How To Change Shopify Store Name?

Last Updated: February 2024

Are you wondering how to change your Shopify store name? Look no further! This article will walk you through the seamless process, ensuring your online brand gets a fresh new identity. Discover the essential steps and tips to successfully update and personalize your Shopify store name today.


Reasons for changing the Shopify store name

1. Rebranding

If your business has changed a lot in what it does or who it serves, updating your store name can show this change and match your new brand.

2. Expansion

As your business expands, you might want a name that better encompasses your broader range of products or services. It ensures your store name remains relevant and appealing.

3. SEO and Visibility

A store name that includes relevant keywords can improve your store’s search engine ranking and visibility. This leads to better organic traffic and potential customers finding you more easily.

4. Fresh Start

A new store name can signal a fresh start, helping you leave behind any negative associations, re-engage existing customers, and attract new ones.

5. Owner Transition

If there’s been a change in ownership, the new owner might want to put their own stamp on the business by changing the store name.

6. Strategic Shift

Changes in your business strategies or goals might necessitate a store name change to better align with the new direction and attract the desired customer base.

7. Personalization

You might want a store name that is more unique and personal. It allows you to stand out in a competitive market and build a stronger connection with customers.

Keep in mind that altering your store name requires thoughtful consideration. Consider its potential effects on your brand, how customers see you, and your overall business plan.

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How to change Shopify store name?

You can easily change your Shopify store name by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Enter your Shopify account using your login credentials.

    • Go to the Shopify login page.
    • Enter your store’s login credentials to access your Shopify dashboard.
    • Navigate to “Settings” by clicking on the icon at the dashboard’s bottom left.
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Step 2: Edit your Basic information in the Store details section

    • Once you go to the Settings page, open the “Store details” section and select “Basic information.” 
    • Here, you’ll be able to change your store name, your company’s legal name, and indicate the industry you’re a part of.
how to change shopify store name
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Step 3: Set your new Store name and Save changes

    • Type in your chosen new name in the “Store name” field.
    • Additionally, you’re able to alter your store industry and legal company name.
    • Don’t forget to apply your changes by selecting the “Save” button, which can be found either at the bottom of the page or in the upper right corner.
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When changing your store name, consider its effects on the brand, domain, and materials. Choose a memorable name that aligns with your business.

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Drawbacks of changing the Shopify store name

Changing your Shopify store name can offer benefits aligning better with your business identity, but there are also potential drawbacks to consider.

1. SEO Impact

Changing your store name might lead to a drop in search engine rankings, especially if your previous store name had established SEO value. It takes time for search engines to re-index your site under the new name, which can affect organic traffic.

2. Domain and URL changes

Changing your store name also requires changing your domain name or URL, which can disrupt your existing web traffic and impact your SEO efforts.

3. Marketing and Advertising Revisions

If you’ve invested in marketing materials, ads, and social media campaigns using your old store name, you’ll need to update all of these to reflect the new name. This can be time-consuming and costly.

4. Customer Confusion

Customers who are familiar with your old store name might not immediately recognize the new name, leading to confusion and potentially lost sales.

5. Loss of Brand Equity

If your old store name had built up recognition and loyalty, changing it could result in a loss of the brand equity you’ve accumulated.

Before changing your Shopify store name, consider the drawbacks versus benefits. Plan the transition carefully to reduce negative impacts on your business.

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To conclude, altering your Shopify store name is a straightforward procedure encompassing a few steps in the settings. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to anticipate its effects on brand consistency and SEO. Opt for a name that harmonizes with your business identity, ensuring a seamless transition for your online store.

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