Hootsuite Vs. Buffer: Which One Fits Best For Your Business?

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Last Updated: July 2024

In the realm of social media management tools, Hootsuite and Buffer stand out as two prominent choices. 73% of marketers believe social media marketing is effective for their business. When it comes to efficient social media management, the rivalry between Buffer vs. Hootsuite takes the spotlight.

Hootsuite offers a comprehensive platform with robust scheduling and monitoring features, catering to large enterprises. Buffer excels in its user-friendly interface and simplicity, making it an ideal option for small businesses and startups. Let’s compare these platforms to determine which aligns the most with your business needs.

Hootsuite vs Buffer Quick Comparison





$23.16/month with a 30-day free trial for 10 accounts

Start for free and upgrade to Essential plan $6/month for 1 channel

Features and Capabilities

Comprehensive suite, social listening, analytics

Streamlined scheduling, content calendar

User Interface

Feature-rich, suitable for larger teams

User-friendly, ideal for individuals and startups


Robust, in-depth insights and reporting

Basic, focuses on engagement and reach

Team Collaboration

Advanced tools for task assignment, approval workflows

Limited collaboration features


Advanced scheduling options, content recycling

Quick and simple scheduling process

Supported Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, and several others.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest

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Hootsuite vs Buffer Detailed Overview

Hootsuite and Buffer are two of the most well-known social media management tools, each offering distinct features that cater to different business needs. Let’s compare Hootsuite vs. Buffer across several key aspects:

1. Comprehensive Dashboard

Hootsuite and Buffer offer dashboard features, but differ in complexity and depth.


The dashboard provides an in-depth analysis of your social media involvement. It allows you to manage multiple social media platforms from a single interface.

User Reviews

“A great user experience – As a Hootsuite user, what I love most about the platform is its intuitive and user-friendly interface.” ariel i.

“Perfect for anyone looking for a powerful and user-friendly social media management tool! One of the most significant advantages of Hootsuite is its user-friendly interface.” Verified User in Higher Education


In Buffer, the dashboard is clean and simple, focusing on scheduled posts and basic analytics.

User Reviews

“Automated post facilitator and web page builder. Its user interface is top notch and easy to cope up with.” Subham D.

“Content Distribution Automation – One of the things I like most about Buffer is its user-friendly interface.” Verified User in Publishing

Winner: Hootsuite

2. Scheduling

Although scheduling is a shared attribute of Hootsuite and Buffer, their tools for executing this function exhibit significant differences.


Hootsuite’s advanced scheduling tools allow users to plan and publish posts across multiple social platforms. It also includes features for setting optimal posting times and content recycling.

User Reviews

“Scheduling all our posts has never been easier with Hootsuite!” Laine C.

“Hootsuite cuts my social post scheduling time down so low. It makes it incredibly easy to schedule out months of posts at a time which leaves me more time out of my week to work on strategy”. Ariel C.


Buffer’s user-friendly scheduling interface simplifies content publishing. It focuses on simplicity and efficiency in queuing up posts for various social networks.

User Reviews

“The biggest drawback is it does not have an integration with Instagram, which forces me to use other platforms for scheduling posts on Instagram.” Shruti S.

“The platform’s scheduling function has saved my life, and it’s straightforward to use overall. Since I can schedule my social media postings in advance, I have more time in the day to do other things.” Pooja Y.

Winner: Hootsuite

3. Analytics

While both Hootsuite and Buffer include analytics features, they vary in the primary metrics they focus on.


Hootsuite offers robust analytics, providing users with comprehensive insights into engagement, audience demographics, and post performance across various social platforms.

User Reviews

“It also helps us track data trends and analytics so we can keep the company updated on various hot topics.” Julia B.

“It has everything I need for scheduling and analytics, and responding to customers.” Laura C.


Buffer provides basic analytics, focusing on key metrics such as engagement and reach. This offers users a simplified overview of their content’s performance on social media.

User Reviews

“As an added bonus, the analytics function is top-notch, providing me with in-depth information on the performance of my postings across all of my channels.” Pooja Y.

“Buffer is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. It connects very well with multiple social media accounts. It has great reports and analytics for each social media post.” Indira V.

Winner: Hootsuite

4. Content Calendar

Both Hootsuite and Buffer provide content calendar functionality, but differ in the tools and features for efficient content planning and organization.


Hootsuite delivers a comprehensive content calendar for visualizing and managing scheduled posts across various social networks. It aids in efficient content planning and distribution.

User Reviews

“The content calendar enables us to schedule posts in advance and gives other teams visibility of our social media plan to ensure we are all aligned.” Kiera M.

“The main problem it solved for us was content scheduling and a calendar that everyone had access to, eliminating the need for multiple people to access multiple social media accounts.” Verified User in Financial Services


Buffer gives a user-friendly content calendar, allowing users to view and organize scheduled posts in a visual format, simplifying content management.

User Reviews

“It allowed us to forward plan content for out of office working hours, specific company announcements and other key calendar moments.” Verified User 

“It helps us manage our content calendar for all our social media pages from one easy-to-use dashboard.” Ameer Hamza

Winner: Hootsuite

5. Pricing

Hootsuite and Buffer both present a selection of pricing packages.


Hootsuite’s selection includes 4 diverse pricing plans: Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise Custom.

Image Source - hootsuite.com
    • Professional: With a monthly price tag of $23.16, this particular plan offers a 30-day trial at no cost for a single user, along with the capability to handle 10 social accounts.
    • Team: The monthly cost for this package is $91.19, and it encompasses a 30-day free trial period designed for 3 users, along with the ability to manage 20 social accounts.
    • Business: A 30-day free trial accompanies the plan, which costs $743.80 per month, and is available for 5 users managing 35 social accounts.
    • Enterprise Custom: Customized pricing starts with 5 users & 50 social accounts.

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User Reviews

“All social media platforms in one place for a good price and more than one member of my team can access them.”  Verified User in Banking


Buffer gives you the option to select from 4 different pricing schemes: Free, Essential, Team and Agency

Image Source - buffer.com
    • Free: It costs zero and you can connect up to 3 channels.
    • Essential: For a monthly $6 fee, you can access the Essential plan, which comes with a 14-day free trial for one channel.
    • Team: The Team plan is available for $12 per month and includes a 14-day free trial that covers one channel.
    • Agency: You can opt for the Essential plan at a monthly rate of $120, and it includes a 14-day trial period for 10 channels.

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User Reviews

“Buffer is a well priced application for your social media management.”  Penn B.

Winner: Both

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Final Words

In determining the ideal fit for your business, Hootsuite and Buffer offer distinct strengths. Hootsuite’s robust features suit larger enterprises seeking comprehensive social management, while Buffer’s simplicity caters well to smaller businesses with straightforward needs. Careful consideration of your business size and social media goals will guide your optimal choice.

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