How To Connect Printify To Shopify [Only Guide]

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how to connect printify to Shopify

Curious about how to connect Printify to Shopify seamlessly?

Wonder no more!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process, ensuring your online store is set up for success.

Printify users dominate with profit margins hitting 40-45%, a winning strategy for successful print-on-demand ventures.”

So, let’s dive in and elevate your e-commerce game with the perfect integration!

How to Connect Printify to Shopify – Benefits

First, you need to know why you need to connect Printify to Shopify and how it benefits you.

  • Effortless Product Integration: To add Printify’s extensive catalog to your Shopify store, expanding your product offerings effortlessly.
  • Time Efficiency: Helps you streamline your workflow by automating the printing and fulfillment process, saving you valuable time for strategic business decisions.
  • Cost-Effective Printing: Maximizes your profit margins with Printify’s competitive pricing, ensuring a cost-effective approach to high-quality print-on-demand products.
  • Diverse Customization Options: Harness the power of Printify’s diverse range of customization features, allowing you to create unique products tailored to your brand and customer preferences.
  • Risk-Free Inventory: Say goodbye to inventory risks and upfront costs as Printify operates on a print-on-demand model, reducing the financial risks associated with stocking products.
  • Real-Time Sync: Enjoy the convenience of real-time synchronization between Printify and Shopify, ensuring that your inventory and product information are always up-to-date.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide your customers with an excellent shopping experience, from product selection to delivery, fostering loyalty and positive reviews.

Connect Printify to Shopify today and witness these benefits transform your e-commerce journey!

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7 Easy Steps to Connect Printify to Shopify

For a seamless integration of Printify with Shopify, navigate through these detailed, step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Create Your Printify Account

Begin the process by accessing the Printify website and setting up your free account. Input essential details like your name, email address, and password to kickstart your journey.

how to connect printify to Shopify

Step 2: Combine Printify with Shopify

After setting up your Printify account, head to the Shopify app store. Search for the Printify app, and simply click the ‘Add app‘ button to seamlessly install Printify on your Shopify store.

add app - how to connect printify to Shopify

Step 3: Enable Permissions

Post-installation, you’ll receive a prompt to authorize Printify’s access to your Shopify store. Grant these permissions to enable Printify to synchronize your products, inventory, and orders seamlessly.

how to connect printify to Shopify

Step 4. Configure Your Billing Details

Before utilizing Printify’s services, input your billing details. Explore the array of pricing plans tailored to your business requirements and sales volume. Choose the plan that aligns with your needs and proceed to enter your payment information.

Step 5: Discover the Features of the Printify Dashboard

After successfully linking Printify with Shopify, gain entry to the Printify dashboard. Here, you’ll oversee product management, customize designs, and efficiently monitor your sales and orders.

Step 6: Integrate Items into Your Shopify Store

To kick off selling Printify products on your Shopify store, visit the Printify dashboard and select the ‘Add product’ button. Pick your product category, choose a specific item, and personalize it with your design. Once you are happy with the design, simply hit ‘Publish to Shopify’ to seamlessly integrate the product into your store.

Step 7: Set up Your Shipping Preferences

Following the addition of products to your Shopify store, the next crucial step is arranging shipping options for your customers. Head to the ‘Shipping’ section in the Printify dashboard, where you can fine-tune your shipping preferences.

Select from a range of carriers and methods, set rates, and define delivery times. Offering precise and transparent shipping information ensures a flawless shopping experience for your customers.

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How to Connect Printify to Shopify – Drawbacks

While the integration steps may appear straightforward, and there are advantages to this connection, it’s essential to acknowledge some drawbacks of linking Printify to Shopify.

  • Potential Production Delays: Be aware of the possibility of production delays, as they may occur during peak seasons or due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Limited Quality Control: Experience a degree of limited control over the production process and product quality, as Printify relies on various third-party suppliers.
  • Shipping Cost Variability: Face the challenge of varying shipping costs, which can fluctuate depending on the chosen Printify supplier and the customer’s location.
  • Product Availability Issues: Encounter potential stock issues, as Printify relies on the availability of products from different suppliers, which may impact your inventory.
  • Dependency on Third-Party Suppliers: Acknowledge the dependency on Printify’s network of third-party suppliers, which may introduce uncertainties in terms of product availability and fulfillment reliability.
  • Learning Curve for Beginners: Navigate a learning curve, particularly if you’re new to Printify, as mastering the platform and optimizing product listings may take some time.

Being aware of these drawbacks empowers you to make informed decisions as you connect Printify to your Shopify store.

Next, learn about a tool that makes it easy to set up automatic customer support for your online store.

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Saufter for Automated Customer Support for E-commerce


Picture a scenario where your customers get speedy and helpful responses every time they have a question. Enter, powered by Helplama Helpdesk—an automated customer service software.

With the magic of ChatGPT AI, revolutionizes your customer support game, making response times faster and operations smoother. Elevate your customer service experience with this innovative tool.

Furthermore, connecting Saufter with Shopify is a breeze—just a few easy clicks, no coding know-how needed. Plus, Saufter smartly gathers and organizes customer info from Shopify and other channels into one handy platform, making the customer experience even better.

Key Features

    • Automated Responses: swiftly generates automated responses, ensuring consistent and prompt support.
    • Intelligent Knowledge Base: AI-powered learning from customer interactions builds a robust knowledge base providing quick and accurate resolution information.
    • Multi-channel Support: Engage seamlessly across various platforms—web portals, email, live chat, phone, SMS, and social media—guaranteeing rapid responses for a smooth customer experience.
    • Automated Workflows: Streamline tasks like order modifications, returns/exchanges, bug management, and warranty claims with’s automated workflows.
    • Insights and Analytics: offers valuable insights into customer support operations. Dive deep into performance metrics, response effectiveness, and customer interactions. Optimize strategies for faster response times.

How to Connect Printify to Shopify – Final Words!

As we conclude this comprehensive guide on how to connect Printify to Shopify, you’ve gained the insights and steps needed to seamlessly integrate these powerful platforms.

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