How Much Does Salesforce Cloud Cost in 2023? [Full Pricing Breakdown]

Salesforce Cloud is one of the most popular and highly rated customer service software/CRM solutions globally. Salesforce Cloud functions as a central hub for all customer service operations, allowing you to centralize your communication, policies, and support team. Despite the fact that Salesforce Cloud is used everywhere and the platform consistently receives positive feedback, the pricing structure is not the most straightforward.  In this guide, we’ll go over each of their plans and talk about Salesforce cost per user, the features you get, and who each plan is for.   We’ll cover:

A Brief Overview of Salesforce Cloud’s Pricing Structure

So, how much does Salesforce cost? Here’s a brief overview: Salesforce Cloud has four pricing tiers.

1. Essentials: 

The Essentials plan costs $25 per month and includes case management, 1 service console app, case email auto-response, auto-assignment, omnichannel routing, a help center, and other features.

2. Professional

Sales force pricing for the Professional plan is $75 per month and includes everything in Essentials plus work order management, custom profiles, page layouts, developer sandbox, service contracts, etc

3. Enterprise

The Enterprise Salesforce Cloud pricing is $150 per month and includes additional features such as advanced reporting, web services API, roles and permissions, workflow and approvals, etc.

4. Unlimited: 

Salesforce Cloud Unlimited pricing is $300 per month and includes additional features such as Full Sandbox, 24/7 Support and Configuration Services, Einstein Bots, etc.






Computer telephony integration         ✅           ✅           ✅         ✅
Lightning service console         ✅           ✅           ✅         ✅
App development with lightning         ✅           ✅           ✅         ✅
Account & contact management         ✅           ✅           ✅         ✅
Task & event tracking         ✅           ✅           ✅         ✅
Knowledge base         ✅           ✅           ✅         ✅
Customizable reports & dashboards         ✅           ✅           ✅         ✅
Service Console apps         ✅           ✅           ✅         ✅
Custom profiles and page layouts                 ✅           ✅         ✅
Service contracts and entitlements           ✅           ✅         ✅
Case milestone tracker           ✅           ✅         ✅
Service orders           ✅           ✅         ✅
Channel menu           ✅           ✅         ✅
Offline access            ✅         ✅
Web services API           ✅         ✅
Advanced case management           ✅         ✅
Salesforce identity           ✅         ✅
Advanced reporting features           ✅         ✅
Workflow and approval automation           ✅         ✅
Einstein article recommendations           ✅         ✅
Einstein Bots         ✅
24/7 support and configuration services         ✅
Premier success plan         ✅
Developer Pro Sandbox         ✅
Lightning flow automation    5 processes   5 processes       Unlimited       Unlimited
Read the detailed pricing breakdown below to find out how much is Salesforce per month:

Detailed Pricing Plans for Salesforce Cloud

1. Essentials

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Features Offered:

Here are some of the features included in Salesforce Cloud’s Essentials plan:
  • Computer telephony integration: 
Computer Telephony Integration connects your phone system and CRM. Using click-to-dial and automated dialing, your team will be able to connect with more customers.
  • Lightning service console
Lightning Console centralizes all of the information your agents require to provide quick service. With this dashboard, your customer service team will have instant access to the customer’s profile, purchasing history, and account information.
  • App development with lightning
Drag and drop to create pages and responsive apps with the Lightning App Builder. The apps can even be customized with custom themes and branding.
  • Account & contact management
The account and contact management feature allows your team to save information about customers or individuals they work with.
  • Task & event tracking
This feature allows you to quickly create and update tasks. This assists your team in optimizing how they manage their work.
  • Knowledge base
Create and manage a knowledge base with your company’s information, and securely share it as and when it is required.


The Essentials plan is Salesforce Cloud’s entry-level pricing plan. The cost of Salesforce’s Essentials plan is $25 per user, per month.

This Plan is Good For:

If you’re looking for a simple CRM tool to connect with customers through different channels, and your website using an extensive service console, the Salesforce Essentials pricing plan should suffice. It is intended for single support agents as well as small teams.

2. Professional

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  • All Essential features included
  • Customizable reports & dashboards
This plan includes a robust set of reporting tools that work together to track the number of cases created, case comments, case emails, and so on.
  • Service contracts and entitlements
You can create customer support contracts between you and your customers using this feature.
  • Case milestone tracker
The case milestone tracker is a tool that provides your team with a comprehensive view of upcoming and completed milestones. The tracker also helps agents be prepared for support deadlines by displaying them.
  • Service orders
The Professional plan helps your team to track and manage orders in one place.
  • Work order management
The work order management feature automates and manages various units of your support team to efficiently service customers.
  • Custom profiles and page layouts
This feature allows you to manage each user’s read/write permissions. You can also control which fields different users see on each record with the plan.
  • Channel menu
The Professional plan allows you to communicate with your customers via the channels they prefer. It also allows you to choose and edit which customer channels should appear in your website’s menu.


Sales cloud pricing for the Professional plan is $75 per user, per month. This plan includes all of the Essentials plan features.

This Plan is Good For:

If you’re looking for a plan that includes simple and easy-to-use customization, integration, and administration tools to help with any small to medium-sized deployment, the Professional plan could be for you. This plan is designed for companies that require full-featured CRM functionality.

