How To Utilize WhatsApp Business Multiple Users To Scale Your eCommerce Business In 2023

whatsapp business multiple users

Last Updated: February 2024

Are you planning to use the WhatsApp Business app for your eCommerce business? Then you are at the right place now. Here we are discussing using WhatsApp Business on multiple devices by multiple users at the same time.

Before we could jump into the step-by-step guide, we all know and use WhatsApp daily. There are over 2 Billion WhatsApp users worldwide and on average a WhatsApp user spends 38 minutes per day.

For newbies, how is this WhatsApp Business app different from the regular chatting app? It is like a mobile storefront with all your business information and product collection put together in the WhatsApp Business app.

This app, consequently, store serves as a great personalized virtual shopping experience for your customers. Simply put, shopping through chatting. Also, you can manage your WhatsApp Business customer support on multiple devices by assigning your agents.

Having said that, we are now moving further to see

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Multiple Users

  • Create a great first impression using a WhatsApp Business profile.
  • With multiple users, you can reach out to a much wider audience.
  • Also, get in one-to-one engagement with your customers from across devices.
  • Drive instant customer support resolutions using multiple devices, consequently reducing the number of customer tickets/queries in less time.
  • Startups and small businesses can personally engage with their customers using the Business app on five devices at the same time. While medium to large-scale businesses can reach out and assist larger audiences through programmatic access.

Great, these are the benefits of Whatsapp for businesses by multiple users. Now to the million-dollar question. How to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices?

Steps to connect WhatsApp Business Multiple Users

First, let us see the steps to link the WhatsApp Business app on four other devices apart from your android phone or iPhone.

Steps to integrate up to 5 users on the WhatsApp Business App

For Android,

#1: Go to WhatsApp web or desktop version. The QR code shows up on the screen.

#2: Open the WhatsApp Business app on your phone. Click the three vertical dots and select Linked devices from the popup menu.

#3: This will open a new window. Click the ‘LINK A DEVICE’ button.

#4: Now show your phone camera towards the QR code on your desktop/laptop screen. The scanner will run and connect both devices. Done.

Let us now see the steps to link your iPhone and WhatsApp web.

#1 – Similar to the previous method, open the WhatsApp web/desktop page.

#2 – Open WhatsApp Business on your iPhone.

#3 – Click on ‘Settings’.

#4 – Tap on ‘Linked devices’.

#5 – Select ‘Link a device’ and done.

Coming up are the steps for medium to enterprise-size businesses to follow using WhatsApp Business API. If you are one, then watch closely and simply follow these steps to reach millions of customers at one go using the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Steps to integrate multiple users on the WhatsApp Business Platform

The WhatsApp Business Platform provides you with an array of premium business tools through programmatic access. Moreover, You can assign to an unlimited number of users or agents, send unlimited messages, create and send canned responses, and add media or links to the messages.

Getting started with the steps to engage multiple users in two different methods.

Method #1

Acquire WhatsApp Business API. Check the following two ways to get it. 

  • If you are a developer yourself or have an in-house developer, then you can directly access the Platform and call the APIs.
  • Or partner with an approved Business Solution Provider (BSP) and integrate your WhatsApp Business with other support-related tech stacks.
Method #2

Go for WhatsApp Business Premium on a monthly subscription basis and connect up to 10 devices concurrently. Moreover, With Premium, it is possible to assign the chats to your agents, facilitating them to handle more customers efficiently from different devices. And the steps are as follows,

#1 – Link your device using the QR code scanning as mentioned above. Give a device name along with the agent name to whom you will assign this device, for easy identification.

#2 – To assign a chat, open chat. Tap on the three dots menu. Choose ‘Assign chat’.

#3 – Select the agent to assign the chat. Hit ‘Save’.

#4 – If you wish to assign multiple chats to an agent, then go to the Chats tab. Press and hold on to a chat to assign. Now tap on all the other required chats to assign (like selecting multiple chats together).

#5 – Click the three dots, and select ‘Assign chat’.

#6 – Select the agent and hit ‘Save’.

Since you have saved the device name with the agent’s earlier, you can now easily identify which agent sent messages from which device. To do this,

Open the chat, tap and hold the message, and click on the info (i) icon to see who sent the message.

Please note, subsequent after you connect your WhatsApp Business to other devices, you need not be connected to the internet on your main mobile device.

However, if you stay disconnected for more than 14 days, then the devices will be delinked. Requires you to register your account again and connect new devices. Try to avoid such situations.

Moving on to the next part of the article.

Drawbacks of WhatsApp Business Multiple Users

  • Though, WhatsApp allows you to use the free version of the Business app on 5 different devices at a time, it allows only one mobile phone out of the five devices.
  • This means you cannot use WhatsApp Business on two different phone numbers simultaneously. Indeed, Chances are your account will be blocked or banned.
  • So, it is evident that this method will fare well for startups and small businesses only.
  • Moreover, even if you upgrade to WhatsApp Business Premium by paying a premium subscription every month, you still get access to only up to 10 devices including one phone.
  • Otherwise, it requires a lot of technical interference in order to acquire and use WhatsApp Business API for unlimited messaging to your customers.

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To sum it up

That concludes the guide on setting up and using Whatsapp Business with multiple users; nevertheless, it does highlight a few setbacks you might encounter. Additionally, We agree that using WhatsApp for your business is necessary to reach out to your customers instantly and at a personal level.

Yet, in order to scale your WhatsApp Business support messaging, we recommend you try Saufter. Experience its unique and effective UGC marketing feature added to the streamlined customer support on social platforms. Why wait? Check the results for yourself!

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