8 Best Hide Price Apps for Shopify in 2024!

8 Best Hide Price Apps for Shopify in 2023!

Last Updated: February 2024

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, innovative strategies are the key to staying ahead of the competition. As a discerning Shopify store owner, you know that pricing plays a crucial role in attracting customers and driving sales.

But what if there was a game-changing approach that could amplify your store’s appeal and entice potential buyers like never before? Enter the realm of hide price apps for Shopify – a groundbreaking trend taking the industry by storm in 2024!

In this blog post, we’ll unveil the top 8 hide prices Shopify apps that will empower you to wield the power of discretion and revolutionize your Shopify business!

1. Quote Snap! Hide Price

Quote Snap! Hide Price!

Pricing: Free; starts at $8.99/mo

Rating: 4.8/5

Quote Snap! Hide Price is a cutting-edge Shopify app designed to add an air of intrigue to your product listings. With a simple click, merchants can discreetly conceal prices, encouraging visitors to engage and request quotes directly.

What sets this app apart is its seamless integration with customizable call-to-action buttons, prompting potential buyers to take action instantly. Additionally, merchants gain the advantage of capturing valuable customer information through quote requests, fostering meaningful connections and personalized sales interactions.

Key Features

    1. Intuitive Price Concealment: Effortlessly hide product prices with a click, encouraging customer curiosity.
    2. Customizable CTAs: Craft compelling call-to-action buttons to drive instant quote requests.
    3. Lead Generation: Capture vital customer data through quote inquiries, facilitating tailored sales approaches.

2. WebPanda | Login to See Price


Pricing: From $6/month; 15-day free trial

Rating: 5/5

WebPanda’s Login to See Price app introduces an innovative twist to pricing visibility. By requiring customers to log in to their accounts, merchants can selectively reveal product prices, adding a sense of exclusivity to their offerings.

This app seamlessly integrates with Shopify’s login system, ensuring a seamless user experience. Moreover, merchants can implement tiered membership plans, offering different price levels to loyal customers, thus fostering brand loyalty and repeat business.

Key Features

    1. Members-Only Pricing: Conceal prices from non-registered visitors, enticing them to become members for exclusive access.
    2. Tiered Membership Levels: Implement custom pricing tiers for different customer groups, rewarding loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.
    3. Seamless Account Integration: Utilize Shopify’s login system to ensure a user-friendly and secure experience for customers.

3. G:Request a Quote + Hide Price


Pricing: Free; starts at $8.99/mo

Rating: 4.8/5

G:Request a Quote + Hide Price stands out as a versatile Shopify app, providing merchants with a dynamic approach to pricing presentation. By cleverly masking prices, the app sparks curiosity among shoppers, encouraging them to request quotes directly from the product pages.

Furthermore, merchants can capitalize on this opportunity to build customer relationships, negotiating tailored quotes and personalized offers that resonate with individual needs.

Key Features

    1. Interactive Quote Requests: Prompt customers to request personalized quotes directly from the product listings.
    2. Tailored Negotiations: Engage in one-on-one interactions with potential buyers, offering custom pricing that meets their requirements.
    3. Price Automation: Easily hide prices for specific products or collections, granting merchants full control over pricing visibility.

4. S: Call For Price & Hide Price


Pricing: $9.99/mo

Rating: 4.9/5

S: Call For Price & Hide Price app offers a distinctive blend of two powerful pricing tactics to captivate online shoppers. By replacing prices with enticing “Call for Price” messages, merchants can pique customer curiosity and drive direct engagement.

Additionally, this app facilitates price hiding for specific customer groups or regions, ensuring a personalized shopping experience that meets regional demands and fosters customer trust.

Key Features

    1. Curiosity-Driven Engagement: Replace prices with compelling “Call for Price” messages, encouraging direct customer interaction.
    2. Geo-Specific Price Hiding: Conceal prices based on customer location or specific customer groups, creating personalized shopping experiences.
    3. User-Friendly Setup: Easily configure price visibility settings and tailor the pricing approach to suit your unique business needs.

