How to Setup Helpscout Jira Integration

helpscout jira integration

Embark on a seamless journey of collaboration and efficiency as we guide you through the process of setting up HelpScout Jira integration. Streamline your workflow, enhance communication, and harness the combined power of these two robust platforms. Let’s delve into the steps that will empower your team and optimize your support and project management processes.

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What is Jira?

Jira, a project management and issue-tracking tool crafted by Atlassian, stands out as a versatile solution employed by diverse teams. Its primary aim is to assist teams in planning, tracking, managing, and reporting on their work. Although it holds significant popularity within software development teams, Jira’s adaptability allows seamless integration into a spectrum of project management scenarios.

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HelpScout Jira Integration

The HelpScout Jira integration serves as a crucial link, ensuring that your support team remains closely connected with product development and bug reporting. Moreover, this integration facilitates easy access to Jira issues directly from the conversation sidebar in HelpScout, fostering seamless collaboration between support and development workflows.

helpscout jira integration

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Activation Instructions

Step 1: Authentication

For users of Jira Cloud, it is essential to authenticate the integration by utilizing your Jira administrator username and API token.

If you are using the Jira Server (on-premise), the authentication process requires the use of your Jira username and password. In case your Jira Server installation is behind a firewall, please reach out to Helpscout to obtain the required IP addresses for allowing access.

Step 2: Locating Jira Software Integration

Navigate to Manage > Apps in HelpScout, and either search for or scroll to locate the Jira Software integration.


Step 3: Installation

Select Install App, and subsequently input your Jira Base URL (e.g.,, along with your Jira Username (which must be a Jira administrator) and the Jira API token. However, it’s crucial to note that the Jira account used for authentication in this step must possess permissions for creating and editing issues.

Additionally, it should have the capability to modify the reporter for each project

Note: Please be aware that if you modify the Jira Base URL later on, any links to conversations established before that change will be lost.

helpscout jira integration

Step 4: Activation

Activate the Toggle Active on Completion setting if you desire HelpScout conversations to reopen upon marking a Jira issue as done. In the context of Jira, Done indicates that the issue status has been set to:

    • A status with the name Done
    • Any status is categorized as Done. This encompasses the default Resolved status and extends to custom statuses categorized under “Done.”

The Jira app changes the conversation status to Active and appends a note indicating its activation.


Opting not to use Active on Completion, Jira will still include a note in a linked conversation when the associated issue is transitioned to a Done status.

helpscout jira integration

Utilize the search function or workflows to locate conversations containing these notes.

Pro Tip: Efficiently Follow Up With Customers

Create a workflow for quick customer follow-ups by utilizing the notes provided by the Jira app. Identify the Jira issue number (e.g., JIRA-55) within the conversation notes. Subsequently, automate the process of sending your customers a follow-up email, keeping them informed about the implementation of their request or the resolution of the issue.

helpscout jira integration

How HelpScout Jira Integration Works

Once the app is installed, you’ll notice Jira in the sidebar of each of your conversations.


Select Link an issue to search for existing projects and issues within Jira. Enter any pertinent text, and the results will populate automatically. Proceed to click on Link Issue to establish the link with the conversation.

helpscout jira integration

Alternatively, choose New Issue to generate a Jira issue directly from Help Scout. The form for the new issue will present any fields marked as mandatory for the selected project in Jira.


The newly created issue will be displayed as linked in the conversation sidebar.

In Jira, HelpScout conversations are presented as web links. Users in HelpScout can click on these links in Jira to access and open the corresponding conversations.

helpscout jira integration

Issues generated through the Jira app will adhere to the time zone configuration specified in your HelpScout user profile.

Benefits of HelpScout Jira Integration

  • Seamless Communication: Ensures smooth communication between support and development teams by providing easy access to Jira issues directly from the conversation sidebar in HelpScout.
  • Efficient Bug Reporting: Your support team can stay closely connected with product development and bug reporting, streamlining the process of identifying and resolving issues.
  • Centralized Access: Allows you to link Jira issues with conversations directly from Help Scout, providing a centralized location for tracking and managing both support and development tasks.
  • Quick Access to Linked Information: The integration allows for quick access to previously linked Jira issues in Help Scout and vice versa, facilitating efficient cross-referencing of information.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: By linking Jira issues with conversations, the integration fosters collaboration between support and development teams, ensuring a more cohesive approach to issue resolution.
  • Time Efficiency: Save time by directly accessing Jira issues from HelpScout, eliminating the need to switch between platforms for product development or bug tracking.
  • Improved Visibility in Help Scout: Support teams can easily see previously linked Jira issues within HelpScout, providing context and background information about ongoing development work. Your Platform for Intelligent Automations is your go-to platform for streamlined automation. It simplifies tasks like password resets and returns/exchanges, saving time and reducing stress. Effortlessly track orders for potential delays and access self-service options immediately upon ticket creation. Experience the ease and efficiency of smart automation with

Key Features

    • Effortless Logins: Simplify account access with one-click automatic password reset emails or SMS.
    • Returns and Exchanges Automation: Streamline returns and exchanges processes, saving time and reducing stress for your team.
    • Order Monitoring: Automatically keep an eye on orders to detect delays and receive smart notifications to ensure smooth operations.
    • Custom Automations: Tailor automation to your specific needs, offering self-service options within seconds when a ticket is created.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Experience an intuitive and user-friendly platform designed for ease of use.
    • Versatile Automation Solutions: The platform provides versatile solutions for smart automation, offering a comprehensive approach to various operational tasks.


In summary, implementing the HelpScout Jira integration enhances collaboration, streamlines workflows, and improves issue resolution. It ensures efficient communication and a seamless transition from support to development tasks. Embracing this integration is a key step toward achieving operational excellence and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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