How And When To Use Zendesk Tags? [Easy Steps]

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Last Updated: April 2024

Working with a huge number of customer support tickets daily is inevitable for a growing eCommerce business like yours. Managing hundreds or thousands of them efficiently requires some meticulous workflows.

If you are using Zendesk as your support helpdesk, then we are discussing an important note for ticket management here, which is using the Zendesk tags.

What are Zendesk Tags?

To begin with, let us see what Zendesk tags are. Tags are simply one word or combination of words used to mark the context of a ticket or a topic. Which is in general used for identification purposes. You may require to add tags to tickets, users, and organizations to easily identify and fish out the required documents.

Say, for instance, you can add a ‘sales’ tag for all the sales-related queries. Likewise, a ‘support ticket’ tag for customer support-related tickets, etc.

Zendesk tag

Having discussed Zendesk tags, in brief, we will see more about

  • Benefits Of Zendesk Tags
  • Easy Steps To Add Zendesk Tags To Tickets
  • Setbacks Of Using Zendesk Tags
  • Meet Saufter, The Best Zendesk Alternative

Benefits Of Zendesk Tags

  • First and foremost is that tags are used to give your agents a clear and concise context of the ticket.
  • Search and pull out the relevant tickets or topics easily by typing the contained tags in the search box.
  • You can also create views by adding tags as conditions in views to enable a quick view of all the tickets with certain tags.
  • Also, run reports and track the status of the tickets easily using the added tags to the tickets.
  • By adding tags to automation, macros, and triggers, you can manage and customize your support workflows flexibly as per your support needs.
  • Use these tags to transfer a ticket from the chatbot to an agent by adding the tags to the Transfer to agent step in your messaging bot. This will provide your agents with a better understanding of the forwarded message context.
  • Analyze the tags statistics to understand your customer requirements trends through the support requests.

Easy Steps To Add Zendesk Tags To Tickets

Let us see what are the ways to create and use these tags within Zendesk.

Ticket tagging – you can add tags to tickets easily and use those tags to design customized workflows. Coming up are the easy steps to add tags to tickets.

Steps To Create Tags For Tickets Manually

Create tags for the tickets easily by using the following steps.

Step# 1 Open the ticket to which you want to add the tag.

Zendesk tag

Step# 2 Find ‘Tags’ on the left column of the window.

Zendesk tag

Step# 3 When you start typing, all existing matching tags will show up. Press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard to use them or write your required new ones and press the ‘Space’ key.

Zendesk tag

Step# 4 To save the created tags on tickets click on the ‘Submit’ button on the bottom right of the screen.

Zendesk tag

There you are, you have successfully created new tags for your ticket. And if ever you want to delete some or all of the tags of a ticket, then go to the ticket and simply click on the ‘x’ to close the tags. That removes the tags. And click on ‘Save’.

Here, we would like to bring a few important points to your notice to remember while creating tags:

  • Only alphanumeric, dash, underscore, and forward slash/characters are allowed while creating new tags. Special characters like #, @, or! cannot be used in tags.
  • Type in using any Zendesk-supported language as it supports UTF-8 (Unicode).
  • Add an underscore between the words to create tags with more than one word.
  • The tags field has a character limitation of up to 5096 characters. After which you will not be able to add any more tags to the ticket.
  • Thus created tags will appear in the tag cloud and the auto-fill feature after 24 hours.

Steps To Create Tags For Tickets Automatically

In Zendesk, it is possible to enable automatic ticket tagging as well. Automatic ticket tagging is based on the concept of keywords present in the ticket descriptions. When you enable this tagging, Zendesk Support automatically scans all the incoming tickets’ descriptions and adds matching tags. 

And to enable this,

  1. Go to ‘Admin center’ and select ‘Objects and rules’ from the sidebar.
  2. Click on ‘Tickets’ and then ‘Settings’.
  3. Look out for the ‘Tags’ segment and select the ‘Enable automatic ticket tagging’ option.
  4. Now click on the ‘Save tab’.

And to disable the same, follow the same steps 1,2, and on step 3 – deselect the ‘Enable automatic ticket tagging’ option and click ‘Save tab’.

