How to set up Freshdesk canned responses

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Last Updated: May 2024

If you also find setting up Freshdesk canned response a complex task, don’t worry we will make it simpler for you.

A canned response template could be a great way of gaining customer trust by reaching them faster in a personalized way. It reduces your agent’s time & energy and increases productivity.

So, let’s dive deeper to understand the further details. The article includes-

Benefits of setting canned responses


Easy and Responsive

Canned responses perform great on questions that don’t require much work for your agents such as acknowledgment responses, ticket update responses, etc. With canned templates, your team can work more responsively, treating your customers with a personalized touch.

Saves both Agent’s and Customer’s time

Replying to customers in a fast and precise way not only helps in building brand image but also boosts conversion rate to the next level. Well, here canned response plays a vital role. It helps you save both customers’ and agents’ time, and increases their productivity. 

Faster Control Over Customer Management 

Another great benefit of a canned message is it helps you respond to your customers faster. A customer no more needs to wait for a reply from your agent for basic queries. Thus, the process results in improving brand image to boost customer retention.

Provides Access to Manage Multiple Customers

You can easily manage multiple customers at a time by just changing the customer details in a more personalized manner. Let’s assume, there’s an update about your product, you can easily inform your customers using canned responses, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Error-free message

Responding to your customers with typos in the text sounds unprofessional. However, you can easily avoid this with a canned message. It helps you to reach your customers in an error-free manner and makes it easier for your agents to achieve this without any fuss.

How to actually set up Freshdesk canned response

  • Let’s quickly take a glance through the steps to set up Fresh desk canned response
  • Login to your support portal and go to the “Admin” tab on the left panel, click on “Agent Productivity > Canned Responses“.



  • Click on the New Canned Response“.
  • Choose a suitable and relevant “Response Title“, so that your agents can find it easier to understand and identify it later.
  • After that, write the content that needs to be sent for that particular response title. You can use the placeholders in the description to insert dynamic content like the Name of the customer, the ticket id, and more



  • After finishing this, click on the “Save” button.
  • Admins can keep their responses private if they want to, for that, 
  • Admin > Agent Productivity > Canned Responses > Create new (choose the old) >  select “Myself”



  • Selecting the “All Agents” option will enable your agents to use the canned template just by simply clicking “Insert canned response”.
  • Your agents can also create their own canned responses under their personal folders. For that, click on Log in > Gear button > Canned Response, and after that follow the same process.

Why is Freshdesk not the Best Helpdesk?


The Initial setup is complex and requires a lot of training

The implementation process is very messy, and unorganized and requires a lot of assistance. The agents’ and admins’ canned responses make the process even more complex.

Poor Ticketing system

When many requests come in simultaneously through different channels, the ticketing system can slow down and make the whole program feel more cumbersome. Your team finds it even more difficult to respond and analyze to these requests at such times.

Technical glitches with the updates

Freshdesk keeps on adding new updates that you have to install frequently. With each new update, your agents face a new bug or glitch, that can slow down your customer support.

Meet Saufter, The Best Freshdesk Alternative 

Saufter is the easiest software that allows you to insert canned responses. It even provides metrics related to canned messages that allow you to manage them more effectively. 

Saufter also provides omnichannel automated customer support with the help of its AI chatbot. This feature allows you to easily attend to all your customers present on different platforms and solve their queries. 

It can even automate your social media handle. Saufter collects good reviews, and videos from platforms like Yelp!, Facebook, Google reviews, etc. and posts them on your social media. This helps in creating awareness about your product. 

Saufter provides call center services where you can avail yourself of services like after-hour call service, overflow call service, live chat outsourcing service, and many more. 

Not only that it lets you –

  • Handle unlimited tickets
  • Provide basic client support across channels such as email, SMS, chat, and phone.
  • Create self-help services for your users,
  • Social media, eCommerce, and other app integrations.
  • Automation services including marketing and detecting issues.
  • Hiring experienced agents and testing and training them.


So far, we have seen that Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that enables businesses of all sizes to deliver stellar customer support and has a built-in canned response feature.

However, setting up Freshdesk canned responses is a little complex and time-consuming process.

You can simply switch to Saufter which provides an easy canned response set up and help you enhance your customer service. It is a multi-channel customer service helpdesk designed to be cost-effective, and easy to set up, and most agents can get started on Saufter with little to no training.

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