How To Enable Skill-Based Ticket Routing In Zendesk?

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Steps to enable skill-based ticket routing

Last Updated: July 2024

Do you know, 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase from your store after a positive customer service experience? Thus, the incoming tickets should be assigned to your best or most skilled agents so that they provide an insightful resolution to the query. 

If you use Zendesk and want to enable skill-based ticket routing then we are here to assist you, in this article, we have listed some easy steps that will help you facilitate skill-based ticket routing. 

Here is what this article holds for you:

Benefits Of Skill-Based Routing

Here are 3 benefits that you should check before moving further in the article:

  • Increases Agent Productivity

When your agents receive tickets related to a topic they have experience in, they would solve them with ease. This will reduce work pressure on your agents and allow them to work in their comfort zone. 

  • Quick Customer Support

Since agents are familiar with a particular topic they will be able to provide quick support. They don’t have to conduct intensive research on a topic which helps them save time and most importantly, 71% of the customers believe that quick customer support can drastically improve their customer experience. 

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

Obviously, customer satisfaction would increase when they receive insightful and quick customer support. This will leave a positive impact on your business and assist you to scale it up. 

Steps To Enable Skill-Based Routing In Zendesk

4 major steps will allow you to enable skill-based routing, let’s have a look at all of them:

Step 1: Creating Skill Types

  • Open Zendesk route to Admin Center and then click on Objects and rules on the sidebar. Then click on Business Rules>Skills
  • Now on the Skill Page click on the New Skill Type button to create a skill and give a unique name to it. 
Zendesk Skill based tickets
  • Press Hit and your new skill tab is ready to be used. 

Step 2: Adding Skills To The Recently Created Skill Type

  • Click on the recently created Skill Type in the Skill Page and click the New Skill button. 
  • Now enter a name for the new skill and press Enter.

You can create different skills like languages, work skills ( accounting, IT, HR, etc. ), and more. 

Step 3: Assigning Skill To Your Customer Support Agents

  • To add agents to the skills created, go to the Skill Page and click on Skills.
  • Now in the Agent Section, click the Manage button and locate the agents you want to add to the skill list. You can either scroll, enter name in the search bar, or use filters to select the agents.
  • Click on the checkboxes next to the agent’s name to add them, and once done press Save. 

Step 4: Building Routing Rules And Adding Skills To Tickets

  • Select the skill type you want to link tickets and create routing rule. 
  • In the Ticket Section click on Add Condition button under Meet Any Of The Following Conditions or Meet All The Conditions. 
  • Select a condition, a value for each entry, and a field entry then press Save. 

Following all these steps will help you enable skill-based ticket routing in Zendesk. 

Drawbacks Of Zendesk

Complicated Ticket Routing Rules

The ticket routing rules in Zendesk are complicated and can consume a majority of your time. Apart from that, Zendesk’s management of translated text into different parts is also complicated. 

Tickets Route To The Wrong Agent

Sometimes Zendesk’s ticket routing rules route the tickets to the wrong agent which can create confusion among your agents and is a waste of time. 

Bad Customer Support

The customer support team of Zendesk isn’t great and there are chances that you might receive a delayed response from them. This can hamper your business operations and could affect your revenue. 

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  • Skilled-Based Ticket Assigning: Saufter’s routing rules allow you to easily enable skilled-based ticket transfer. It even allows you to create unlimited tickets so that your business operations never stop.
  • Customer Support: Saufter’s AI chatbot allows you to automate your customer support. The chatbot can attend to your customers in real time and solve their queries using articles from the knowledge base. Additionally, it allows you to create canned responses so that it’s easier for your agents to respond. 
  • Order and return management: Saufter provides 24X7 order and return management in your store to ensure that there is no return or order delay. It even provides the order and return history of customers that allows you to reduce return abuse in your store.
  • Social proof: You can give social proof to your customers with the help of Saufter’s social media automation. It collects good reviews from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. and posts them on your social accounts. This assists you in providing social proof and advertising your business to a wider audience. 
  • Call service: If you want to render call support to your customers then Saufter’s various call services like a dedicated call center, after-hour call service, over-flow call service, etc. will assist you. 
  • Knowledge base management: Saufter allows you to build a knowledge base from scratch using pre-set templates. It even allows you to decide on roles for your employees so that it’s easier for you to manage your knowledge base. 



Now, in the end, we hope you were able to provide skill-based ticket routing in your Zendesk. Though we know the process is long and consume the majority of your time, it’s the only solution available.

However, if you are looking for software that provides easy routing rules, then you should try Saufter. It allows you to easily enable skill-basked ticket routing and even has an unlimited ticket creation feature. Additionally, it can provide all-around support to your e-commerce store with the help of a chatbot and 24X7 order and return management on your store. 

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