How to Broadcast Messages on Whatsapp?

Last Updated: December 2023

Do you know there are 2 billion monthly active users on Whatsapp? That’s the reason you should have a Whatsapp marketing and customer support strategy for your business. 

Although, it can be time-consuming to handpick every customer and message them personally. Thus creating a broadcast list on Whatsapp allows you to send messages to 256 customers at a time. 

In this article, we will be guiding you on how to send broadcast messages on Whatsapp. So, let’s dive in and check the content:

Benefits of Creating a Broadcast List on Whatsapp

There are several benefits of creating a Whatsapp broadcast list, let’s have a look at some of them:

  • All the messages sent on the broadcast list are received individually by your customer, providing personalized service. 
  • At a time you can interact with 256 customers and advertise your product. 
  • Though you are sending messages to a group, the reply from your customer will be delivered to you personally. This allows you to handle every guest individually. 
  • You can control the member on the list by adding and removing them as per your choice. This allows you to add only the ones that are interested in your product/service.

3 Easy Steps to Create a Broadcast List

Step 1: Create Whatsapp Account

You need to create a Whatsapp account and add contacts to it. 

Step 2: Create a broadcast list

Now open Whatsapp and click on More Option>New Broadcast

Step 3: Choose contacts

Once you have clicked on New Broadcast, you will be redirected to your contact list. Simply select the one you want to send the broadcast message to and click on the Checkmark. 

Your broadcast list is ready. 

Details Required to Apply for Whatsapp Official API?

Whatsapp official APIs allow you to communicate with automated replies, chatbots, and many more and provide better service to your customers on Whatsapp. Here are the details that you should have if you want Whatsapp official API:

  • Whatsapp number: You should have a Whatsapp number that can’t be transferred to a new number (We recommend you open a Whatsapp Business account as that comes with an in-built analytic option).
  • Business name: You should clearly mention your business name on your account.
  • Facebook business manager ID(Verified)

Once you have all these documents ready you can send them to business solution providers like RouteMobile. 

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Helplama Helpdesk

  • Customer support: Helplama Helpdesk’s AI chatbot can automate your Whatsapp customer support by attending to your customers in real-time. It solves customer queries using knowledge base articles, which ensures that all the resolutions provided to your customers are insightful. 
  • Social media automation: Helplama’s bot can also automate your social media handle by collecting good reviews from platforms like Facebook, Yelp!, Google, etc. and posting them. 
  • Return Management: Helplama Helpdesk provides a return management feature that allows your customers to raise a return/exchange request through Whatsapp. It also sends notifications like refund initiated, product in transit, and many more. 

  • Order Management: You can also manage your orders with Helplama which ensures that your customers do not receive late order delivery. It sends notifications like order dispatched, in transit, out for delivery, and many more. 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this article, you were able to create your own Whatsapp broadcast list and engage with your clients. 

Here, we have also mentioned important documents that you should have while applying for a Whatsapp official API. 

However, if you are looking for software that provides Whatsapp customer support, then you should try Helplama Helpdesk. It can provide you with services like return management, live chat, agent training, customer support, and many more. 

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