How To Change Shipping Price On Shopify Store

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How to change shipping price on Shopify

Last Updated: April 2024

Are you looking for how to change shipping price on Shopify? Search no more, you’ve arrived at the correct destination. In the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape, adapting to shifting needs is vital for success. The shipping price plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction and business profitability.

With a significant statistic indicating that 48% of online shoppers abandon carts due to additional costs, including shipping, taxes, and fees, this guide explores essential steps. It empowers you to adjust shipping prices on your Shopify store, ensuring alignment with the dynamic demands of the business.

Table of contents

How does Shopify Shipping operate?

To access Shopify shipping options, navigate to your admin, click on Settings, and then select Shipping.

how to change shipping price on shopify

For optimal performance of Shopify Shipping on your online store, ensure you have entered dimensions and weights for all your items and variations.

Once carriers are configured and items are verified, you can start fulfilling orders. Keep in mind that while you have a range of shipping rates to choose from, customers will only see the flat or calculated rates you manually set up in your Shopify admin. To display real-time calculated rates, you’ll need to subscribe to the Advanced Shopify plan or purchase an add-on for $20 per month.

Key Features of Shopify Shipping

While Shopify Shipping may not offer the most extensive array of features, its shipping system fulfills the requirements of most small businesses. Here are some built-in features:

    • Integrations With Major Carriers: Access real-time shipping rates from DHL, USPS, and UPS.
    • Bulk Order Fulfillment: Set shipping rules for processing orders in bulk and purchase shipping labels directly in your Shopify admin.
    • Bulk Label Printing: Print multiple labels for shipping at once, using either a thermal printer or a standard desktop printer.
    • Shipping Insurance: Safeguard your parcels, ensuring compensation in case of mishaps.
    • Flat Rate Or Calculated Shipping Options: Choose between setting flat shipping rates or estimating weight- and dimension-based rates.
    • Customer Service Features: Provide real-time updates and tracking data for customers.
    • International Features: Automatically recognize and generate customs details for international orders.
    • Review & Update Shipping Selections: Analyze customer shipping preferences and, from your admin, upgrade customers to more affordable or faster services.

Reducing Shopify Shipping Rates

Lowering shipping costs can be a strategic move to attract customers and improve overall satisfaction. Here are steps to reduce Shopify shipping rates:

    • Negotiate Carrier Rates: Reach out to your shipping carriers to negotiate better rates based on your shipping volume.
    • Explore Shipping Discounts: Utilize discounted shipping services provided by Shopify or consider third-party apps that offer reduced rates.
    • Optimize Packaging: Streamlining packaging can result in reduced shipping expenses. Select packaging that fits your items to minimize dimensional weight charges.
    • Offer Flat Rate Shipping: Consider implementing flat-rate shipping options to simplify costs for customers and encourage higher order values.
    • Free Shipping Threshold: Encourage larger orders by establishing a threshold for free shipping. Customers who reach a specified amount qualify for free shipping.
    • Evaluate Shipping Zones: Review your shipping zones and adjust rates based on proximity. Consider offering special rates for local or high-volume areas.
    • Subscription Services: Implement subscription services that offer discounted or free shipping for repeat customers.
    • Use Regional Carriers: Explore regional or local carriers that may provide cost-effective shipping solutions.

By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your shipping strategy and potentially reduce overall shipping expenses for your Shopify store.

How to Change Shipping Price on Shopify

Discovering the intricacies of Shopify Shipping is essential before altering shipping rates. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change shipping prices on Shopify:

Step 1: Navigate to Shipping

Navigate to your Shopify admin, enter the Settings section, and select Shipping.


Step 2: Manage Rates

Hit on “Manage rates” beside the shipping profile where you wish to modify a rate.

how to change shipping price on shopify

Step 3: Open Options

Next to the desired rate, click on the three dots (…)


Afterward, opt for “Edit rate” from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Edit Rate Details

Adjust the rate details as needed and click “Done.”

how to change shipping price on shopify

Step 5: Save Changes

Make sure to save your modifications by selecting “Save.”


Following these steps will enable you to efficiently change shipping prices on your Shopify store.

Create Shopify Shipping Profiles

Establishing Shopify shipping profiles is a fundamental step in configuring your shipping strategy. Whether you opt for product-based shipping profiles or manage general shipping rates, here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a custom shipping profile:

1. Reach Shopify Settings

Start by opening your Shopify store’s dashboard, then navigate to “Settings” and select “Shipping & Delivery” from the dropdown menu.

2. Create New Profile

To begin, select “Create New Profile” under “Custom Shipping Rates.”

how to change shipping price on shopify

3. Name and Add Products

In the “Products” section, provide a name for your profile and add relevant products using the search bar.

4. Adjust Locations

Make any necessary adjustments to the locations associated with your shipping profile.

5. Create a Shipping Zone

For each shipping zone in your profile, click on “Create Shipping Zone” in the “Shipping To” box.

Name the shipping zone, select the countries or regions included, and click “Done” to complete the zone creation.

6. Add Shipping Rates

Hit “Add Rate” for each shipping zone to specify the shipping rates.

Choose the rate details to confirm Shopify shipping rates and click “Done.”

7. Save Changes

Save the file to apply the newly created shipping profile.

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up custom shipping profiles on Shopify, allowing you to tailor shipping rates based on product groups or manage general rates for a streamlined shipping strategy.

Set/Creating Shopify Shipping Zone

Creating shipping zones in Shopify is a crucial step to organizing and managing shipping rates effectively. Start by adhering to these guidelines to establish shipping zones:

Step 1: Access Shopify Settings

Proceed to your Shopify admin’s “Settings” section and choose “Shipping & Delivery” from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Navigate to Shipping Profile

Press on “Manage Rates” in the shipping profile where you want to add the shipping zone.

Step 3: Create Shipping Zone

Next to the set of sites where you’ll add a shipping zone, click on “Create Shipping Zone.”


Step 4: Name Your Zone

Provide a name for your shipping zone.

Step 5: Select Countries or Regions

From the list, choose the countries or areas included in that zone. Tap “Done” to complete the zone creation.

Step 6: Set Pricing

Add any desired pricing for your specified zone.

Step 7: Save Changes

Press “Save” to apply the newly created shipping zone.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create Shopify shipping zones, allowing you to categorize regions with common tariffs and streamline shipping processes for better customer satisfaction.

How to Adjust Shipping Time on Shopify

If you’re looking to modify the shipping time on Shopify, follow these steps:

1. Disable Real-Time Rates

In Settings, go to Shipping.

how to change shipping price on shopify

Tap ‘Edit‘ for the relevant shipping zones.

Remove real-time rates by clicking the ‘x.’

Repeat for all zones.

2. Add Flat Rate

Set flat rates based on average shipping times from suppliers. Review the average shipping times from your suppliers, especially if you use AliExpress.

Consider price-based or weight-based tiers.

3. Specify Shipping Time

Include an estimated shipping time (8-15 days) in the customer-facing name.

These steps will help you effectively communicate shipping times to your customers on Shopify.

Final Words

In conclusion, adapting your Shopify store’s shipping prices strategically is key for customer satisfaction and business profitability. This guide on How to change shipping price on Shopify equips you with the necessary steps to align your shipping strategy with evolving eCommerce demands. Implementing these insights helps navigate cost challenges, providing a smoother shopping experience. 

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