How to Upload Video to Shopify: Complete Guide

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Last Updated: April 2024

Unlock the potential of your Shopify store with this complete guide on how to upload video to Shopify

In this fast-paced digital era, captivating visuals are crucial for attracting and retaining customers. Wondering how to seamlessly integrate videos into your Shopify platform? Look no further! 

This step-by-step guide will demystify the process, empowering you to enhance your online storefront and boost engagement. 

Let’s dive into the essentials of how to upload video to Shopify and revolutionize your e-commerce game!

How to Upload Video to Shopify Store Page

In today’s digital era, videos in the product gallery are expected, making it a prime spot on your Shopify store. 

However, don’t stop there! Spread your compelling product videos across your Shopify homepage, product launches, special offers, and collections for maximum impact. The more eyes on your outstanding videos, the higher the chances of converting viewers into customers.

Embed YouTube Videos on Shopify

Use YouTube as it’s a common platform for hosting videos. It’s better to choose third-party services like YouTube or Vimeo to host your videos for Shopify.

Instead of directly uploading MP4 files to Shopify, go for these third-party services. This keeps your site running smoothly and lets you market your videos effectively on platforms that perform well on Google.

Just remember, to upload your videos to these services first before adding them to your Shopify store.

Step 1: Copy the Video URL

    1. Begin by locating the video you wish to use and copying its URL.
    2. While YouTube offers an embed option in its sharing settings, consider other options for optimal mobile responsiveness.
how to upload video to shopify

Step 2: Ensure Mobile Responsiveness

    1. Mobile-friendly content is crucial. Go to Embed Responsively to generate a fully responsive embed snippet code.
    2. Paste your copied URL.
    3. Click Embed.
how to upload video to shopify

Step 3: Copy the Responsive Embed Code

    1. Once you’ve selected your video, copy the entire embed code.
    2. While YouTube provides its embedded code, creating a more responsive one is worth the extra effort.
how to upload video to shopify

Step 4: Log in to Shopify and Locate Your Page

    1. Access your Shopify admin.
    2. Go to Online Store > Pages.
how to upload video to shopify
    • Find the specific page for your video.
how to upload video to shopify

Step 5: Click “Insert Video” and Add the Embed Code

On your store page, look for formatting icons:

    • Click on the video camera icon.
how to upload video to shopify
    • A modal window will appear.
    • Paste your responsive video embed code.
how to upload video to shopify
    • Click the “Insert Video” button.

Voila! You’ve successfully added a video to your Shopify page. Don’t forget to click Save to make it official.

how to upload video to shopify

How to Upload Video to Shopify Homepage

Step 1: Access Theme Editor

    1. Go to Online Store > Themes.
    2. Click the Customize button on your current theme.
how to upload video to shopify

Step 2: Add Video Section

    1. On the left side of the theme editor, click the Add section.
    2. Choose the Video element; it will automatically be added to the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Position the Video Element

    • Click and hold the six-dot icon to drag the video element to your desired location on the page.

Step 4: Adjust Video Settings

    1. Select the Video element to reveal its settings on the right side of the screen.
    2. Input the video URL
    3. Add alt text.
    4. Opt for full width.
    5. Customize features like margin, padding, and colors.

Step 5: Save Your Changes

    • Save the page to apply the modifications.

How to Upload Video to Shopify Product Page

Adding a video to your product pages is easy. It can be done in a couple of ways either in the product gallery or within the product description.

Start by going to the Products section and finding the product you want to enhance with a video.

We’ll show you how to add a video to the gallery and then to your product description.

How to Add a Video to Your Shopify Product Gallery

Step 1: Access Media Section:

    1. Go to your product page.
    2. Navigate to the Media section.

Step 2: Add Video from the URL

    1. Click “Add from URL.”
    2. Insert the original video URL (no embed code necessary).
how to upload video to shopify

Step 3: Arrange the Video in the Gallery and Save

    1. Drag the video to your desired position in the gallery.
    2. For instance, place it at the beginning for a prominent display.
    3. Save your page after making adjustments.

How to Upload Video to Shopify: Product Description

Step 1: Using Rich Text Editor

    • Follow the previously explained steps using the Rich Text Editor.

