How To Add Personalization Options on Shopify (With Apps)

Are you looking for ways to enhance your customer experience and boost your sales? One effective method is to offer personalized product options.

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In this article, we will show you how to add personalization option on Shopify along with a list of apps that help you provide those options. So, the table of contents for this article is:


Benefits of Adding Personalization Options

Adding personalization options to your store can provide several benefits to you and your customers. Some of these benefits are as follows.

1) Competitive Advantage

Personalization is becoming a critical factor in the e-commerce industry. Stores that don’t offer personalized experiences risk falling behind their competitors.

As per Mckinsey, 40% more revenue comes from personalization for faster-growing companies compared to their slower-growing counterparts.

By implementing personalization options, you create a memorable shopping experience for your customers. Also, differentiate yourself from your competition and attract more customers.

2) Boosts Your Sales

By offering personalization options, you can make your shoppers feel more involved in the creation process. When customers feel like they are a part of the product creation process, it increases their sense of ownership over the product. This leads to a higher level of satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand.

A Deloitte report, Made-to-order: The rise of mass personalization found that – Not only are customers willing to pay more for a customized product or service, but they also prefer to participate in the process actively.

3) Data Collection

Personalization options help you to collect valuable customer data, such as purchasing history, preferences, and demographics. You can use this data to improve your customer experience further, target marketing efforts more effectively, and make informed business decisions.

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Overall, personalization options allow you to get to know your customers better and create more personalized experiences.

Now, let’s see how to add personalization options to your store.

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How to Add Personalization Option On Shopify?

First, you need to know that you can apply personalization options to almost any product in your store, from clothing to home décor, and even edible goods like cakes and cookies. 

Next, even though you are not using Shopify to run your store, you can follow the below steps to create and customize your online store.

Step 1: Determine Which Products Will Offer Personalization

The first step is to decide to which products you want to offer personalization. As mentioned earlier, any product can be personalized, so the sky is the limit!

However, it is essential to focus on the products that are likely to benefit from personalization. For example, items like home decor, apparel, and jewelry are perfect for personalization.

Step 2: Install a Personalization Application

The next step is to install a personalization app. The Shopify App Store offers a range of personalization apps. So, you should research and compare them to determine which one is the best fit for your store. To get you started we have shortlisted 5 top Shopify personalization apps in the next section.

Even if you are not using Shopify, you can integrate with personalization software that supports your tech stack by searching through Google or other search engines and marketplaces.

Step 3: Customize the Application

After installing the application, you need to customize it to fit your store’s needs. The customization process may vary depending on the application you choose. But generally, you will need to add your products, set pricing, and design the personalization options.

Step 4: Test the Personalization Options

Before launching your personalization options, it is crucial to test them to ensure they work correctly. Make sure that the personalization options appear correctly on your product page and that the customization process works smoothly without any errors.

Step 5: Launch Your Personalized Products

Finally, it is time to launch your personalized products. Make sure to promote them heavily on your website, email marketing campaigns, and social media. Also, it is a good idea to offer promotions or discounts to incentivize customers to try your new personalized products.

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Top 5 Apps to Add Personalized Options to Shopify

  1. Globo Product Options, Variant
  2. Zepto Product Personalizer
  3. Hulk Product Options
  4. Product Options & Customizer
  5. Variant Option Product Options


1) Globo Product Options, Variant (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 1113 Reviews)

Globo Product Options, Variant
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As the name itself says, this app lets you create unlimited custom product options, product variants, and variant options. As a result, your buyers are encouraged to personalize their products.


  • Product customization options: Color swatch, variant image, text input field, dropdown, checkbox, and file upload.
  • Additional cost: Charge an add-on price when your customers select a product variant.
  • Conditional logic: Show or hide relevant options based on the previously selected option.
  • Import/ Export: Import/ export your product variants by using a CSV file.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Free
  • Premium – $5.90

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2) Zepto Product Personalizer (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 823 Reviews)

Zepto Product Personalizer allows you to create an unlimited number of product options with live previews to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Plus, you can provide a “Build Your Own Product” experience for a multi-component custom product.


  • Product customization options: Image and color swatches, buttons, text & monogram inputs, custom fonts and colors, and more.
  • Conditional logic & dynamic pricing: Depending on user selection, show/ hide your product options and increase/ decrease price.
  • Live preview: This lets your customers view a live preview of their customized products.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 15 days
  • Starter – $9.99
  • Basic – $19.99
  • Moderator – $29.99
  • Unlimited – $49.99

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3) Hulk Product Options (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 1520 Reviews)

Hulk Product Options
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With the Hulk Product Options, you can display product customization options on your store. Additionally, you may use the app for product filters and bundlers as well.


  • Color Swatches: Provide photos or color swatches to your shoppers during product selection.
  • Image uploads: Allows your customers to upload images to show how they want their customized product to look like.
  • Bulk customization: Apply customization to thousands of products at once.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Shopify’s Buy Now and Shop Pay Express Checkout buttons.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 7 days 
  • Basic Plan – $10
  • Advanced – $20
  • Enterprise – $49.90

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4) Product Options & Customizer (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 1272 Reviews)

As the app name itself says, you can personalize your products by adding unlimited product options and customizations. Also, the app lets you merge product variations and variants across multiple products.


  • Product customization options: Image & color swatch, calendar date selector, Google fonts picker, text inputs, file uploads, etc.
  • Premium features: Custom option pricing and conditional logic.
  • Bulk actions: Perform bulk actions on multiple products at the same time.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Free Demo Plan
  • Basic – $19.99
  • Premium – $49.99
  • Premium Plus – $99.99

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5) Variant Option Product Options (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 909 Reviews)

Variant Option Product Options
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Developed by Relentless Apps, Variant Option Product Options Shopify app offers infinite product options and variants. This includes color & image swatches, file/ image/ photo uploads, buttons, custom text boxes, and custom variant images.


  • Advanced product options & customizations: Monogramming, engraving, and price add-ons.
  • Multi-select: This lets your shoppers select multiple options.
  • Conditional logic: Displays product options based on what your customer has selected.
  • Sold out: This shows which variants are not available or out of stock.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Starter – Free
  • Basic Plan – $9.99
  • Advanced – $19.99

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Are You Ready to Personalize Your Store?

By following the mentioned simple steps, you can create a personalized shopping experience that will drive sales. With a little planning, you can start offering customized products that will set your business apart from the competition.

Also, you can overcome Shopify’s 3-option and 100-variant limits by using one of the top 5 Shopify personalization options apps. These apps make it quick and easy to add customization options to your products. Plus, it doesn’t require heavy investments or tedious setups.

Additionally, to deliver a top-notch customer support experience across platforms, you should try Helplama Helpdesk – an automated eCommerce & SaaS helpdesk software. It also provides order & returns management and monitoring services as well.

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