How To Setup Email-To-Case In Salesforce? [Easy Step-By-Step Guide]

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Last Updated: February 2024

Do you know there are 4 billion active email users worldwide? Thus, if you have numerous emails coming your way, then you should set up email-to-case. It enables you to convert incoming emails to cases that can further be transferred to your customer support agents. 

If you use Salesforce and are confused about how to set up email-to-case in it, then you are at the right place. Here we have curated some easy steps that will allow you to perform the task. 

Here is what the article holds for you: 

Benefits Of Setting Up Email-To-Case Feature

Here are 3 benefits of using email-to-case features that you should know.

Optimize Your Time

Your agents don’t have to manually insert the data from emails into the custom ticket fields. This feature will automatically collect information from emails and save your agent’s time, which they can use it solve queries. 

Reduces Error

There are chances of error when a human conducts a repetitive task. Thus, automation reduces the chance of error and provides your agents with correct information. This also allows you to provide error-free support to your customers which scales up your customer experience. 

All The Emails Are Resolved

Email-to-case automation will ensure that all the tickets are attended to and a case is created. You can even prioritize email-to-case creation for your VIP customers. 


Steps To Enable Email-To-Case In Salesforce

To set up email-to-case you need to have an email to case agent which you can download by contacting Salesforce’s customer support. Once you have installed the software you can proceed with the following steps:

  • Step 1: After the software is installed, you need to approve the configuration and then proceeded to configure the setting in the email to case setting. 
  • Step 2: Now you need to set up routine address settings depending on how you prefer Salesforce to create a case from your emails. 
  • Step 3: You can send a trial mail and check if your preferred setup is working perfectly or not. 
  • Step 4: Add the configured email address so that your customers can view it.
  • Step 5: You can also add an email quick action to your case page in case you want to make the navigation smooth for your users. 

Drawbacks Of Salesforce 


Issue With Spam Cases

Salesforce’s interface creates scattered cases which makes it hard for your agents to navigate. Moreover, spam cases are hard to delete and can consume a majority of your agent’s time doing so. 

Slow To Create Cases

Salesforce has a slow and clunky case creation process that can affect your agent’s productivity. This can result in slow customer support and scale down your customer experience. 

Not User Friendly

The user interface of Salesforce is not easy to use and can occupy your time. It’s hard to use and locate features that can hamper your business operations. 


Meet Saufter, The Best Salesforce Alternative


  • Workflow automation: Saufter comes with a ton of workflow automation that helps you work on your day-to-day activities. Some of the automation that you can use to scale up your business operations are email-to-case creation, deleting duplicate tickets, merging of tickets from the same server, and many more. It even allows you to create unlimited tickets. 
  • Customer support: Saufter has an AI chatbot that allows you to automate your customer support. It can attend to customers in real time and solve their queries using knowledge base articles. This ensures that no customer query is left unattended. 
  • Call service: You can even avail of Saufter’s call services like overflow call service, after-hour call service, dedicated call center, and many more. 
  • Social media automation: Saufter’s AI bot collects good reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp!, etc. and posts them on your social handles. 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this article you were able to setup email-to-case-in Salesforce. Although we know that the configuration is hard and requires you to contact their support team for help, that’s the only way you can automate this feature. 

However, if you are looking for software that provides quick and easy workflow automation, then you should try Saufter. It even allows you to automate your customer support and create unlimited tickets. 

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