Step 2: HTML Code Approach

    • Click the <> icon to Show HTML.
    • After your product description text, type <!– split –> followed by your video embed code.

Step 3: Save and View

    • Save your product page.
    • Your video will now be visible in your product description.

The Benefits of Adding Videos to Your Shopify Store

People like to know what they’re buying. Videos help bring the real shopping experience to the online world.

A survey by RetailDive found that seeing, touching, and feeling products is a big reason why people prefer physical stores over online ones. Still, the ease of online shopping is hard to beat.

Video marketing has a huge role in keeping people engaged and happy to shop online.

1. Approximate the In-Store Experience

Even the best pictures can’t capture the full picture. Videos, on the other hand, bring things to life, giving you a more real and engaging experience online. 

They’re like a sneak peek into the actual thing, making it easier for you to connect with the product. While descriptions and images might be overlooked, videos combine both, making it hard to resist checking them out.

2. Boost Conversion Rates

According to a survey by Animoto, 96% of people find videos helpful when deciding to buy something online. So, adding videos to your Shopify store helps turn more visitors into customers. 

When you show the benefits of your product through videos, it not only improves conversion but also increases the average order value (AOV).

Additionally, the survey found that 73% of US adults are more likely to purchase after watching a video explaining the product.

3. Prevent Future E-Commerce Returns

Even better, if you show your product clearly, there’ll be fewer returns.

A survey found that 22% of people send things back because they look different. Online, more than 30% get returned, while in physical stores, it’s 8.89%.

If customers understand your product well with a good visual description, they’re less likely to return it.

Some brands use content made by customers (like pictures and videos) to help others understand the products better. And the best part? You don’t have to make it yourself.

4. Get an SEO Boost

Pages with videos to attract more time from shoppers. Videos also boast a 41% higher click-through rate compared to text-based results. Additionally, they contribute an extra 2 minutes to the average time users spend on your site.

Dwell time is crucial for search engines to identify the most relevant pages for specific queries. If shoppers linger on your product page or blog post without quickly returning to Google, that page can climb in search rankings.

It’s not just your site pages that can rank on Google. If your brand has a YouTube channel with excellent video SEO, your videos can appear at the top of search results.

Moreover, loyal customers can share your videos, spreading the word about your brand.

5. Stand Out From the Crowd

When you browse online stores quickly, you’ll notice that many don’t use videos to showcase their products’ unique features. This is an advantage for retailers who do use videos.

Being different is super important for online shoppers.

Lots of other sellers are offering the same things as you at any time. So, in a busy crowd, the best plan is to stand out, and videos can help you do that.

While others can only tell a bit of their product’s story with text and pictures, your videos add that extra something, giving you an edge.

Types of Product Videos You Can Use for Your Store

Product videos can be different depending on where you want to use them in your store. The kind of product video you make depends on what you want it to do.

1. Product Launch Videos

Spread the word about your latest product with a cool video. Use artsy shots and a catchy voice-over for a coming soon or product landing page. Share it on social media for more eyes.

2. Feature Announcements

Tell everyone when your favorite product gets an update. Share it easily with a feature announcement video. Post it on your blog, or socials, or use it in-app if you’re a tech company.

3. UGC and Unboxing Videos

Your happy customers can help you with cool content. Use their photos and unboxing videos on social media and your homepage. It’s like a sneak peek for potential buyers.

4. Customer Reviews

Let your customers share their experiences through video reviews. It’s like word of mouth but on your website. Put these videos in ads, posts, and all over your online store.

5. Explainer Videos or Product Demos

Show off what your product can do with demo videos. Great for product pages and YouTube. It’s like a quick how-to guide that can also get more people to know about your product.

6. Product Comparison Videos

Stand out by comparing your product with others. Show why yours is the best. Share these videos everywhere so everyone knows why your product is awesome.

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In conclusion, we’ve covered the steps for how to upload video to Shopify, providing valuable insights.

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Concluding this discussion, no matter the approach you take in learning how to upload video to Shopify, rest assured it will create a lasting impact on your store. 

As a store owner, your pivotal role is to discover effective ways to engage and inform customers, and incorporating videos perfectly aligns with this goal. 

Not only is it a key element for increased sales, fewer returns, and better rankings, but it also serves as a fundamental aspect of enhancing the overall Shopify store experience.



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