How To Change Shopify Domain Name[3 Easy Steps]

How To Change Shopify Domain

Last Updated: February 2024

Hello there! Are you interested in learning how to change your Shopify domain name

If you’re curious about the process and looking to make changes, we’re here to provide guidance.

In just three easy steps, you can seamlessly update your online store. Purchase your domain, update your settings, and consider URL redirects for a smooth transition. Streamline the process of changing your domain name and maintaining your online presence easily.

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Reasons for Changing a Shopify Domain Name

Changing your Shopify domain name can significantly benefit your online business, aligning your presence with evolving goals. It can also optimize your domain name for keywords and simplify the user experience. This strategic move enhances your brand and attracts more customers, making it a valuable investment in your online presence.

1. Rebranding

Rebranding involves changing domain names to align with new brand identity, messaging, and target audience, ensuring a cohesive online presence reflecting updated business goals.

2. Improving Brand Perception

New domain names enhance business image, brand perception, and credibility by showcasing products, services, or industry, enhancing brand perception and credibility in customers’ minds.

3. Targeting a New Market

Changing your domain name can enhance business expansion, targeting new locations, and connecting with local customers by resonating with the market.

4. Keyword Optimization

Switching to a new domain name allows for industry-specific keywords alignment, improving SEO and website visibility, and enhancing search engine visibility.

5. Simplifying and Streamlining

Change your lengthy, complex, or difficult to remember domain name to a shorter, more concise option, improving website accessibility, user experience, and return visits.

Remember that changing your domain name involves careful preparation and execution to minimize any potential negative effects on your current SEO and website traffic. It’s important to implement proper redirects and inform your audience about the change to ensure a smooth transition.

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Three Easy Steps to Change a Shopify Domain Name

Changing your Shopify domain name can be done in three simple steps. You can change your Shopify domain name by following these steps:

Switch to a Custom Domain

  • On the domain tab, you will see an option “Buy new Domain
How To Change Shopify Domain
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  • Type the domain you want to buy, and store will display the store along with its price
How To Change Shopify Domain
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Click “Buy” to complete the purchase

  • You can register your domain to Shopify and confirm your connection if you already have your own domain and wish to keep using it.
How To Change Shopify Domain
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  • Ultimately, you can transfer your domain to Shopify if you currently hold it through a third party but wish to use it with Shopify.
  • Since it involves altering the domain’s ownership, this is one of the trickier choices. Before you can verify your domain in Shopify, you must first make sure it is transferable.

Once a domain has been added to your Shopify store, you can change your Shopify Address as follows.

Step 1: Go to Domains on your Settings page.

To access your domain settings, locate “Domains”.

How To Change Shopify Domain
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Step 2: Select Change primary domain

There will be a “Change Primary Domain” option in the primary domain area. Change Primary Domain should be selected.

How To Change Shopify Domain
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Step 3: Choose the domain you wish to use and Save it.

Now the displayed domain is new or transferred. Click next after selecting it.

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By following these three steps and optimizing your content, you can successfully change your Shopify domain name while generating optimized content that attracts both search engines and customers. Remember to inform your audience about the domain change and update any external links to maintain a seamless user experience.

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Drawbacks of Changing a Shopify Domain Name

While changing a Shopify domain name has advantages, there are also drawbacks to consider:

1. SEO Impact

Changing a domain name can affect SEO efforts, potentially causing a temporary drop in organic rankings and backlinks, and taking time to recover visibility.

2. Brand Confusion

Change of existing domain name may cause confusion for customers who may have bookmarked, shared, or saved it in their browser history.

3. Broken Links

Changed domain name can cause broken links, negatively impacting user experience and credibility. Proper redirect management and updating external links is crucial.

4. Rebranding Costs

Rebranding a domain name may require additional costs, including new marketing materials and updating branding across platforms and directories.

5. Potential Downtime

Domain name changes may cause temporary downtime, disrupting online business operations and potentially affecting sales and customer trust. Careful planning and execution minimize the impact.

Careful planning and execution can minimize the impact of these drawbacks.

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Changing your Shopify domain name can bring significant benefits to your online business. By aligning your brand, improving SEO, and enhancing the user experience, a strategic domain name change can elevate your online presence. Remember to plan the transition carefully, implement redirects, and communicate the change to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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