5. C: Request Quote – Hide Price


Pricing: From $6.99/month; 7-day free trial

Rating: 5/5

Looking to add an air of mystery to your online store? Well, C: Request Quote – Hide Price app has got you covered! 🎩 With this nifty Shopify tool, you can cleverly hide product prices and replace them with an irresistible “Request Quote” button.

This subtle yet powerful move sparks curiosity and nudges customers to reach out for personalized quotes. Plus, you get to be the price whisperer, tailoring offers that strike a perfect chord with your shoppers’ needs and budgets. So go ahead, embrace the enigmatic charm, and let your customers discover the magic of exclusive pricing! 💫💸

Key Features

    1. Enigmatic Price Concealment: Hide prices like a magician and entice customers to request customized quotes.
    2. Tailored Offers: Craft bespoke deals for your customers, building meaningful connections that boost conversions.
    3. Seamless Integration: Effortlessly install the app and get your price-hiding game on without breaking a sweat!

6. Mega Better Price


Pricing: From $9.99/month; 4-day free trial

Rating: 5/5

Get ready for some mega pricing power with Mega Better Price – a Shopify app designed to elevate your store’s pricing strategy! 🚀 By concealing prices, you’re essentially inviting customers to play a thrilling game of curiosity.

When they see the “Mega Better Price” button, their excitement peaks, and they can’t resist clicking to reveal the exclusive deals you’ve got in store for them. It’s like a treasure hunt for the best bargains! Unleash your pricing prowess, keep your shoppers intrigued, and watch your conversions skyrocket like never before! 💰🔥

Key Features

    1. Exclusive Price Reveals: Turn pricing into an exciting treasure hunt and unveil the best deals with a simple click.
    2. Engaging User Experience: Keep customers on their toes, eagerly exploring your store for those mega bargains.
    3. Conversion Boost: Drive urgency and curiosity, pushing visitors to become delighted buyers in no time!

7. Singleton | Login To See Price


Pricing: $7.99/month; 7-day free trial

Rating: 4.5/5

Are you ready to embrace the power of exclusivity? 🤩 Singleton – Login To See Price app lets you create an alluring, members-only world for your loyal customers! By concealing prices and offering access only to registered users, you’re offering something special that non-members can’t resist. With a seamless integration to Shopify’s login system, your shoppers can easily unlock hidden prices, revealing the exceptional deals that await them. So, gather your exclusive club of customers and welcome them into the inner circle of unbeatable prices! 🎁🔒

Key Features

    1. VIP Membership Pricing: Create an exclusive club for registered customers, granting them access to hidden prices.
    2. Secure Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Shopify’s login system, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.
    3. Loyalty Rewarded: Delight your repeat customers with unbeatable deals, fostering brand loyalty and long-term relationships.

8. Extendons Hide Price App


Pricing: From $4.99/month; 5-day free trial

Rating: 3.9/5

Psst… Want to add a dash of intrigue to your online store? 😉 The Extendons Hide Price App is here to sprinkle some magic on your product listings! By discreetly hiding prices, you’ll leave visitors with a sense of curiosity that’ll have them craving to know more. And that’s when the enchantment happens!

Customers can request personalized quotes, allowing you to tailor offers that suit their unique preferences. Embrace the power of discretion, and let your store cast a spell on shoppers with this delightful Shopify app! 🪄✨

Key Features

    1. Mystical Price Concealment: Conceal prices to create a sense of wonder and encourage quote requests.
    2. Personalized Offers: Cast personalized spells on your customers by crafting bespoke deals.
    3. User-Friendly Interface: Easily configure the app’s settings to fit your store’s unique style and charm.


And there you have it – the enchanting world of hide price apps for Shopify in 2024! 🎩💫 These nifty tools have the power to transform your online store into a captivating haven for shoppers, enticing them with intrigue and personalized offers.

From concealing prices with a click to revealing exclusive deals for loyal members, each app brings its own unique charm to the table. So, why wait? Unleash the magic of discretion, embrace the excitement of quote requests, and watch your conversions soar like never before!

Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce sorcerer or a novice merchant, these apps offer the perfect blend of creativity and conversion-boosting potential. So, go ahead and sprinkle some enchantment on your Shopify store today! 🪄🚀✨

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