How to Add Users/Agents in Freshdesk Contact Center?

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Last Updated: April 2024

Welcome to our guide on adding users/agents to Freshdesk Contact Center. With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can provide exceptional customer support across multiple channels. Adding users/agents allows for improved collaboration and a seamless customer experience. 

In this guide, you will learn how to add new users in Freshdesk effortlessly. By doing so, you can enhance team collaboration, scale your customer support operations, and streamline workflows. 

Benefits of Adding Users/Agents in Freshdesk Contact Center

Adding users/agents to Freshdesk Contact Center brings several benefits including:

  1. Improved Team Collaboration: By adding users/agents, you create a collaborative environment where your team members can work together efficiently. They can share information, delegate tasks, and communicate seamlessly, resulting in faster issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced Scalability: As your business grows, you can easily scale up your customer support operations by adding new users/agents to Freshdesk. This scalability ensures that you can handle increased customer inquiries without compromising the quality of your service.
  3. Efficient Workflows: Adding users/agents enables you to divide and assign customer support tasks more effectively. Each agent can focus on specific areas of expertise or handle designated customer segments, resulting in streamlined workflows and faster response times.
  4. Round-the-Clock Coverage: With multiple users/agents added to Freshdesk Contact Center, you can ensure 24/7 customer support coverage. By assigning shifts or rotating schedules, you can provide uninterrupted assistance to your customers in different time zones.
  5. Customized Access and Permissions: Freshdesk Contact Center allows you to define roles and permissions for each user/agent. You can grant specific access levels based on responsibilities, ensuring data security and maintaining control over your support operations.

By leveraging the benefits of adding users/agents to the Freshdesk, you can optimize your customer support processes and deliver exceptional service.

7 Easy Steps to Add Users/Agents to Freshdesk contact center

Here are the step-by-step instructions to add users/agents to Freshdesk Contact Center:

  1. Log in to your Freshdesk account.
  1. Go to Admin Settings and click on Agents (Users).

3. Click on the “New Agent (User)” button. 

Freshdesk add users/agents

       4. Add the user you want by entering their email address.

  1. Click on the Roles option and select the preferred role for the user:
  • Agent: The user can make/receive calls, get access to the agent dashboard, call logs, and view contact information.
  • Supervisor: Includes all agent-related activities, access to reports, and the ability to configure data scoping.
  • Admin: Allows them to configure all features through the Admin tab. Access to Account or Billing-related information is restricted.
  • Account Admin: This role provides complete control over the product, including access to Account and Billing-related information, as well as receiving invoices.
  1. Click on the “Add Agent” button to complete the process.
  2. Once you have added a user/agent, they will receive an email to activate their account. Upon activation, they can start using the Freshdesk Contact Center account using their login credentials.

By following these steps, you can easily add users/agents to your Freshdesk Contact Center account, enabling them to contribute to your customer support efforts efficiently.

Why Freshdesk is not the best solution?

“Another improvement could be the ability to change the default function without having to create a new function and then assign permissions. Especially if you want to change one or two things in the default role, you can do so in the default role to save time.”

Marvin L. H.

“The limitation on the number of ticket forms allowed per account could be improved.”

Verified User in Retail

“Freshdesk is good for simple implementation but has Limitations to support complex business scenarios. Good for simple configurations and customizations. But as the system grows, some limitations are seen from the product side. I also don’t like the limitations around the access and roles.”

Manisha J.

“If customers open multiple tickets, it can be confusing sometimes opening their multiple tickets and track back to find the information you need. I am not sure there is an obvious improvement to the interface that would help, but it can be a pain point when trying to handle complex cases.” 

Verified User in Logistics and Supply Chain

While Freshdesk is generally a reliable option, there are a few drawbacks that you may find limiting:

  1. Limited user roles: Freshdesk has predefined user roles (Agent, Supervisor, Admin, Account Admin), but it may not offer the flexibility to create custom roles tailored to your specific organizational needs. This limitation can restrict fine-grained control over user permissions and access levels.
  2. User limitations: Depending on your subscription plan, Freshdesk Contact Center may impose limitations on the number of users/agents that can be added. This can be a concern for larger organizations or if you have rapidly growing support teams.
  3. Complex user management: Managing a large number of users/agents can become cumbersome. The lack of advanced user management features, such as bulk user import/export or user grouping, can make administrative tasks more time-consuming and inefficient.
  4. Limited collaboration features: While Freshdesk allows for basic team collaboration, it may lack advanced collaboration features like real-time team chat, task assignment, or file sharing. This can hinder seamless communication and coordination among users/agents working on customer support tasks.
  5. Integration constraints: Freshdesk Contact Center’s integration options with third-party applications may be limited. If your organization relies heavily on specific tools or systems for support operations, the lack of seamless integration could disrupt workflows and hinder productivity.

It’s important to carefully assess these drawbacks in relation to your organization’s specific needs and preferences when considering Freshdesk.

Exploring alternative options such as Saufter can be beneficial if you wish to have an intuitive platform with advanced automation and customization options.

Meet Saufter, the best Freshdesk alternative!

Discover the remarkable features of Saufter, the ultimate alternative to Freshdesk, that elevate your customer support experience. 

With Saufter, you can benefit from:

  • Automation and workflow customization: Automate repetitive tasks, establish customized workflows, and define rules for efficient ticket routing and escalation.
  • Reporting and analytics: Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reports and analytics, enabling you to track key metrics, and measure performance.
  • Streamlined ticket management: Simplify ticket management through features like ticket merging, intelligent tagging, and advanced filtering options. It helps to ensure efficient organization and seamless handling of customer inquiries.
  • Omnichannel support: Deliver support across multiple channels, including email, chat, and social media, providing a consistent experience for your customers.
  • Self-service live chat: Enable 24/7 self-service with AI-powered live chat, allowing quick responses to customer queries and enhancing their satisfaction.
  • Knowledge base integration: Create and maintain a robust knowledge base, empowering customers to find answers independently, reducing support ticket volume, and improving self-service capabilities.
  • Integration capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with essential tools and platforms, such as CRM systems and e-commerce platforms, to enhance efficiency and streamline workflows.
  • Automated alerts and notifications: Leverages AI and triggers to get proactive notifications, alerting you to potential customer support issues. Stay ahead by addressing problems in advance, preventing them from escalating into major concerns.
Helplama Helpdesk


To wrap it up, adding users/agents to Freshdesk Contact Center is a breeze and it brings tremendous value to your support operations. Just follow the steps we discussed above, and you’ll have your team up and running in no time. 

By assigning roles and permissions, you can ensure that each user has the right access and responsibilities within the contact center. Whether it’s agents, supervisors, or admins, Freshdesk offers a user-friendly interface and flexible options to cater to your business needs. 

If you’re seeking a superior alternative, we strongly suggest exploring Saufter. Packed with powerful features, Saufter provides a comprehensive view of customer history, interactions, and data, enabling you to deliver exceptional support experiences. 

Don’t hesitate any longer—kickstart your journey with Saufter by signing up for a 15-day free trial today!



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