How to Configure MailJet SMTP Settings in Magento 2

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mailjet smtp settings

Last Updated: April 2024

When it comes to efficient email outreach, configuring MailJet SMTP settings in Magento 2 is the key. Bulk messaging remains a timeless strategy to reach customers collectively and effectively. 

Ensuring your emails land in inboxes and avoid spam folders hinges on meticulous DNS and SMTP server configuration.

Choosing the right email infrastructure service is paramount. MailJet emerges as an excellent choice for fulfilling these needs. With its “All of Your Email Needs on One Reliable Platform” tagline, MailJet guarantees reliability and adaptability

In this article, you will explore obtaining MailJet’s SMTP credentials and seamlessly integrating them into your Magento 2 store using the SMTP extension. Let’s embark on this journey to enhance your email communication game.

Benefits of Configuring MailJet SMTP Settings in Magento 2

Configuring MailJet SMTP Settings in Magento 2 offers a host of benefits that enhance your email communication strategy and overall e-commerce performance.

1. Enhanced Deliverability

Configuring MailJet SMTP settings in Magento 2 significantly improves the deliverability of your emails. When emails are sent through SMTP, they are more likely to bypass spam filters and land directly in recipients’ inboxes

This means that your important communications, such as order confirmations, shipping updates, and promotional offers, have a higher chance of being seen by customers

Furthermore, by avoiding spam folders, you ensure that your messages reach their intended audience promptly and effectively.

2. Avoidance of Email Blockage

Incorrect or misconfigured email settings can lead to your messages being blocked by ISPs or email servers. This can disrupt your communication with customers and prevent crucial updates from reaching them. 

By setting up MailJet’s SMTP settings correctly, you reduce the risk of your emails being flagged as suspicious or spammy

Also, this not only ensures consistent communication but also maintains a positive sender reputation, which is essential for long-term email success.

3. Professional Branding

MailJet’s SMTP configuration allows you to customize the way your emails are sent. You can use your own domain name, sender name, and reply-to address, creating a professional and consistent brand image. 

When customers receive emails that align with your brand identity, they are more likely to trust the content and take the desired actions. 

Additionally, this branding consistency fosters credibility and reinforces the relationship between your brand and your customers, ultimately driving engagement and loyalty.

3 Easy Steps to Configure MailJet SMTP Settings in Magento 2

Step 1: Sign up for a new MailJet account and locate SMTP credentials

  • Go to the Mailjet website and make an account.
  • After you’ve made an account on Mailjet, you need to get some keys to set it up. Go to the SMTP settings in your Mailjet account to find the information you need.
    mailjet smtp settings

Step 2: Download and install Magento 2’s SMTP extension.

This guide will use the Mageplaza SMTP extension to set up everything. It’s free, so you can try out these new advanced features without worrying. You can get it from Github, and the steps to install it are explained in this Documentation.

mailjet smtp settings

Step 3: Configure the SMTP extension in Magento 2

Return to Magento Admin and navigate through Mageplaza > SMTP > Configuration. Open the General Configuration section and select Yes to activate the Mageplaza SMTP.

mailjet smtp settings

Open up the SMTP Configuration Option and follow these steps:

mailjet smtp settings

  • Select MailJet in the SMTP Provider field.
  • Click the Auto Fill button to automatically populate the Host, Port, Authentication, and Protocol fields to match the chosen MailJet provider.
  • Fill in the Username and Password fields with the Mandrill account details you set up in Step 1.
  • Enter the email address you want to use for the Test Email Recipient. If everything is functioning correctly, a successful report will be displayed.

Congratulations, You’ve successfully configured SMTP in Magento 2 using the MailJet provider from Mageplaza.

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In summary, configuring MailJet SMTP settings in Magento 2 is a strategic leap for optimized email communication. Enhanced deliverability ensures messages reach users effectively, while professional branding builds trust. 

This strategic move enhances brand visibility, customer connection, and e-commerce success. Embrace MailJet SMTP for empowered email outreach.

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