How To Generate Freshdesk API Key – A Step-By-Step Guide

Last Updated: February 2024

You need an API key to migrate to or from Freshdesk and Freshservice platforms. Freshdesk APIs pertain to Representational State Transfer (REST) categorization of plain JSON media types. Using the API key, you can transfer your whole customer and company data from one helpdesk to Freshdesk and vice versa.

If you are quizzed about how to generate a Freshdesk or Freshservice API key, this article gives you the answer. Here, we will discuss,

Benefits Of Freshdesk API Key

Being a cloud-based helpdesk software, Freshdesk provides you with the tools and integrations required for delivering great customer service. But here, we will talk about how Freshdesk API will benefit your business.

  • The software supports Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) functionality giving you the maximum freedom of sharing texts, images, videos, etc between helpdesks.
  • It gives you the advantage to create, modifying, and removing the custom fields within your helpdesk.
  • Conversations: Allows you to create and share private notes as well as public notes for conversations among the team and with your customers.
  • Agent management: Helps you to authenticate your agents by allocating them a unique authenticated agent API code to manage the agent-related data.
  • Canned Responses: Create, modify, update, and manage canned response folders in bulk using the APIs easily.
  • With the help of Freshdesk APIs, you can manage your field service team operations easily. Also, combine them with other teams to provide cohesive customer support.
  • Email: You can create and configure bulk emails and email boxes to speed up email support.
  • Now creating, modifying, and managing your varied SLA policies would be easy using the APIs.
  • Omnichannel Activity API: Use this API to record and manage customer context from other channels on the Freshdesk contact timeline. This gives your agents the full information of your customer’s journey.
  • Automation: Set, modify, and update triggers and rules for seamless automation workflows like ticket creation, time triggers, ticket updation, etc.

Since we now know what are the uses of using the Freshdesk API, we will now check the steps to generate it.

Steps To Generate Freshdesk API Key

Generating a Freshdesk API is really simple. We are giving you the complete steps along with picture references to help you avoid any confusion. The user interface of both Freshdesk and Freshservice is similar and so you can follow these steps to get the API key on both platforms.

Step# 1 First, you need to sign in to your account.

Step# 2 Click on your profile picture which is found in the top right corner of the screen.

Freshdesk API

Step# 3 Go to ‘Profile settings’ and select.

Freshdesk API

Step# 4 Look out for the ‘API key’ on the right side of the window. Copy it to fill it in the migration wizard window.

Freshdesk API

Step# 5 To view the API key, you need to complete the captcha to confirm that you are not a robot.

Freshdesk API

Once you complete the captcha step, you will get your API key. Using this key, you can migrate data and fields to and from Freshdesk. As said earlier, the steps to generate API were easy. But is it the same in the case of using it? Our research gave the answer to this question and we have put it in the next part for you.

Why Is Freshdesk Not The Best For Using APIs?

  • The major setback of using Freshdesk API is that it requires technical developer knowledge to use and manage the APIs.
  • Users are not happy with the limitation on the number of API calls per minute.
  • Freshdesk APIs have a predefined set of types and fields that can be managed. There is no option to create or modify customized APIs that your business may need.
  • The developer team is not flexible to develop any new custom APIs even on demand.
  • There is no reporting API, which is very helpful in collaborating with third-party analytics tools.

Freshdesk User Reviews

Creating a ticket after a custom flow needs API and if you are not an IT member you can face some difficulties to change settings – a user in a designing company, mid-market.

The limit over API calls to fetch tickets is 300 🙁 – a product analyst, mid-market.

I did not like the mapping management of fields with 3rd party platforms. There are API limitations that create a challenge for data modificationsa CRM specialist, mid-market.

Not every type of API is available here and they simply deny making one if we want theman analyst, mid-market.

Meet Saufter, The Best Freshdesk Alternative


In this paragraph, we will discuss why Saufter is the best alternative to Freshdesk. Let us bring out the common element first. Both the softwares are customer support helpdesk softwares, except Freshdesk is a cloud-based one. Yet, Saufter has some significant features that give it an edge over the others.

  • Unlike Freshdesk, Saufter is simple and straightforward software. Use it right out of the box like a plugin and play.
  • Generating and working with APIs is easy as a breeze with Saufter’s team assistance.
  • There are no complicated technical steps to integrate Saufter with other softwares and third-party tools. All of it works with clicks.
  • Connect this software with your Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento stores with just a few clicks and offer seamless eCommerce services to your customers.
  • Automated returns/exchange management tools to perform flawless eCommerce returns and turn them into a profit center.
  • Offers one-click social integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. Provide effortless customer support through these handles from one single window.
  • Email, live chat, and chatbot automation help you control repetitive tasks effectively.
  • Intuitive self-help portal with self-content knowledge base and other AI tools to boost fast resolution rate.
  • With Saufter, you can promote your customer reviews as a marketing tool on social media.
  • Using this software, train and test your agents automatically without having to spend on resources or affecting your productivity.
  • Get detailed analytics of every metric in real-time. Click on the link below to visit the Saufter website for more detailed info.


From this article, you can clearly understand that handling Freshdesk API requires certain developer skills. Without it, you simply cannot use the APIs. But ask yourself, whether the tools that you are comfortable using are sufficient for the subscription you pay. These were the words of a few other Freshdesk users.

If that leaves you in an indecisive state, do not hesitate to check out Saufter. We brought out most of its unique features in the above section. Adding to it, you can avail of live chat services, hire experienced category experts, outsource support services, and more. And the best part is that you can try all of its features at zero risk. Go on, click the link below to explore yourself.

Customer Service

Decision Maker App

Automate Support


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