3. Enterprise

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  • All Professional features included
  • Offline access 
Offline access allows your team to create new records even when there is no internet connection. Once they are back online, the data will sync.
  • Web services API
The Enterprise plan includes the ability to connect external systems and data using web service APIs.
  • Advanced case management
For faster, more accurate service resolutions, advanced case management automatically routes inquiries to the appropriate team.
  • Salesforce identity
This feature connects all of your apps, devices, and resources to your employees and customers, resulting in a better user experience and security.
  • Workflow and approval automation
Workflow and approval automation streamlines and improves how your team uses the CRM, allowing them to be more productive and serve customers better.
  • Einstein article recommendations
Your agents won’t have to waste time searching or scrolling through the knowledge base with this feature, and they can quickly attach recommended articles or dismiss them as useless.
  • Service Console apps
Service Console apps give your team a 360-degree view of each customer case and the tools they need to resolve it quickly.


The Enterprise plan costs $150 per user, per month. This plan includes all of the Essentials and Professional plan features.

This Plan is Good For:

The Enterprise plan is better suited for customer support teams that require more customization options. It does provide many useful features, such as advanced reporting, web services API, roles and permissions, workflow and approvals, etc. However, it can cost up to $150 per user/month. The Enterprise plan is tailored for medium-large businesses.

4. Unlimited

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  • All Enterprise features included
  • Einstein Bots
You can create custom chatbots to handle routine requests, freeing up your agents to handle more complex issues.
  • 24/7 support and configuration services
The Unlimited plan includes access to technical support 24/7. The support team can also review and troubleshoot your code to fix or avoid problems.
  • Advanced reporting features
Advanced reporting presents data in a way that can highlight trends, illustrate key metrics, and categorize values.
  • Premier success plan
The premium success plan gives you access to expert coaching and training to help upskill your team, as well as technical insights to help improve your business process.
  • Developer Pro Sandbox
More development and quality assurance tasks can be handled in the developer pro sandbox. It is also suitable for integration testing and user training.
  • Lightning flow automation 
With the Unlimited plan, you can use lightning flow automation to automate and manage any number of service/business processes.


Salesforce subscription cost for the Unlimited plan is $300 per user, per month. This plan includes all of the Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise plan features.

This Plan is Good For:

If you want a plan with complete platform flexibility for managing large-scale customer service and sharing all of your information on demand, the Unlimited Edition is the way to go. All Enterprise Edition functionality is included, as well as Premier Support, full mobile access, unlimited custom apps, increased storage limits, and other features.

How much do Salesforce Cloud add-ons cost?

  • Field Service(Starting at $50 user/month)

This add-on provides your team with AI-powered scheduling, resource optimization, guided safety protocols, van inventory, knowledge articles, and other features.
  • Digital Engagement($75 user/month)

This add-on enables your team to communicate with customers via various digital channels, such as mobile messaging, webchat, and more.
  • Appointment Assistant($25 user/month)

This add-on allows you to automatically notify customers with up-to-date appointment information via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.
  • Workforce Engagement($50 user/month)

This add-on helps predict case volumes, balance staffing, and optimize agent schedules. You can also provide real-time agent coaching and training.
  • Service Cloud Einstein($50 user/month)

This add-on provides your team with features such as Next Best Action, Case Classification, Case Routing, and Reply Recommendations.
  • Einstein Conversation Insights($50 user/month)

This add-on allows you to track conversational insights such as keywords, talk tracks, and so on, in addition to features such as video/audio Call records, work queue, etc. See a full set of integrations here: pricing) We hope this breakdown answers the question, “How much does Salesforce cost?” and gives you a better understanding of how Salesforce service cloud pricing works.

Why is Helplama’s helpdesk more affordable than Salesforce’s Cloud?

When comparing the pricing plans of Helplama and Salesforce, one thing is clear: Helplama wins in terms of clarity and features offered. When compared to the Salesforce CRM price, Helplama helpdesks’ pricing plans and features offered in each tier are more straightforward and reasonable. Here’s a look at the different pricing plans offered:
Image source-
And, here are some of the reasons why online business owners prefer the Helplama helpdesk:
  • With Helplama all of your customer interactions and communications can be managed in a single location.
  • You can include a live chat widget on your website to allow visitors to raise concerns in real-time.
  • Helplama integrates email support as well as AI-drafted emails. This can significantly reduce your email traffic as well as your workload.
  • With a single click, you can integrate with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magneto, and Woo-commerce, among others.
  • The helpdesk improves response time and productivity by providing AI-suggested responses based on previous tickets handled.
  • It also includes an automated training module for your team members to be trained and tested.


So, between Salesforce and the Helplama helpdesk, which is the right tool for your company?

Simply put, Helplama is better suited for eCommerce businesses, whereas Salesforce is better suited for non-eCommerce businesses, particularly enterprises. It is up to you to decide which one will assist your team in providing better customer service.

If you want to make it easier for customers to contact your service team while also empowering your support reps to provide the best service possible, the Helplama helpdesk could be the platform for you.  If you’re starting from scratch, you can opt for managed customer support services tailored for your business starting at $399 per month.

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