How To Migrate From Magento To Shopify?

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Magento To Shopify

Last Updated: June 2024

Until now there are 4.1 million websites that are built with Shopify. One of the primary reasons behind such extensive Shopify usage is its user-friendly interface and secure financial transactions. Thus, if you have made up your mind on switching from Magento to Shopify and are looking for steps to carry out the task, then you are at the right place. Here we have curated 6 easy steps that will help you transfer from Magento to Shopify.

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Benefits Of Using Shopify

There are 3 major benefits of using Shopify, let’s have a look at all of them.

Easy To Set-up And Low Startup Cost

Shopify is specially built for average users and not developers. You can easily add products, create discounts, and process orders through Shopify. Moreover, the starting cost of the app is low ( $29 ) and includes features like creating and customizing themes, adding products, and 24X7 unlimited customer care support. 

Shopify Marketplace

Shopify has its own marketplace that allows you to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and scale up your business operations. The marketplace has apps like return management apps, helpdesk applications, marketing applications, and so on.

Mobile Friendly

Do you know 80% of shoppers use mobile phones instead of going to a physical store to check for product reviews, compare price, or find store location? Thus, with the help of Shopify, you can easily create mobile-friendly sites for both Ios and Android.

6 Easy Steps To Migrate From Magento To Shopify

Here are 6 easy steps that will allow you to migrate from Magento to Shopify.

Step 1: Create A Shopify Account


To create a Shopify account click on this link “Create Account” and then select a 3-day free trial to get extra days. You need to enter information like:


Once done enter your email id and pay for the plan you desire for.

Step 2: Create A Backup For Your Store

To make your migration secure you need to back up your store data like product details, customer details, payment details, and more. Follow these steps to backup your data

  • Open the Magento store, navigate to the admin sidebar click on System>Tools>Backups. 
  •  From the Backups page chose any one of these System back-ups, Database back-ups, or database and media back-ups.

Step 3: You Need To Download A Store Import App

There are lots of apps available in the Shopify Marketplace that you can install and carry out your migration. For example, you can use LitExtension Store Migration.

Step 4: Export Data From Magento

  • Open your Magento account, navigate to the admin sidebar and click on System then press Data Transfer>Export.
  • Now inside the Export page and select whether your page Entity Type is products, customer main file, or customer addresses.
  • In the Export File Format select XML.

Step 5: Import Your Store Data

  • Open the recently created Shopify account then navigate to Admin Page and click on Apps>LitEtension and select Magento from the drop-down list.
  • Now click on Upload Files>Add File and select your exported file.
  • After that click on Continue Import>Import. 

Step 6: Review The Imported Data

Last and most important step is to cross-check if all the data that you have entered is correct or not. You can use the export data file in your storage to cross-check the data.

Common Customer Queries Regarding The Migration

Here are the 2 major questions asked by customers regarding this migration whose resolution might help you too.

“What entity would I export to get sales since, say, March 1 2022) ? I was hoping I could just export Customers Main File but not sure. Thanks!”

We recommend you use CSV Adobe Data Exporter to just export customer main file. All the other extensions may cost you more. You can even call Magento or Shopify customer support for more help on this topic.

“I have export customer CSV, product CSV files but whenever I upload from Store Importer App, It gives various errors, not upload directly as I export from the Magento Store.”

This problem can occur due to several technical reasons, we request you to either contact the Shopify customer support team or read these Shopify knowledge base articles:

Meet Saufter, The Best Tool For Your Shopify Store


Here are all the benefits that Saufter provides to your Shopify store:

  • Shopify and Magento integration: Saufter can integrate with both the sites and can streamline your business operation. Other than that Saufter also helps you in providing omnichannel customer support on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Website, and so on.
  • Customer support: Saufter provides a chatbot to your Shopify store that allows you to automate customer support.
  • Order management: Saufter provides 24X7 order and return management on your store and ensures that no order is delivered late to your customer. Moreover, it provides the order and return history of your customers which assist you in reducing return abuse in your store.
  • Workflow automation: Through Saufter’s workflow automation feature you can automate daily routine tasks like ticket assigning, ticket grouping, and more.
  • Social proof: The AI bot of saufter can collect good reviews from platforms like Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, etc. and posts them on your social accounts, helping you provide social proof to your customers.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this article you were able to know the process of Magento to Shopify migration. We have listed 6 easy steps with benefits of using Shopify in this article to assist you. 

However, if you are looking for helpdesk software, then you should try Saufter. It comes with a chatbot that allows you to provide robust customer support in your store. Saufter will also assist you with a smooth order and return management process.

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