. Regular Updates: Provide timely updates, especially if the resolution process takes time. Keep the customer in the loop to manage their expectations.
    3. Ask for Feedback: Invite them to share any additional questions, feedback, or concerns with you during the follow-up process.

X. Offer Apologies When Required

Offering sincere apologies not only acknowledges the issue but also demonstrates your commitment to making things right for the customer.


“I apologize for the oversight in your recent order.”

“We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

“We take full responsibility for the error.”

“To resolve this, we will expedite a replacement order for you.”

With that, we’ve covered the essentials of effective customer service email writing. Now, it’s time to focus on which is by far the best helpdesk to streamline and enhance your customer support efforts.

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Mastering the Art of Customer Service Email

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