How to Add Variants on Shopify

how to add variant on shopify

Last Updated: February 2024

Exploring Shopify and eager to enhance your product offerings? Learn how to add variant on Shopify for a diverse shopping experience.  In this guide, we’ll unravel the process of how to add variants on Shopify, ensuring that your online store thrives with versatility and caters to the unique preferences of your customers.

Let’s delve into the step-by-step process of enhancing your product listings with variant options and making your Shopify store stand out.

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What are Shopify variants?

Shopify product variants encompass diverse options like size, color, and material, providing a versatile approach to presenting products. Moreover, these variants simplify inventory management, allowing merchants to offer choices within a single listing. Additionally, each variant, with its unique SKU, price, and availability, contributes to a more streamlined online shopping experience.

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How to Add Variant On Shopify Step-by-Step Process

Mastering these steps will transform you into a pro at adding variants on Shopify.

Step 1: Access Your Shopify Admin Page

Access your Shopify admin page and navigate to Products.

how to add variant on shopify

Opt for creating a new product or editing an existing one.

Step 2: Choose or Edit a Product

Scroll down to the bottom and find the Variants section; select Add options like size and colors.


Step 3: Add Variant Options

Pick from Size, Color, Material, or Style options and input variant details.

how to add variant on shopify

Step 4: Input Option Names and Values:

Provide the Option Name and corresponding Option Value (e.g., list different shades for colors with accompanying product images).


Customize pricing and availability for each variant by clicking edit.

how to add variant on shopify

Step 5: Add Multiple Options (if needed)

If your product has more than one differing attribute, Press Add another option, with a maximum of 3 options per product.


Enter unique prices, SKUs, and barcodes for each option value.

Once details are added, click Save to complete the process.

Step 6: Preview Your Online Store

Preview your online store by selecting “product” in the left-hand panel and clicking the eye icon next to your product to view the applied variants.

how to add variants on shopify

How to Present Variations Individually on Shopify?

When managing items with diverse options, like different dimensions or hues, you may opt to exhibit each version as a distinct item. This simplifies the customer’s quest for their preferred variant. To segregate product variations on Shopify, explore third-party applications.

These tools empower you to convert each version into an autonomous item. Leveraging these applications enables you to formulate unique item titles, descriptions, visuals, and identifiers for each variant, enriching the shopper’s ability to discover and acquire their chosen product.

Explore this comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on separating product variants on Shopify:

1. Install a Third-Party Application

Explore the Shopify App Store for various third-party apps that enable the segmentation of product variants into distinct items. Later in this guide, we’ll provide a list of the top 3 apps.

2. Select a Product

Choose a product from your store with multiple variants you wish to present as individual products.

3. Edit the Chosen Product

Tap on the chosen product for editing and navigate to the variants section.

4. Utilize the Third-Party App

With the third-party app, generate a new product for each variant. This ensures that every variant appears separately in your store.

5. Personalize the New Product

Customize the new product by adding images, descriptions, and other relevant details.

6. Publish the Updated Product

Once customization is complete, publish the new product on your store.

7. Repeat the Procedure

Continue this process for every variant you intend to showcase as an individual product.

What is the limit for variants on Shopify?

On Shopify, you can create up to 100 variants per product, with each product accommodating three options. If you surpass this limit, utilize third-party apps or modify your theme code to capture specific customer requirements. For specialized information, incorporate custom fields on variant pages using metafields.

For Shopify 2.0 themes like Dawn, variant meta fields can be added through the theme editor. Note that stores with 50,000+ variants have a daily limit of 1,000 new variants through apps or CSV file imports. Stores on the Plus plan are exempt.

Additionally, when adding a variant, you can choose to Continue selling when out of stock to allow purchases even with zero inventory.


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How to Bulk Edit Variants in Shopify?

To initiate this process, swiftly mark the variants for duplication from the Variants section on the product page. Easily select all variants associated with a specific option value by clicking on the value beside “Select.

how to add variant on shopify

Following the selection hit on “Create duplicate variants” and input the new option value you wish to incorporate. Tailor the duplication by specifying the details you want to replicate from the existing variants, then click Duplicate.


Keep in mind that duplicating an existing variant won’t generate a second copy, so double-check for any pre-existing variants to prevent unintentional duplicates.

Leveraging the bulk edit feature for variant duplication proves to be an efficient time-saving strategy when enriching your Shopify products with multiple options.

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Top 3 Product Variant Apps for Shopify

1.  Product and Variants Options

how to add variant on shopify


Pricing: A free plan is available & paid plan starts from $10/month

Product and Variants Options is a versatile customization solution, empowering businesses with unlimited product options for personalized customer experiences.

Key Features

    • Diverse Option Types: Product and Variants Options support a range of customization choices, including image swatches, textboxes, multi-select, file uploads, and more.
    • Dynamic Pricing: Enable additional fees for selected options, providing flexibility in pricing based on customers’ personalized choices.
    • Conditional Logic: Tailor the user experience by showing or hiding options based on the customer’s previous selections, ensuring a streamlined and relevant customization process.

2. Variant Option Product Options

Rating: 4.6

Pricing: Free to Install & Basic plan starts from $9.99/month

Variant Option Product Options revolutionize your Shopify store with unlimited customization choices, advanced pricing options, and flexible variant management. Elevate your product personalization game effortlessly.

Key Features

    • Unlimited Options: Break free from Shopify’s 100 variant limit. Enjoy limitless product personalization with color swatches, text boxes, file uploads, and more.
    • Flexible Pricing: Enhance customer experience with price add-ons based on selected options. Maximize revenue with custom pricing for tailored products.
    • Advanced Customization: Tailor your product pages with ease. Enable image swatches, text fields, and conditional logic. Create a seamless shopping journey for your customers.

3. Infinite Options

how to add variant on shopify


Pricing: A 14-day free trial is available & paid plan starts from $12.99/month 

Infinite Options transforms your Shopify store with limitless customization. Add product options, swatch visualizations, seamless add-ons, and bundled products for an elevated shopping experience and higher order values.

Key Features

    • Unlimited Options: Enhance product customization by adding an unlimited number of options to your items.
    • Add-ons: Display per-option charges on your product page for easy customer understanding.
    • Visualize Choices: Create visually appealing dropdown menus, checkboxes, and swatches for multiple variant options.


In conclusion, mastering the art of adding variants on Shopify, or in other words, how to add variant on Shopify, is pivotal for creating a dynamic and personalized shopping experience. As the e-commerce landscape evolves, having a thorough understanding of how to leverage Shopify’s variant capabilities becomes a powerful tool for success.

Take charge of your store’s versatility, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of online retail.

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