Or to disable the manual ticket tagging, follow the same step 1,2, and then deselect the ‘Enable tags on tickets’ option. By doing so, you will not be able to add tags using the ticket interface. Though, agents, admins, and integrations will still be able to add, remove, and change tags on tickets using the Update Ticket API.

Until here, we discussed what Zendesk tags are, their benefits, and the steps to create them. It is always advisable to examine the setbacks too of a product before jumping to conclusions.

Setbacks Of Using Zendesk Tags

Sure it looked easy to create tags automatically and manually with Zendesk. Nevertheless, it also carries certain drawbacks with it. And they are

  • Majorly, analysis and reporting on tags are reported to be less competitive. According to a user, tags with sub-headings are difficult to run under analysis.
  • Sometimes, setting up the tag conditions may be tricky or you may face technical difficulties. A single miss will lead to a chain of mishaps.
  • Usage of tags in emails has certain limitations and is not scalable.
  • You may have to depend on their technical assistance often to overcome tag-related issues.
  • Basically, tagging should be easily automated to avoid repetitive tasks. But Zendesk’s automatic ticket tagging comes with a whole lot of limitations and results in complicated errors. Read here to find out more.

All these disadvantages are personal displeasure experienced and reviewed by the Zendesk users. We bring you some of those below.

Zendesk Tags User Reviews

It can be hard to run any type of analysis on categories/tags that have sub-headings. (For example, we might have user: new and user: education. Can run analysis on either separately but not as a group.)an assistant manager of an enterprise business.


When building triggers and using tags as conditions, the tag titles are truncated and unreadablesenior systems administrator, mid-market.


I believe that the email inbox should be a little more customizable, with the right-to-use tags for better replication of new emails and directing to individual boxesan entrepreneur, mid-market.


A lot of stuff you will have to figure out on your own through trial and error and the help of support. Reporting on tags could be a lot betterdirector of the customer experience, small market.

Is there a solution to these issues? Yes, continue to read to know about it.

Meet Saufter, The Best Zendesk Alternative

Why do we call Saufter the best alternative to Zendesk? Here are the answers.


  • Firstly, it is the easiest helpdesk software available in the market. As it can be onboarded into your support system easily as a breeze with just a few clicks. Does not require any technical knowledge or coding skills at all.
  • Using tags in Saufter requires just a few clicks and no codes. For, tag creation for every ticket or conversation is truly a menial task. Put your agents’ time to greater use.
  • Saufter’s intuitive and real-time analytics dashboard gives you a full and complete analysis of all the helpdesk metrics performances including tags.

Above mentioned are just tag-specific features and only a few drops of the ocean. Certainly, there is more.

  • Most of your eCommerce workflows like order status, returns, notifications, cart abandonment recovery measures, exchanges, live chat support, etc are seamlessly automated with Saufter.
  • Integrations – endless starting with Shopify, WooCommerce, email, live chat, social platforms, and more. On top of it, all can be connected with a single click.
  • Smart AI-integrated workflows help you scale your SaaS and eCommerce customer service.
  • Boost your support team’s efficiency by providing automated training and Slack for team communication to solve issues coherently. Add more power to your team by hiring experienced industry experts from Saufter’s marketplace.
  • Not just that, social media has become a storm in recent days, and playing your part in the field is a must to grab more customers. Saufter automatically collects and promotes your user reviews on all leading social platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.
  • Got any custom requirements? You can always approach their support assistant and they will do the rest. Check the link below to go through its entire list of features.

In Short

Just like the luggage tags we use during our air travel, for easier identification purposes, Zendesk tags are also used to differentiate and identify the support request context.

In the air travel example, if the tags get tampered with or if the airline staff wrongly attaches the tag, then your situation goes from bad to worse! Similarly, if you even miss a step while integrating tags or miss a code in tag APIs, then you can imagine your situation.

On that account, it is advisable to refer to some alternatives, in this case, Saufter. Since we understand how precious time is for you to monitor your business, we did the required drilling and the outcome was this article.

Adding to the prominent features of Saufter mentioned above, it provides you with a marketplace. Here, you can hire or outsource phone, email, live chat, telemarketing support services, and data entry services. Hire tested & trained uber-talented people from the USA, and more.

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