5 Reasons to Hire Experienced Customer Service Representatives

Last Updated: December 2023

Did you know there are 93% chance of customers repeating their purchases from the same company if they have an excellent customer support service experience?

As per the stat mentioned above, the key to happy customers has to be your customer support executives. Now, most companies hire inexperienced college freshers as their customer support executives, and thus they have to pay for it.

 The real truth to scale your customer support experience is by hiring experienced customer representatives. As they have all the prior knowledge and the right set of confidence to take complete ownership of customer handling. 

Customer support executives are the face of your company and thus they should be experienced in how to handle a guest. Let us look at 5 reasons why to hire an experienced customer support representative. 

Better communication

Experienced customer support executives have the right set of mindset when listening to a customer’s complaint. Whereas an inexperienced employee might panic and can create more difficulties.

Communication does not only mean having an interaction, listening to your customer’s complaint patiently does come under communication which only an experienced staff might take up. 

Lastly, the most important part of any communication has to be the eye-contact. This is an underrated trade in a customer support rep. Maintaining an eye-contact means that you are listening and adhering to what your customer is saying. The eye-contact technique also requires high self-confidence which only an experienced customer support resp can maintain. 

They have a positive attitude

A positive attitude radiates calmness, confidence, and basic human nature to connect. Experienced customer support executive knows how to radiate these vibes and solve customers’ problems. 

They even know how to switch their behaviors and leave all their problems behind while addressing a customer with a happy face or with a happy tone of words. Whereas an inexperienced personal might face problems in doing so. 

They know how to be empathic 

Empathy is not always a character that is present in a customer support representative. Sometimes they have to fake it and show the customer that they care about their problem and feel sorry for it. Empathy can be shown with the right facial expressions and vocal tones.

Trained and experienced customer representatives know when to showcase these features as they have been handling the same situations for a long time. Hiring an inexperienced employee can make it look as if he/she is faking empathy which might result in losing a valuable client. 

Dedication towards work

Experienced staff means that they are happy in the sector in which they are currently working. When there is an aspiration to be in a field then the employee works towards the success of the company. 

They always want to learn new stuff and have the desire to grow and improve. Hiring experienced staff almost guarantees that the employee is happy with his field of service and will work towards the betterment of the company. 

Quick on their feet

A new experienced employee does not require intense training in his job roles and responsibilities. They can take up the responsibility from the word go and can save a lot of time for your organization. Whereas, hiring an inexperienced employee can consume a lot of time as they require training and mock scenario sessions. 

Situation example

Let us look at an example of good customer support. A company known for providing great, consistent customer support is Apple. They have a personalized support portal where you can ask queries related to any product on the list.

They tend to maintain a positive tone while interacting with their customers no matter how complex the issue is. 


Hiring an experienced customer support representative can prove to be the next step in the growth of your organization. With market scenarios being more customer-centric you have to give customer support more importance. Inexperienced staff will consume more time as they require training before joining a job and might still lack a positive attitude. Whereas, experienced staff does not require any long-duration training and can take up new tasks with the right confidence and attitude. 

However, we at Helplama Helpdesk provide an automated agent training function. We also procure trained US-based live chat answering service experts to enhance your store’s online support. Helplama’s customer support agent hiring and training process includes testing the topical understanding of the agent combined with their ability to handle a high-pressure situation without losing professional composure.

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