How To Bundle Products On Shopify [With & Without App]

shopify bundles

Last Updated: February 2024

As a Shopify store owner, you’re always looking for ways to attract and retain customers. One tactic you may want to try is Shopify bundles.

You may already know bundling is a marketing strategy where you sell multiple products together as a package deal, often at a discounted price. But, it also encourages your customers to try out new items they may not have considered before.

So, whether you’re new to the Shopify bundle or looking to optimize your existing strategy, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’ll walk you through how to bundle products on Shopify, both with and without apps, so you can start seeing results.


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Benefits of Shopify Bundles

As an online retailer, your business goal would be to sell more. Let us discuss here how Shopify product packages or otherwise called Shopify bundles help you achieve that.

  1. Higher Average Order Value: Boost your sales by upselling and cross-selling through recommended bundles.
  2. Reduced Inventory: Helps reduce your inventory costs and sell slow-moving items without extra marketing expenses.
  3. Improved Customer Experience: Provide more value to your customers with these curated bundles that are likely to meet their needs.
  4. Increased Product Exposure: Introduce new or lesser-known products by pairing them with more popular ones.

Having discussed the benefits of Shopify bundles, let’s jump right in to learn to set it up.

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How to Create Shopify Product Bundles Using an App

While Shopify doesn’t have built-in capabilities for selling product bundles, there are plenty of third-party apps available that can help you get started.

For example, apps like Pickystory offers you options to create Shopify bundles automatically or manually. It also lets you display these bundles on the product page, cart page, etc., and even as a popup.

Let’s get started on how to bundle products on Shopify store using Pickystory.

Eight Easy Steps to Set Product Bundles on Pickystory


Step 1: Get started

On the Pickystory dashboard, under the Get Started tab, click on Create bundle.

shopify bundles

Step 2: Select Frequently bought together

In the next window, tap on Frequently bought together. As you can see in the below image, there are other bundle options also available to choose from.

shopify bundles

Alternatively, from the Deals tab, click on Create deal which is on the top right of the screen. Then, hit the +Create bundle and choose Frequently bought together.

Step 3: Name the bundle

On the Frequently bought together window, start setting your bundle by replacing “New Bundle” with the name you want to give.

shopify bundles

Step 4: Add Products

Next, hit the Products tab, and push the +App product button in the middle of the screen.

shopify bundles

From the next window, you can search for the products you want to bundle using the Search box and tap the Add product button next to the product name.

shopify bundles

Step 5: Set Discount

If you want to offer some discount along with the bundle, then select the Discounts tab next to the Products tab.

shopify bundles

Set all the required values and hit the Save changes button on the right bottom.

Step 6: Set Location

After setting the discount, you can now define where to display the bundles. For this, select the Location tab and click on the +Use in campaign button on the same window.

shopify bundles

In the next screen, hit the Create location button and enter the Name of the location. Plus, select on which page you want to display the bundle info.

shopify bundles

Otherwise, if you want to show the bundle on a specific page, then select the Advanced option and enter the URL of the page. Once you are done with the selections, hit Save location.

shopify bundles

And then, push the +Add button next to the location you just created.

Step 7: Customizations

Once you add the location, tap Customize in Designer on the top right of the screen.

shopify bundles

From the next window, you can choose to set the bundle as a pop-up or a widget on the page you selected.

shopify bundles

If you intend to show your bundle as a popup, then turn on the Popup toggle button. Or, to display it as a widget, then drag and drop the Strip to the position.

Then, to edit the widget, click on the Existing tab and then on the Edit pen icon under the Strip.

shopify bundles

Here, you can change the layout, orientation, etc. For full customizations, push the small Customization icon on the left sidebar as shown in the image below.

shopify bundles

Step 8: Publish

After doing all the changes, hit the Save changes button and then the Publish button on the top right.

shopify bundles

Done. If you want to see how the widget looks on your store, click on the View in store button beside the Save changes button on the top.

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How to Create Shopify Product Bundles Without an App

In the previous section, we saw how to create product bundles using a Shopify app. Here, we will check out how to do the same without using the app.

Four Easy Steps to Create Shopify bundles without using an App


Step 1: Create a new product

Login to your Shopify admin. Create a parent product of the bundle. Add name, description, and price details.

Step 2: Add variant

Attach the variant products that you want to offer in the bundle. Set the variant inventory to zero(0), so that customers cannot buy these products alone.

Step 3: Create collection

Add the parent product and variants together as a collection. Give a name to it.

Step 4: Discounts

To enable discounts, go to the Sales channel under Admin. Choose the collection from the Type list and set the discount values. Once done, hit Save changes.

That’s it.

Now, your customers can opt for bundles when they pick the parent product while shopping.

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Disadvantages of Shopify Bundles

Yet, there are some setbacks to these methods. So, what exactly do they entail? Let’s find out.

Costly affair

Using a 3rd party app to create bundles means, you are paying extra. Hence, we advise you to try the app first and then subscribe if you are happy with the results.

Manual efforts

On the other hand, when you settle down with the other method, you will end up tracking your inventory manually every day.

User review

I finally found a way to create bundles without an app. No, it isn’t perfect, as you must manually keep track of inventory.” – Jeneen J.

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In the End

Using these steps, you can curate interesting bundles and turn both casual browsers and curious shoppers into your customers, easily.

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