If you are contemplating making a career in social media as an Influencer, and not sure how and where to start, then you are on the right page now.

Here, we are discussing what it takes to be an influencer, how to become an influencer, and how to grow your success in this role.

Before we dive into the full guide, let us quickly discuss who is an Influencer.

Who is an Influencer?

An Influencer is a person with an authoritative voice on a particular subject or field of his/her expertise. He or she can voice opinions that reach their wide-grown audience called ‘fans’. For example ‘a celebrity’ is an Influencer who has a huge fan following.

Ever since Social Media made its entrance into this digital era, it gave numerous opportunities for common people to showcase and share their expertise. They thus grow their fan base gradually and achieve ‘celebrity’ status.

Influencers are of 5 types depending on their follower strength. They are,

  1. Mega-Influencer – more than a million followers
  2. Macro-Influencer – between 500K and a million followers
  3. Mid-tier Influencer – between 50K and 500K followers
  4. Micro-Influencer – between 10K and 50K followers
  5. Nano-Influencer – up to 10K followers

Consumers today believe more in Influencers’ recommendations than branded content. And so even brands today are focusing on designing their marketing strategy around it to increase conversion rates and ROI.

By next year (ie: 2023), Influencer marketing expenditure is projected to reach $4.6 billion in the US alone.

So, let’s dig in to know more about how do you become an Influencer. Read this step-by-step guide to get more valuable insights.


Self Identity

Firstly, you need to know what it takes to be an Influencer. You need to identify your unique talent or interest in a particular area or a subject.

You may choose from various industries like Food, Health, Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Interiors, Travel, Adventures, Cars, Bikes, Sports, Gadgets, Music, Movies, etc. The list is huge and it goes on.

To be an Influencer, you need to possess some natural traits like the ability to be social, presentable, good at communication skills, ability to show empathy, social awareness, endurance, and critical thinking.


Identify Social Media Platforms

YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google, with more than 2 billion active monthly users.

This video-sharing social platform is a great way to connect with audiences instantly since your viewers can see you as a person. This social media platform has an upper hand in Influencer marketing because of its capacity to hold long retention of the videos.

67% of brands use Instagram for Influencer marketing.

Instagram is widely popular among millennials. It also comes with loads of free interesting tools that are pretty useful for Influencers to create interesting and eye-catching content. You can attract larger audiences and drive more traffic to your content.

The eMarketer report predicts that 54.9% of marketers will utilize TikTok Influencers by 2025.

TikTok is another sensation-creating platform. A single video can go viral and fetch you tens of thousands of followers in a day. TikTok influencers are in great demand as,

TikTok takes the crown of the fastest growing social media channel in 2022.

There are more such trending social media platforms for different content purposes like LinkedIn for professionals, Pinterest for photography enthusiasts, Twitter for trending news, etc.

You need to choose the right one that would suit your personality and showcase your potential to the right audience.

Brands look for Influencers who are actively present on major or multiple social media platforms to create multiple touchpoints for wider potential customers.


Content development

Now that you have signed up on all those prospective social media platforms, your next step is to engage the audiences with interesting and informative content to gain their trust and earn followers in them.

You should produce only quality content that is authentic and informative. It is imperative to set achievable goals in order to design effective content. Identify your target audience and create content that grabs their attention immediately.

Your content should most importantly be engaging and initiate two-way interaction with your audience. Thus you can gain increasing likes, follows, shares and subscriptions.

Brands are phenomenally increasing their budget toward content-based marketing, this is a major opportunity for Influencers.


Content Authenticity

To grow into a successful Influencer, you must share as much as authentic information possible. Avoid poaching, for it would affect your content’s authenticity.

Say, if you are interested in beauty topics, then you can share your personal experiences using the products, create gripping reviews, include hashtags, and share links.

Be realistic with your content. Do possible research wherever required and present the facts and stats. Such organically designed honest and personalized content gets you noticed by the brands.



We all know that website means it is like an online address to reach you. Not just that, it is also your proof of legitimacy and looks very professional.

As you continue to share more content on your social media platforms, your portfolio expands. Hence it is necessary to compile all those posts and videos meticulously into a website. Your website is your complete digital portfolio.

If you build a website of your own, you can drive more organic traffic from search engines directly to your website. This will increase your visibility strength.

Brands look for Influencers who present themselves professionally and with reliable content. Own a proper website with all these requisite content for effective self-marketing.


Constant Engagement

Consistency is the key to any job being successful. Keep engaging your audience with regular posts on a daily basis. Frequent knowledge sharing with your audience will passively compel them to check your posts often.

Making a proper social media content calendar is the first step to achieving your Influencer goals. You must show your contribution on all those important or special occasions of the year.

We already spoke about building two-way interaction with your audiences, here above. It is very much vital for you as a budding Influencer. Apart from appreciation from your audience, you will also get honest and straightforward reviews or criticisms sometimes. You can use these to develop new ideas or to refine your future content strategy.

Brands look for Influencers with a good to a high engagement rate of 3% – 6% so that their return on investment will positively increase more.


Analytics & Reports

Measuring your performances and results is an inevitable step at every stage of your growth as an Influencer.

Every social media platform has its own analytics or reports tool inbuilt that can give you all your metrics results. It gives you an in-depth analysis of your 

  • CTAs and conversions
  • posts performances by days and time
  • number of likes, follows, and shares
  • organic traffic results and paid traffic results, and more.

These results help you identify the best-performing strategy and revise the least-performing posts. Increasing positive conversion rates boost your Influencer credibility. Brands give more priority to such Influencers with consistently increasing metrics.

“We have found, however, that by asking our Influencers to provide periodic reports to us on the engagement they are seeing, we get a better qualitative feel for whether the Influencer is the right choice for the campaign, and if the campaign is making headway.” – Idea Grove


Stay updated

It is essential to be updated and stay with the trend, be it fashion, news, or technology. And social media is a fast-growing one at that with new platforms, tools, and updations.

You must be able to cope with the emerging trends and quickly adapt to the new interfaces so that you can make your presence on every new platform to grab new audiences. Thus you can increase your monetization opportunities.

Most importantly, stay updated on Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines to have an edge of legitimacy and avoid any legal contingencies.



Influencer Marketing is a fast-growing marketing strategy for brands, especially eCommerce and is projected to be more in the coming years.

Well begun is half done. To help you with that we have given you the requisite basic measures to follow to become an Influencer along with some proving facts and stats to support your research work.

Your ultimate goal should be to become a well-connected Influencer asset for the brands to bank on you. And to achieve that, visit Happine to search and collaborate with suitable brands easily. All you need to do is register with them and sit back to hear from brands.

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