How to Auto-Reply to a Story on Instagram?

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Last Updated: June 2024

Do you know that 89% of consumers are likely to shop with a business that always replies? Thus you should always try and respond to your customers to increase your engagement with them. 

Instagram currently has 44 million users. When you post a story about a product, there are chances that there would be a lot of inquiries about the price, feature, quality, etc. of the product which you need to answer to increase your sales. It could be a bit hard for you or your agents to attend all the DMs regularly, that’s where an Instagram bot can be helpful. 

Let’s dive into the article and discover the steps to integrate the bot. 

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Benefits of Instagram Bots

Increases Customer Engagements

The Instagram bots engage with your customers through direct messages and comments, to solve their queries or promote your products. This creates loyalty in your customers towards your brand and then they stick to your company for a longer time. 

Increases Followers

Your bots’ engagement leads to more loyal customers that follow your page for regular updates. They even automatically track users that follow a page similar to yours and then engage with them. 

If you are a new startup then with more followers your chances of getting a blue tick also increase. 

Streamline Payment Processing

You can allow Instagram chatbots to accept direct payments or make your customer aware of their payment status. This creates a transparent environment for you and your customers. 


Now your agents can focus on other more important tasks while the bots solve your customers’ queries. This ensures that your business has seamless operations. 

Steps to Add Instagram Bot to Automate Story Reply

We would be using ManyChat to automate your Instagram direct.

Step 1: Connecting Instagram with Facebook

The first step to automate your inbox is by connecting your Instagram with Facebook. To do that open Facebook and navigate to Settings. Then click on Connect Account under the Instagram logo. 

Note: Make sure that your Instagram account is a business account. 

Step 2: Connecting Instagram with Manychat

Firstly create a ManyChat account. Then go to Settings>Instagram and click on Connect. After that select the Facebook page that is connected to your Instagram.

Step 3: Setting up Instagram Story Trigger

Now we will set up your Instagram story trigger in ManyChat.

To do that open ManyChat, go to Automation, and click on New Flow. Then at the right bottom select Start from scratch and search “Instagram Stories Reply”. ManyChat will automatically create a flow.

Step 4: Editing Triggers in Manychat

Now we will edit the triggers in ManyChat.

Under the Starting Step click on Trigger. After that select Instagram and choose Instagram Story Reply. 

This will automatically open the trigger option for Instagram. 

Step 5: Determine the Keywords you Want to Reply

In this step, we will determine what keywords you want to reply to your customers. 

To do that click on Message and enter the word you want to trigger e.g. “price” and then click Save. 

Step 6: Automating Instagram Story Reply 

This step includes the main task of automating the reply to the Instagram story. 

You need to click on First Messages in the Manychat flow. Then you need to type the message. For example “Thanks for contacting the price of the product is $XY”

Step 7: Adding Quick Replies

You can even add CTA replies.

To add quick replies click on Add Quick Replies and type in your message, for example, “get your dress now!”, setting the “When the button is pressed” to Instagram and click Done. 

After following all these steps you can easily automate your Instagram story reply. 

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Now, in the end, we hope that through the steps listed above you were able to automate your Instagram story reply and engage with your customers frequently. 

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